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So Compa has been the leading source of relevant and valuable information that covers wide variety of topics; life, news, travel and luxury, health and fitness, technology, gaming, fashion, business, education and so on and so forth.

Founded by Max Collins in 2013, So Compa started as an online blog website that focuses on selected industries. Now, we are one of the leading and most reliable source of insights online chosen by unique and different audiences across the globe.

One mission is to help our audience in their search for knowledge and information helpful in pursuing their passion and endeavors. We aim to deliver relevant and timely insights and composition to our readers to bring them the latest news and trends on our planet.

We vision our organization to be the number one go to source or online portal of majority of people around the world who are looking for creative and quality contents.

We believe that excellence should be the front runner attribute of an online generic website like us, hence, we strive our best to be excellent in our endeavors.

Today, we have more than 2 million visitors every month with 1000 writers across the globe and 1000 articles available on our website.