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Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition

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The Best All-Inclusive for Couples

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Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

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Kiss Winter Blues Goodbye

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3 Facts About North Carolina

 North CarolinaNorth Carolina is one of the 50 states in the United States of America. It was also one of the original 13 colonies. North Carolina is surrounded by South Carolina to the south, Georgia to the southwest, Virginia to the north and Tennessee to the west. The Atlantic Ocean serves as the eastern border. While these facts are fairly well known, there are three interesting facts about North Carolina that you may not know.

Mount Mitchell

The tallest mountain east of the Mississippi River is in North Carolina–Mount Mitchell. Mitchell is the highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains. The mountain is named after Elisha Mitchell, a former professor at the University of North Carolina. He fell to his death verifying the height of the mountain in 1857.

 North CarolinaPepsi Cola

The Pepsi Cola company was founded in New Bern, North Carolina, in 1898. The famous soft drink was created by a pharmacist, Caleb Bradham, and originally called “Brad’s Drink”. Bradham set out to create a drink that would aid digestion. The company went bankrupt twice–once in 1931 and again in 1939, before finally becoming successful.

Biltmore House

North Carolina boasts the largest privately owned house in America–the Biltmore House, in Asheville. The palatial house was built in 1895 by George Vanderbilt. With over 4 acres of living space, this home is outfitted with 43 bathrooms and 34 bedrooms. There are 250 rooms, and at 8,000 acres, there’s plenty of backyard to walk around in.

Things to Do on Your Birthday in London


londonLondon, the largest city in Europe, holds much allure for the visitor. It offers a wide range of fun and fascinating activities that do not have to cost a fortune. Round the clock, at any time of year, you can find food, drink and entertainment suitable for king or commoner. If it is your birthday, consider treating yourself to something really special in London and create memories for life.

Order a Beverage at the Criterion Theatre Restaurant
Insiders and locals alike know that they can slip into the street-level restaurant of the stunning Criterion Theatre located in the heart of Piccadilly for a surprisingly inexpensive cocktail or cup of tea. The storied restaurant, dating back to 1873 and recently refurbished, will delight you with its decorative ceiling of inspired

Visit the National Portrait Gallery
Located at Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery is a wing of the National Gallery, which showcases one of the finest art collections in the world. Your birthday is an ideal occasion to savor original portraits of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Henry VII and thousands of others. Admission to the National Gallery is

Tickets to a Hit Show
At Leicester Square, visitors will notice several ticket agencies offering half-price, same-day tickets to blockbuster shows such as “Phantom of the Opera.” These agents sometimes have seating availability not even offered by the theater’s own box offices. You can purchase excellent seats inexpensively, especially for matinees. Taking in a hit London stage show makes for an especially memorable birthday.