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How To Eat Properly And Maintain An Appetite During Chemotherapy

While undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments for cancer, there are a number of reasons for eating problems to develop. These can be broken down into three general groups. The first reason for eating difficulties during chemotherapy and cancer treatment involves the psychological trauma that having cancer causes. The second reason for problems during cancer treatment involve the major side effects of chemotherapy like nausea and appetite suppression. The final reasons for difficulty during cancer treatment happens if the cancer is located somewhere that physically hampers food consumption like cancer of the mouth and throat. All three reasons must be closely monitored by the patient, friends and family and the doctor, as proper nutrition during treatment is paramount to a successful outcome.

During chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, it is normal for the patient to undergo extreme emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear and even anger. These are almost always present in one form or another during cancer treatment and all can lead to malnutrition as the patients emotions allow them to become preoccupied with the cancer. It is imperative that the physical informs the patient of the importance of nutrition during treatment, and the patient informs friends, family members and other supporters. Very few things contribute to the outcome of chemotherapy as much as the patients ability to maintain proper nutrition. While the patient may not want to eat during a low emotional state, that is the time for friends and family to intervene. Along with dealing with transportation to treatment, and care of the patients children during rough times, encouraging the patient to eat nutritious, regular meals should be one of the goals of the support team. This is especially important when the patient enters long periods of depression or fear when they just dont feel like eating.

Besides the psychological factors that make the patient not feel like eating during chemotherapy, there are also several physical things that are being caused by the chemotherapy that the patient and support team must overcome to maintain proper nutrition. Because the purpose of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is to target rapidly dividing cells, there are some otherwise healthy cells that are affected, like the cells of the digestive system and hair. This is why the two most common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy include hair loss and severe nausea. The important thing to remember with nausea is that it is temporary and there will be times when you just physically will not be able to hold food down. Concentrate on the good times, and make sure that nutritious meals that contain high amounts of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins are taken during those time. Normal meal times may not be possible, so try to always have a full, nutritious meals easily available for when the nausea fades. Also, most patients undergoing chemotherapy will tell you that mornings are by far the best time to eat because the nausea isn’t as bad. Prepare for this the night before, and make a big meal that only has to be microwaved the next morning. The big thing is to eat around the nausea and do not expect yourself to eat when everyone else is. For you to be armed with the right information about proper diet when undergoing chemotherapy, go to the most reliable websites. Navigate to these guys and get the right tips, advice and information that you need.

The final reason for difficulty eating during cancer is because the cancer is in a location that prevents normal eating. Your physican will guide you through the steps necessary to maintain proper nutrition. It is important to follow their directions carefully and to eat as many different foods as possible as this will ensure a wide variety of vitamins and minerals are consumed, along with protein and carbohydrates.

Cancer, and chemotherapy are unfortunately a major part of the patient┬┤s life. The good news is that the problems associated with eating, nutrition and diet during chemotherapy are well documented and with proper care and a good support team can be overcome. These include having friends and family encouraging you to eat during your emotional downtimes, and also planning your meals and eating nutritiously during the good times.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy: New Laws Make it Tougher

You’re broke, you can’t pay your bills, and you can barely put a hot meal on the table. You’re seriously thinking of moving back home with your parents, and your FICO score is so low it doesn’t even register on their charts. Should you file for bankruptcy?

Actually, the answer might surprise you. Bankruptcy laws took a drastic change in October 2005 when the courts decided that bankruptcy was just too darn easy. Individuals would run up bills, spend like crazy, max out credit cards, then hire an attorney for a few hundred dollars to help them file for Chapter 7 and have all their debts discharged.

Those days are over! Individual filings for Chapter 7 have almost become a thing of the past. No longer can you just assume that your creditors or the courts will listen to your sob story and forgive your debts.

Now, courts demand that you not only pay back a good portion of your debts, but you for all intents and purposes lose control over how you spend your future income. A large percentage is allocated to payment schedules. Miss a payment, and you answer to the court.

Before these new laws were enacted, you were supposed to declare all assets -property, furs, jewels, artwork, and even that Rolex you inherited from your grandfather. Anything that the courts could sell to repay your creditors would be taken away. Of course, there was the assumption that all the paperwork you signed had all your assets listed.

Aside from the obvious humiliation and ruined credit history, this was a fairly simply process all around. But – changes were made to this scenario! Your attorney is now held liable for the accuracy of all the assets you list, or don’t. The courts are authorized to pull ad hoc inspections at various residences, much like having a search warrant, but without one. If perhaps that Rolex, or a mink, is found that wasn’t listed on your asset sheet, you and the attorney can be held in contempt.

So, now with all these rules and regulations and heightened levels of liability have been implemented, bankruptcy doesn’t sound like the nirvana like panacea it was before. Now, it can cause more problems that it fixes.

This is not welcome news for those who have filed for bankruptcy since the past few months as things will go from bad to worse in the current scenario as this is considered the last resort in banking terminology and there comes a time when you have no choice but to wait for the opportune moment when you need to seek out the attorneys to help you out but are you Looking For Bankruptcy & Family Law? If so, then you need to look it up online and study in detail about it.

What are your options?

Check out some reputable non profit agencies that specialize in credit counseling. Do not agree to have anyone pay your bills. Just find out if they can negotiate lower amounts for you with each creditor. If they promise to do this, ask for paperwork provided by your creditors clearly outlining your obligations going forward. Keep in mind that consumers undergoing this type of credit counseling are frequently asked to freeze all credit card purchases for the duration of the payment period needed to pay off your agreed to amounts. This could mean years in advance. In other words, if you do need to use credit cards, this may not be a real option for you.

Allow your creditors to sue you. Yes, sue you! This is becoming more common than ever. Of course, creditors have always brought negligent accounts to court to force them to cough up some money. When a debt is satisfied in this manner it is called a “charge back”. During your negotiations either before your court date or during it, you and/or your attorney will agree to a sum you can pay back, and work out a payment plan.

These cases are heard in a local district court, not a federal bankruptcy court. These judges, at least for the time being, are much more sympathetic towards your plight. As far as they are concerned you are only late on one account. The judge will probably ask what you can afford to pay. You can say “$5.00 a week”. These judges are working for your benefit, not the big credit card companies. You have an excellent opportunity to agree to a final payoff – maybe even less than any credit agency could arrive at for you – and explain your side of the story. And you have a say in how and when you can pay them back.

All in all, a charge back is certainly more in line with your future goals than a bankruptcy or even a credit counseling agency. You don’t need to forfeit assets that are sold off at pennies on the dollar. You don’t have your credit cards frozen while you pay off your bills (although you might seriously think about giving up whatever credit cards still work before you get into any more trouble). And you don’t give up complete control over your future income, which is essentially what happens in a bankruptcy.

How to Plumb

Feed pipes from the cold water storage tank in your loft may be either 15 or 22mm pipes. There is also pipe work that connects the main to the cold water storage tank. Pipe work to a hot water storage cylinder will be 22mm pipe as will that going to bath taps. The basins and sinks as well as the shower will use 15mm pipe.

There are many different types of fitting for both 15 and 22 mm pipes. One type of fitting is called a compression fitting. On this type of fitting you need to tighten the nut and as this is turned the ‘olive’ ring is compressed tightly against the pipe creating a watertight seal. This is an ideal way for an inexperienced plumber to do this as it requires no special tools. They can be quite expensive and will require the use of a spanner. A solder ring fitting is another type of fitting that requires a blowtorch to be used. The solder is already built into a groove inside the outlets. They are much cheaper than compression fittings and also less bulky. It will require practice to get these fittings correct and several attempts may be required. A much cheaper and easier to use fitting is something called a push fit. These usually come in both copper and plastic versions. The most important thing when using a push fit is the preparation of the tube and this needs to be cut using a tube cutter. This will make sure that the tube remains round at its ends ready for an ‘O’ ring to be fitted.

For bending pipes you can get 90 degree elbows for going around corners, however, not all bends will be 90 degrees. The fewer connections that you need the better as there is less risk of leaks and the work will also take less time. For pipe bending work you will need a pipe bending spring. This is inserted into the pipe centrally in the place where the bend is desired. You need to bend the pipe over your knee to the angle required using this tool. It is important to note that you cannot make sharp bends and you can only bend the pipe less than 90 degrees. All bends made will be gentle turns otherwise you will note be able to remove the tool from the pipe. If space is limited you must use elbows to allow for sharp turns. However, for complicated issues, it is advisable to call for an emergency plumber in springfield pa. With the right skills, knowledge and equipment, they can certainly help you with any plumbing issues.

Winklevoss Twins Lose Latest Facebook Appeal

The Winklevoss twins have made themselves a notable footnote in history. Although the twins still aren’t credited as the founders of Facebook, the Winklevosses have spent years proving they were right at the center of the drama. Now whenever anyone talks about official founder Mark Zuckerberg, the brothers are usually linked to him and the question of how he really gave birth to the famed social networks like But for all that they’ve gotten out of the saga, the twins aren’t satisfied yet – even less so after a court ruling over their latest lawsuit.

As anyone who saw the postscript of The Social Network remembers, the brothers finally won a $65 million settlement from Zuckerburg over the founding of Facebook. However, that wasn’t the end of the story, as the Winklevosses went on to claim that their stocks from the settlement were undervalued by Zuckerberg.

The original deal gave the brothers $45 million in shares, yet they claim that Facebook actually valued them to $9 a share, instead of the stated $36. Therefore, they went ahead and sued Zuckerberg once again – and may have once again lost out.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the appeal over the settlement yesterday, which might be the final salvo in the long legal battle over Facebook. In fact, the judges all but told the Winklevoss twins to get over it in their decision, as they wrote: “At some point, litigations must come to an end.”

Even with the original deal in place, the pair would still get $160 million from it once the shares are finally issued. By those standards, they wouldn’t look like they have lost that much, although their net worth is far from that of Zuckerberg’s. He remains the recognized founder of Facebook, and the youngest billionaire in the world, while the brothers remain supporting players in the founding of the world’s largest website.

There is no word on what they would do next, as their last option may be to go to the Supreme Court. At this point, that is the only thing missing in the saga, which has already spanned from computers to the courtrooms to Hollywood.

After The Social Network made it big, more people are aware of the Winklevoss twins and their case than ever before. Given that they also already have millions, Harvard degrees, past experience in the Olympics, and millions more to come, later on, some might wonder why they need more. However, they have proved that they haven’t just been fighting all these years for money – though their battle is on the ropes now.

Want To Buy A Gaming Chair? Things You Should Look For!

Do you love to play video games? Well, countless people play video games in their free time to spend it in a great way. Most of the game enthusiasts are trying to improve their performance in the games, and it is not possible without having one of the best gaming chairs. In order to be an expert gamer, it is important to do practice by playing the game for a long time. Along with doing practice, you also need to invest in better hardware.

Many products are out there in which you need to invest, but a suitable gaming chair is the important one. A huge variety of gaming chairs can be found in the market, but all of them are not suitable for your needs. If you are interested in buying the one, then it is crucial to know the types of gaming chairs out there. The gaming chair refers to the chair that has been designed especially for gamers.

Gamers can easily pick the best computer chair for long hours to cater to their needs. It is important for a gamer to search for one of the excellent chairs by considering some essential things. The selection of the right gaming chair is not as simple as you think, and that’s why you should pay appropriate attention to this process. Some of the essential factors should be considered to make the right choice. To know how to find the best gaming chair without hassles, you should keep reading this post till the end.

Factors buyers should look for

During the selection of the best gaming chair, buyers need to take every step smartly. A wrong choice may also lead to several problems, and it may also affect their gaming experience. To be a pro player in any game, you shouldn’t only focus on the game but also try to use the right products.

Instead of investing in other hardware items, you should give preference to a gaming chair. While buying a gaming chair, you should pay attention to the crucial factors that have been listed below-

  • size of the chair

Whenever you search online to buy the best gaming chair, you need to pay attention to its size. Try to pay attention to your height and the body shape to choose the right size for the gaming chair that you are buying. Research the size and weight of the chair before going to make purchases. The wrong size of the gaming chair may also make a bad impact on your gaming experience. Size is one of the important characteristics that should be taken into consideration while buying a gaming chair from online stores.

  • comfort level

Size is not only the thing that you should consider because plenty of other things are out there, which you need to consider for buying a gaming chair. It is important to test the comfort level of the chair because it matters a lot. The gaming chair should be comfortable so that you can get the proper support for your back while playing video games. If you are sitting comfortably on the chair while playing video games, then it can also enhance your performance and help you to be a pro gamer.

  • materials

The gaming chairs are made up of various types of materials, and that’s why you can find plenty of options to choose from. Every material has its own pros that you need to check at least once. Check which material is suitable for your needs and then buy a gaming chair accordingly. Most of the gamers are giving preference to synthetic leather. The gaming chair made up of leather requires less maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about caring for it. The gaming chair made up of leather is the right choice for the game enthusiasts.

  • Price is always important

Buyers also need to check the price of a gaming chair while buying it. The price matters the most, and it can help you to know whether you can afford it or not. All the chairs are not equally priced, and that’s why you should look for a good quality chair which is available at reasonable rates. You should know the fact that the expensive chairs are not always good and that’s why never make your decision only on the basis of price. Also, pay attention to the features of chairs and then find the chair as per your needs.

  • Extra features

Some of the gaming chairs come with additional features in order to enhance the gaming experience of buyers. Check whether the chair that you are going to buy has extra features or not. Some gaming chairs have cup holders, whereas other chairs come with built-in sound speakers. The cup holders allow you to place your beverage in it. That means you don’t need to put the beverage on the floor or anywhere else. Some chairs also have other features that can help you to get several advantages.

  • build quality

The build quality of the gaming chair also has great importance, so you shouldn’t ignore it. The quality of the gaming chair should be good because the poor quality of the chair can make your game experience worst. If the chair is made up of good material and also has all the features that you want, then you don’t need to look for any other chair on the internet. The build quality also makes a direct impact on the durability of the gaming chairs.

Once you have considered all these factors, it is impossible to make the wrong choice while buying the gaming chairs. Never forget any of the above mentioned crucial factors while making your final purchases.

Other beneficial tips for buyers

A gaming chair can affect your gaming experience to a greater extent, and that’s why you need to be selective in your approach. To ease up the selection process, you should pay attention to dxracer reviews and other tips which are given below-

  • While buying the gaming chairs online, you should always pay attention to reviews provided on the website. Reviews can help to decide whether that chair is suitable for you or not.
  • The gaming chairs also come with a warranty that can help to reduce the expenses related to repair and maintenance.
  • Check whether the chair that you are buying requires the installation process or not. When you get the delivery of the chairs, you need to assemble them. Find the chair which is easy to assemble to reduce all the complications.
  • To narrow down the search options, you should get recommendations from your friends or siblings. With the help of getting suggestions from others, you can easily choose the right chair that can meet your needs.

After keeping all these tips in mind, you can easily purchase the best gaming chair, and it will definitely help to improve your gaming experience. Having an excellent gaming chair can help you to play your favorite games for as long as you want without getting tired. A right-sized chair with great comfort can make your game experience interesting and enjoyable.

5 Reasons Why You And Your College Roommate Should Get Individual Leases

If you are about to move into dorm rooms or an apartment for college and you will be having a roommate then you should definitely not lease as one; ask the apartments/dorm hall coordinators to draw you up separate leases if it’s possible so that you can avoid the disadvantages that would come with signing up for a place with someone else. In this article I will talk about 5 of the reasons why you should make sure that this happens, that you get a separate lease agreement.

– To never be kicked out because your roommate didn’t pay

If you are going to be renting a place with someone else and you don’t get a separate lease then you are risking loosing your place of residence if your roommate fails to pay rent at any time. You will have no control over this happening and you will have to pay his/her rent if you don’t want to be evicted even if that person stays there. Make sure to avoid this by just asking to make arrangements to not have to be responsible for the whole apartment if your roommate doesn’t comply with the payments due.


– To feel like the place is part yours and part your roommates and your roommate will have no say in your part.

You should also get a lease so that you can feel a sense of ownership over the place where you’re at. You will be able to say that your apartment is at least half yours for sure and therefore you have the authority to make decisions over what goes on in there. If you’re sharing a lease then you basically have to always take into consideration what your roommate wants to do.

– To have a rental agreement that you signed and can use later on when getting another apartment

If you sign your own lease agreement and your landlord reports this to a credit bureau then you will have something to start of your credit. It will also come in handy when you decide to move; your next landlord will have your first lease agreement to backup your signature on theirs. You will most likely not have to have a cosigner anymore if you do good with your first lease.

The rental agreement may create a friction in your relationship but it is the only way that you both can have your own way as difference of opinion regarding way of living, purchases, etc. are bound to come in and that won’t have fruitful results. The lease in question should not be signed on an immediate basis as the landlord will not take it kindly and can even go the legal way so never go along that path. It is not a big project like the Parc Central Residences floor plan for you to go ahead with the rental agreement but make things sail smoothly with no room for animosity and bitterness.


– To not have to talk about how you guys are going to pay the rent

If you are not big into building a steady friendship with your roommate and you basically just want to stay out of each others way without having to talk too much then for sure make sure to get a separate lease for the two of you. If you don’t want to talk about how you’re going to pay the rent this month, who’s going to go, and other things like that then being each on your own would be the best solution.

– To avoid having tension and stress because of money with your roommate

Money is always a problem when people are living together; it doesn’t have to be though if you’re not responsible for the whole apartments rent. If avoiding tension and stress because of money for the rent is important to you then talk to your landlord and if the worst happens (you don’t get separate leases) you should consider getting a one bedroom place or looking for another place to live.

7 Best Android Games You Can Play on PC

Video games have been around for a long time and their popularity has always remained high. Video games are for people of all ages and genders. They can surely help a person get lost in the gaming world, away from the hectic, stressful life, for a while. Nowadays, many people play games on their mobiles itself but the sheer excitement and experience of playing on a PC are unparalleled. If you like a game that you have been playing on your smartphone, chances are that some of these Android mobile games are available on PC as well.

Are you looking for a list of new, exciting games to play this year? Here is a list of the best Android games of 2020 which can be played on PC:

  • Boris and The Dark Survival

If you’re familiar with Bendy and the Ink Machine, then you must know Boris, his friendly wolf companion. This is a survival horror film and you will aim to help Boris and yourself stay safe from the Ink Demon. Look for food aids, items to help you ahead in the game and discover mysteries and secrets which will aid you unlock further levels. It’s a fun-filled game that will also give you chills down your spine.

  • Rest in Pieces

This is a game of survival and wit. In this game, your character is a porcelain doll and it is hanging from a rope. You will aim to swing from side to side and make sure that you don’t smash to pieces on the sides. The game is easy to understand but it takes a lot of practice to get a grip on the movement. As you swing and survive, you will be saving souls on the way which will help you gain more points.

  • Exploding Kittens

No, the game is not as horrible as it sounds. This is a fun-filled card game where you have to use your wit and try your luck. You can play in multiplayer or single-player mode. The deck is full of cards that are quirky and bizarre and overall, it’s just a lot of fun.

  • The Room – Old Sins-

This is a very detailed and interesting mystery-themed game. The puzzle game series called The Room has launched its newest (4th) new version of their creepy and twisted puzzles. The story starts when a couple disappears in an old manor and there is a puzzle box in the attic. This series is not connected to the previous versions so you can start afresh from Old Sins itself. You need to be alert and observant in this game and uncover secrets and hidden devices to go forward. The eerie look of the whole game really brings out the creep factor.

  • War and Order-

This is another amazing Android game which you would love to play on your PC. War and Order PC is a very popular strategy game where you get to fight battles, defend your tower and build an army. The graphics are awesome and the controls are very user friendly. You can make your team or army made of 9 classes and lead your army to defend your towers and kingdom. Playing it on the computer sure provides the user with a better feel to the game.

  • Horizon Chase- 

If you are a fan of fast cars and races, then this is one game you’ll love. With classic arcade music and great graphics, the whole feel of the game is exhilarating. This game has a retro feel to it and you have to race against others on the ramp through a lane of a colourful and vibrant ramp that crosses 40 cities.

  • Into the Dead- 2

Most gamers enjoy a good old game of zombie apocalypse. If you have played the first part, then you will see that most elements are the same. Your goal is to save your family and steer clear of zombies. Pick up weapons to defend yourself and kill the zombies and you are up against some pretty nasty ones.

These are the top 7 most popular Android games of 2020 which can be played on PC. So, take your pick and let the games begin!

A Sewage-Powered Wastewater Treatment Plant

Technical Writer  amp; Industrial Consultant

As a supplement to my activities as atechnical writer, I have also worked as an industrial consultant. Having worked previously as an aircraft mechanic, a builder of factories in China, and as a frequent do-it-myself fixer of my own car, I seemed naturally set up to work in industry. I had a good overall knowledge of systems, and some people-friendly savvy to spread the word about my knowledge.

While working as an industrial consultant, I was fortunate enough to consult for a Midwestern factory that specialized in making centrifuges. Because I already knew how to make biodieselin my home, my task with this factory was to apply centrifuge technology toward the production of biodiesel in fuel plants. I studied up on centrifuge design and various applications in industry, and I was soon was hired on into the factory not only as an industrial fuels specialist, but also as a part of the sales team.

Word got around that I specialized in biodiesel and other alternative fuels.

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

One day a colleague named Chuck – a technician who traveled to customers’ work sites to repair ailing centrifuges – approached me with an offer I could not refuse. In exchange for helping him sell more centrifuge technology to an existing customer in California, I would get to see a really innovative application in industrial centrifuge design that helped make an alternative fuel – fuel made from human poop.

Intrigued, I said yes. I would help him. Within a few days Chuck and I hopped onto a plane to go see our customer.

True Innovation

Chuck and I drove to a wastewater sewage treatment plant located somewhere on the US West Coast to go see the unique technology he had mentioned to me. Chuck introduced me to the plant supervisor “Paul” (he asked me not to use his real name nor disclose his location), who designed and built the toy.

A Self-Powered Wastewater Plant

The wastewater plant that Paul managed was a conventional one in all respects except one: it produced its own power. When I asked Paul how he managed to pull off this feat, he explained it to me with all the pride that a father bestows upon a son – except that this brainchild was a self-sufficient water treatment plant. This commercial water treatment would be very helpful for businesses. As the experts foresee that there will be water supply shortage in the future, utilizing this kind of system is really essential.

Paul’s explained: Municipal wastewater enters the plant and gets “digested” (see more on this process in my other article) in much the same way that many other plants employ. Wastewater laden with filthy human sludge and goo becomes progressively digested and concentrated as water evaporates away from open-topped tanks. The sludge gets passed from tank to tank, getting thicker as it travels.

In the final few tanks where the thickening can no longer be easily done, the decomposed sludge gets passed through an industrial-sized centrifuge (more on this here) which further separates the water from the sludge. One side of the centrifuge pushes out disgustingly thick sludge, while from the other side spills relatively clean water. The thickened sludge gets trucked off for disposal, or gets sold for untold commercial uses.

A Self-Powered Wastewater Plant

The de-sludged water coming out the other side of the centrifuge is key to the self-powered portion of the plant.

While this water is relatively “clean” of sludge and large particles, it still retains a portion of very fine waste particles ideal for use as a fuel. This water is sent through yet another centrifuge that subjects the water to extremely high-power g-forces that virtually force all remaining particles to separate from the water. The wastewater from this process is virtually free of any further particles and drains into the nearby ground where it evaporates. Evaporation of this water kills off any remaining microorganisms that were not captured by the high-speed centrifuge.

As with the previous centrifuge, the remaining particles emerge as an ultra-fine sludge that gets carted off to a holding tank. A pump slowly pushes the sludge into an extremely hot cooker called a gasifier. As the gasifier cooks the sludge at upwards of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius) or more, the sludge is forced to revert to its component chemistry.

The sludge transforms primarily into methane gas which gets captured and stored in a fuel tank. The remaining components evaporate off into fuels and lubricants which later condense and get stored in other tanks. What little remaining solid left over from the fiery process is a harmless black carbon ash.

It Pays for Itself, Too!

As mentioned before, the methane gas gets stored in a tank. This gas is what’s used to power the gasifier. Any remaining fuel is used to power a jet turbine that provides power to a large portion of the treatment plant.

The fuels and lubricants captured from the gasification are sold off for a profit to commercial enterprises, and the leftover carbon is sold off as a crude form of “carbon black” – the same stuff used to make car tires.

Nothing gets wasted. Everything gets used.

Not only is this facility self-powered, it pays for itself, too.

Sadly Not In Use Elsewhere

Because the technologies associated with this operation allow a large portion of the plant’s operation to be self-powered, Paul explained to me that this technology was “politically controversial” because it condoned self-sufficiency. For political reasons, Paul’s “mini-power plant” had to be operated under the radar.

He stated that if his utility provider ever found out about his special operation, silently powerful levers would be pulled to influence his boss to get him fired, and the operation would be sabotaged with environmental lawsuits and other political wrangling – all quietly backed by the utilities.

While the technology for self-sufficiency obviously exists through his example, Paul remarked sadly that his was the only “public” operation of its kind he knew of in the US. On the bright side, he said he knew of several private facilities operating quietly under the radar that provided power in a similar fashion for smaller operations such as homes, farms, and other small-scale operators.

Planning a Barbie Theme Birthday Party

Is a Barbie Birthday Party ideal for your daughter? If she loves Barbie and is in the four to seven year old age range, the answer may be yes. In contrast to the play trends of a few decades back, it seems that children today start to play with Barbie dolls at a younger age and abandon Barbie play earlier.

So how do you translate a love of all things Barbie into a birthday party theme? A good place to start is the official Barbie website. This website may give you some inspirations for a Barbie Birthday Party. It shows the varied personas of Barbie. The “plan a party” link describes Barbie party supplies- cakes, paper goods and balloons- and identifies retail outlets where they are sold.

The secret to planning a successful Barbie Birthday Party is to remember all those Barbie personas. Barbie is at once a princess and a career woman. She is both a glamor girl and a sporty girl. Barbie is “every girl” and is associated with diverse activities. So a Barbie Birthday Party can be based on most any theme: Barbie at the beach, Barbie on the fashion show runway, Barbie travels, Barbie dances… create a Barbie Birthday Party theme that incorporates your daughter’s passion.

Barbie Birthday Party Invitations

To make a homemade Barbie Birthday Party invitation, cut out a piece of poster board into the shape of an article of Barbie clothing or a Barbie accessory consistent with your Barbie party theme. Make it glittery or make it casual consistent with the specific Barbie Birthday Party theme chosen.

If all of the Barbie Birthday Party guests have Barbie dolls, invite “[Child name] and Barbie” to the party. At the party, the girls can play with their Barbie dolls.

Barbie Birthday Party Decorations

Choose decorations consistent with your specific Barbie Birthday Party theme – beach decorations for Barbie at the beach, for example, or masking tape lines on the floor to create a runway with glam clothing hung alongside it for a Barbie fashion show runway birthday party.

You can bet your life that if the theme involves Barbie, then all the little girls will flock over in large numbers and take part in the competition as you cannot imagine a little girl without a Barbie doll clutched in her hand as they simply cannot live without it at that age so the arrangements have to be of the highest order. The theme shouldn’t be any caricature Singapore model that fizzles out with artificial products being used for the venture otherwise no one will like it.

Barbie Birthday Party Activity

At the Barbie Birthday Party, plan a game of Zany Barbie.

Create a large poster board cutout of a Barbie Doll (without clothing) for this Barbie Birthday Party game. Make several articles of clothing and accessories that Barbie could wear from poster board. It is important that these be varied. Decorate the articles of clothing and accessories. Affix a piece of double sided tape to the back of each article of clothing or accessory.

Make a spinner by cutting a circle and an arrow from poster board. Draw pie segments on the circle. Use a brass fastener to secure the arrow to the center of the circle. Keeping the fastener loose will allow the arrow to spin. Write the name of a type of clothing or accessory on each pie segment- for example, necklace, shoes, blouse.

Each guest in turn at the Barbie Birthday Party spins the spinner. She will choose an article of clothing or an accessory that fits the category and place it on Barbie. The goal is to create silly outfits- the zanier, the better.

For a Barbie Birthday Party craft, make Barbie and Me Bead Necklaces. This birthday party craft requires beads and elastic. For a glamorous theme Barbie Birthday Party choosing fancy beads; for a more casual theme Barbie Birthday, choose a casual style bead. Each birthday party guest will make 2 necklaces, one for herself and one for her Barbie doll. To make the necklaces cut a length of elastic long enough to hang to the desired finished length with extra measure for tying. (Precut the elastic before the Barbie Birthday Party.) Place a paper clip on one end to keep beads from falling off during the stringing process. Have each birthday party guest string matching beads on both her own and her doll’s necklace. Have an adult tie the elastic into a knot and cut any excess elastic.

Barbie Birthday Party Cake

It’s virtually obligatory at a Barbie Birthday Party to have a Barbie doll birthday cake. There are ordering instructions for Barbie dolls cakes at the official Barbie website.

Alternatively, make a Barbie doll cake for the Barbie Birthday party. To do this, you will need a Barbie doll with a blouse that will match the cake decoration. The cake will be the Barbie skirt. Recipes and photos of Barbie doll cakes can be found here.

5 Things You Need to Know About Tummy Tuck Recovery

When in spite of a healthy diet and regular exercising, you are unable to get that flat core you are looking for at this juncture tummy tuck is the only option to give you that sleek and smart look and posture. Alternatively termed as Abdominoplasty, this is one of the best body countering procedure to tighten your abdominal muscles by removing excess fat and loose skin. The average tummy tuck cost is around $6253 but this is only a part of the total cost. It is better to consult a physician to know the final cost of the surgery. Well here we will discuss 5 essential tummy tuck recovery that tips people should genuinely consider before making up their minds towards the surgery.

A well balanced diet & Changes in sleeping positions

A well balanced and healthy diet after the surgery is very much essential to heal the body. It is mandatory to eat a plenty of nutritious food, protein rich food and a good amount of healthy fat everyday in your diet. This in turn will enhance the skin to recover and heal quickly and also will strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is recommended to use wide body pillows which will give a firm support to the body and also maintain the correct posture while sleeping.

Recovery time 

This body countering procedure of tummy tuck is an exhaustive one and requires more time to recover as compared to other plastic surgeries. You can expect a time frame of perhaps 3-4 weeks to heal up completely. But for people who already had a c-section before, in those cases the time frame might differ from the standard procedure. You will be under medication as recommended by the doctor and need to rest as much as possible while your body recovers. It is better to take assistance at home for 4-5 days immediately after the surgery to help you in case you feel uncomfortable for a while. 

Mandatory to stay hydrated

It is highly essential to drink plenty of water before and after the procedure. This will help the body to flush out toxins from the body, thus reducing the risk of complications. So drink water as much as possible to prevent dehydration and also support the body to heal up as early as possible.

Tummy Tuck is not a weight loss procedure

Before going ahead it is very much important to get a clear concept about the procedure. Tummy tuck is not at all a weight loss measure. Perhaps you need to shed some extra pounds before the procedure. This procedure or surgery will in no way resolve any weight related issue. Additionally, this also needs to be remembered that if you have lost tremendous weight before the surgery, then you need to postpone that for another 6-7 months to make sure that new weight, you are maintaining is a stable one.

Results of the procedure

This is absolutely good news to share that the results of this process is technically permanent. But in order to maintain the results for a longer period of time, it is important to avoid huge fluctuations in weight.