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Why Should You Opt For Laser Treatment For The Hair Removal Above?

Out of the many options that are available with the person for the removal of hair permanently, it is seen that the best one is the laser treatment. Now there must be a question in many people that how we have reached this conclusion that laser treatment is the best out of all the others. For such people, the simple answer is the benefits of getting the laser treatment done. There are many benefits that a person will enjoy out of which some are discussed below in detail.  

Saved the time of a person 

The first benefit is that when a person is getting the treatment done, it takes a fraction of a minute to get it done. All they need to do is start the laser and move through the area once. On the other hand, for all the other treatments, either using the razor or getting the wax’s help, the time consumed will be high. That is why many people opt for laser treatment clinics that are having experience of this work to save their time.

It saves plenty of money 

If you look at the laser’s one-time cost, it will be higher than the other treatment, but the main aspect of comparison is the value it provides. If you see the period for which the laser treatment will last, it will be like months. The money you invest once will give you a hair-free body for months, but what about the other treatments. Merely after a week of the time, you will see the regrowing hairs on your body.

Due to this, you have to get that treatment again and again, which will not be a cost-effective solution in the longer term of time.

The longevity matters 

The meaning of longevity is the length of hairs that you have to wait for before getting the treatment. If you will look at the waxing or shaving treatment, then it is obvious that you have to wait for a certain period before actually getting the treatment done. On the other hand, if you see the laser treatment, you don’t have to worry about the hair’s length. You can get them treated easily at any stage of their growth, and the results you will get are mind-blowing.

The maintenance will be low 

The maintenance of the hairs in the laser treatment will be very less. Once you get the treatment done, then you can leave them for few months. There are only 2-3 times in year maintenance that is required in this treatment. In other treatment, this phase is not even a complete month, and before that, one need to re-take the treatment.


Have you ever experienced the pain that a person has to face when they opt for the unwanted hairs waxing on the hands, chest, or underarms? It is a very painful process that is sometimes unbearable for the person who is getting the waxing done. That is why it is said that it would be a very good option that a person choose out for the laser treatment. It will be a painless experience. The only symptoms will be redness and some burning sensation, which can be removed with powders and other substances, but there is no solution to the pain that one has to face.

Moreover, the new aged machines have a cooling system also due to which the chances of facing the burning issues have decreased to almost negligible.

It is very less messy than the other options 

When a person starts the waxing treatment, then you will notice that it is very messy. First of all, they will apply the wax on your body, which will start spieling to the areas where you don’t want the waxing. On the other hand, the laser treatment is very précised, and one doesn’t have to worry about the mess.

The final thoughts 

By seeing the benefits, you must also have made up your mind about getting the laser treatment. You should find more info on the official website of the service provider who will give this treatment still; if you have any questions in your mind, you should get the treatment done once to get the answers to all your questions.

Upper Back Pain Exercises For Eliminating Back Pain

One of the best back pain remedies anyone can take to eliminate back pain is to start doing upper back pain exercises on a regular basis. While moving about may be the farthest thing from your mind while actually enduring the pain, you have to realize that upper back pain exercises can be very instrumental in helping you stop the pain. Furthermore, if you exercise regularly, further occurrences of pain may even be prevented. The Spine and Rehab Group is information people about exercises to perform to get desired results. Regular exercise is helping the people to stay fit and healthy for a long period. The prevention from the pain will provide the better benefits. 

Back Pain from Muscle Injuries

Studies show that most cases of back pain result from some kind of muscle injury. When the muscles in the back are strained or overworked, they will eventually be damaged, causing excruciating pain in your back. In such cases, the best solution would be to start doing some upper back pain exercises. These exercises will effectively loosen the muscles and reduce the stress that is causing the pain. They can also improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles, thus making them less impervious to injuries in the future.

Different Types of Back Pain Exercises

There are many different kinds of back pain exercises you can do for your upper back and admittedly, there are some workouts that may actually worsen your situation instead of make it better. For best results, it is best to consult with your doctor or therapist prior to doing any kind of workout.

Among the most recommended upper back pain exercises today is swimming. This is a very low-impact exercise that efficiently works out all the muscles in your back without inflicting any additional and unnecessary strain on them. Similarly, light aerobic routines and some kinds of stretching exercises can do wonders when it comes to eliminating and preventing upper back pain.

An important thing to keep in mind when doing upper back pain exercises is to always do your workouts only as instructed by your therapist or trainer. Even if you feel like you can handle just a little bit more exertion, that little bit might spell the difference between recovering from back pain and making your situation a lot worse. There is always a limit as to how much exercise the body can take so make sure you never push yourself past your physical limitations. It will take some time before you completely recover but it is better to be patient than try to speed up the process and end up with disastrous results.

If ignored for a long time, upper back pain can trigger all sorts of other health complications like lung inflammations and other respiratory disorders. To stop these from happening, you should do some upper back pain exercises as soon as the earliest signs of back pain start to become apparent.

Weight Loss Pills Night – Is it effective at night!!

Last month I called my doctor and asked him to switch me from Prozac to Welbutrin and he did. After a couple weeks I stopped using welbutrin because I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I did like the fact that it took my appetite away. I weaned myself off the welbutrin. On January 1 I started welbutrin again basically for the appetite suppresent effect. I have been on it for 10 days now and although it is the same bottle of pills I am feeling nothing when I take it. I take 1 (150) in the morning and 1 at night. This time no weird feelings and no weight loss. Why would that be?

It might have been the initial side effect to starting the medication. Now that your body is somewhat use to it you don’t experience that side effect anymore.

Online website is providing the correct information about the procedure for the weight reduction. This Site is helping the people to get the desired results about the weight reduction. There is the availability of the slim and healthy body to get the best results.

Welbutrin can also help you quit smoking…if you’re a smoker that is…

If you do a search anywhere on the diet pills you will find that Hydroxycut diet pills are all the time. Although pills diet have a bad reputation, and some think that everything is a scam, many people credit these pills for your weight loss greater. You must remember that this is a supplement is not intended to replace healthy eating and exercise. Later I will tell you how you can get a lot of Hydroxycut diet pills.

Hydroxycut diet pills make the best of many weight loss pills and put them together in a highly effective. Hydroxycut claims to help you achieve your weight loss goals faster by increasing your energy levels, curb appetite and increase metabolism. Hydroxycut uses high quality ingredients of the best sources in the highest and safest quantities.

Some of the main ingredients of Hydroxycut diet pills are chromium, which has been promoted as a great supplement to help lose weight, and green tea extract has only recently been found to help weight loss, plus the values of great antioxidant. Hydroxycut diet pills also contain guarana. This is an herb that is similar to caffeine, so it has the same effects of caffeine. Some people who are not accustomed to the caffeine in your system can be a little nervous and suffer from insomnia. The way to solve this is to take small amounts of Hydroxycut until your body adjusts to the effects. To give your body time to digest before bedtime, should not take Hydroxycut diet pills after five in the evening.

Yes, if you reduce your intake of calories, fat intake and exercise can lose weight without diet pills Hydroxycut. But if you want to lose a little weight faster, then you can use this as a great supplement. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help to increase their efforts.

Successful weight loss is all about commitment. If you are committed to adopting good eating habits and to add some type of exercise to your daily or weekly routine, you will start to feel healthier and look better. If you want an aid for your weight loss journey, go to this website and get Hydroxycut diet pills There’s a free bottle with your name on it.

Must-Ask Questions To Help Prepare For Plastic Surgery

It is imperative to ask a lot of questions before doing anything big. And if it involves some touch-ups with the body, it becomes even more fundamental to get the background picture and future perspective. Here, the need to ask ample questions before getting plastic surgery is being stressed upon. It would bring permanent results, and nobody wants to regret this crucial decision. Medical and clinical beauty websites like PracticeBloom may help to know the related questions and answers.

FAQs Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

No decision should be taken before getting a total overview. When it is about altering or correcting a body part by clinical methods, the pros and cons, methods, cost, technicalities, solutions, and other significant points should be discussed well. Some of the questions related to plastic surgery preparation are enumerated as below.

What are the benefits of cosmetic surgeries?

The ultimate aim of a person seeking plastic surgery is to look better. However, the benefits are not restricted to just this point. There are several other good points like:-

  • Young looks
  • Restored balance
  • Uplifted self-esteem
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Better poise and attitude
  • Comfortable in their own body
  • Eliminated social hesitancy
  • And corrected body part

What to look for in a plastic surgery expert?

It is not a procedure that can be undone easily if performed wrongly. The surgeon should be selected diligently who can give happy results and not regrets at the end. One should look for the following traits in the surgeon, staff, and the clinic:-

  • Proper Licensing
  • Board Certified
  • Good Listener
  • High Experience
  • Fine Reputation
  • Specialized Skills
  • Thorough Knowledge
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Polite and Helpful

Are there any risks or side-effects?

There would hardly be any operation or surgery that does not come along with some side-effects. Since the body experiences some changes, there would be mood swings or physical weakness after undergoing a clinical procedure. One may experience some side-effects after getting plastic surgery.

  • Scars
  • Infection
  • Discomfort
  • Tissue damages
  • Delayed recovery
  • Bruises or swelling
  • Bleeding or clotting

Every person may not suffer the cited or the non-cited side-effects in the same way. Some might not face any of them, and some may need specific aided medication. The results may vary from case to case due to different body needs and immunity systems. In any case, the prescription should be taken from the concerned doctor only.

How to be assured of the results?

It would be difficult for a surgeon to give 100% surety for the success of an operation. They would give their best, but the body’s reaction is never in the hands of the surgery doer. However, the rate of success can be known. A person should ask for pictures of previous clients or the contact details, if possible. Online recommendations and feedbacks can also be a good source of genuine information about the clinic and its staff.

There might and should be many questions a person should ask from the surgeons. Fee structure, rest period, precautionary measures, documentation formalities, and other relevant questions should not be ignored. All questions are significant to ask. Happy experience!

CBD: Everything You Need To Know

CBD or Cannabidiol is considered to be a popular remedy for some really common ailments which is why everyone around the globe is curious about its applications and the best CBD oils. After a little research on some of the best products that are available in the market, we are here with everything that you need to know about CBD oils. Right from its origin to all the pros and cons as well. Additionally, you can check out this CBD website for some amazing deals on CBD oils and other related products. 


CBD is basically one of the 100+ elements that are there in the Cannabis plant. Unlike the other popular component which is THC, CBD is completely safe and is not psychoactive as well. This is why CBD is appealing as a safe and nonpsychoactive remedy for pain relief. Moreover, CBD doesn’t have any mind-altering side effects like most pharmaceutical drugs. 

With all these benefits and advantages, CBD is gradually getting more and more popular in the health industry for some common ailments such as anxiety and chronic pain. 


Let us start with the benefits that CBD has to offer. 

  • Pain Relieving Properties

The biggest reason why CBD is popular is because of its effective pain-relieving properties. It has been discovered that the components that are found in CBD can react with the ECS that is found in the human body and regulates a wide range of human body functions including sleep, immunity, pain, and appetite. 

There are tons of research studies indicating how CBD is effective in reducing chronic pain and inflammation in the human body. Moreover, researchers are also trying to combine THC and CBD in order to treat arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Sativex is an oral spray that is already available in several countries for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. 

Considering all this, we can safely say that CBD is going to play a vital role in the developer of safer pain-relieving meds in the future and will surely have some more applications in the health industry. 

  • Reducing Anxiety And Depression

Depression and anxiety are really common these days and both of them do have a devastating effect on our mental health. Several human and animal research studies have shown CBD to quite effective in reducing the stress levels in humans as well as animals. Generally, the treatment of depression and anxiety includes pharmaceutical meds that are full of side effects and can get addictive at times which results in substance abuse. 

This is where CBD is considered to be a much better alternative that is completely safe and is an effective solution in treating insomnia and post traumatic stress disorder in kids. With CBD’s ability to act on serotonin, it is also seen as a potent mood-boosting option that can regulate social behavior. 

  • Cancer Treatment Properties

Another potential reason why CBD is taking over the world is its cancer treatment properties. Over time CBD has indicated that it can help in reducing cancer-related symptoms which is why medical scientists around the globe are doing their research and experiments in order to get significant results with this. 

There are several animal studies indicating that CBD has anti-cancer properties that are highly effective and is completely safe when compared with chemotherapy and other treatment processes related to cancer treatment. 

  • Fights Acne

Acne is a common skin problem that is faced by youth generally. Ance can be there due to several factors including genetics, harmful bacterias, overproduction of sebum in our body, etc. With the help of CBD, you can attack the inflammatory and reduce the production of sebum in our bodies which will ultimately reduce the sebum production on our body. 

Moreover, instead of using creams and spray to treat acne, that can react with your skin and make the problem even worse, CBD is completely safe because of its anti-inflammatory properties making it safe for all skin types. 

  • Neurobiological Benefits 

There are evidence proving that CBD is a highly potent solution in the treatment of different neurological disorder as it components that are there in CBD can react with the receptors that are there in our brain.  

There is already Sativex spray that is available in the market that is an effective and safe treatment method when it comes to multiple sclerosis. Besides that, there are numerous benefits that you get as you use CBD, which is why we can see some really effective meds consisting of CBD in the future. 

Although, there is a limited amount on research and reports that indicates how effective CBD is but with the development in medical sciences and technology we can expect some significant results in this space very soon. 

  • Other Potential Benfits

Besides all these health benefits, CBD can be seen as an effective component in the treatment of several other health issues including schizophrenia along with other similar mental disorders, moreover, because of its antipsychotic properties, CBD is useful for the treatment of substance abuse. Lastly, the anti-tumor and anti-diabetic properties that CBD shows make it a significant medial component. 


There are not many side effects that are related to the use of CBD, however, users have faced problems such as a change in their appetite, Diahheria, and Fatigue. Additionally, CBD can react with your current medications which is why it is recommended that you consult your doctor before you include any CBD component for your treatment. 


CBD and CBD oils are seen as a highly potential source in the treatment of some really common ailments that we face including acne, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, etc. making it an interesting and useful medical component with multiple medial uses.

Natural Techniques For Knee Joint Pain Relief

When you were in your twenties or thirties, finding effective knee joint pain relief treatments was the least of your worries. As you get older, the pain in your knees can become more intense and occurs more frequently. There is really no reason to be alarmed as this is normal in people who are getting along in years as washingtonian is here with all the natural techniques that one can follow in order to get relief from the joint pain.

However, just because others are also going through the same experience does not diminish the need for effective knee joint pain relief. Fortunately, there are many methods that you can use to get relief without having to use artificial medications and without having to see a physiotherapist.

Natural Treatments For Knee Joint Pain

Exercise is one of the best ways to get joint pain relief, but you do have to stay away from extremely strenuous workouts as these may make your condition worse. There are natural therapies that have proven to be effective in eliminating knee pain in many people.

If you are presently in the throes of knee pain, you should first do something about the pain before embarking on a new exercise regimen. You can do this by taking warm baths — paraffin wax baths are highly recommended by experts for this purpose.

As soon as the pain becomes manageable, you can start easing yourself into a regular light workout routine that will strengthen your knees and get rid of the pain completely.

The use of knee support is also recommended for added protection. The best ones to use are the elastic knee supports, which provide adequate protection without hindering leg movements. While sleeping, it is a good idea to keep your knees elevated by propping your leg up on some pillows, or by using a special sling suspended from the ceiling.

For other solutions for finding natural knee joint pain relief, you can use supplements, such as Flexcin with CM8, or use pain relief creams.

Excessive weight is also a common cause of knee joint pains so if you want to get rid of the pain permanently, you should seriously try to lose those extra pounds and reduce the pressure that you are putting on your knees.

Similarly, walking or running long distances, or even standing for extended periods, puts unhealthy pressure on your knees. As much as possible, take breaks to sit down so that your knees can rest and relax.

If none of these natural remedies work, you should pay your doctor a visit so that they can recommend the knee joint pain relief treatment that will work best for you.

What Are The Different Types Of CBD Present In The Products?

Buying CBD products is very fun these days because there are so many products available in the market. There are even beauty products that are induced by CBD. They are very good at treating skin disorders, plus they give the qualities of a beauty product too.

Checking the brand and whatever it contains is a task that every user has to go through. Any person can’t eliminate this task. But what if someone else does this for you? Check this link, It has all the things that a user will need. There will be no need to invest time in searching for the analysis process.

Types of CBD

One needs to know is what are the different types of CBD present in products? It is important because people can get the analysis, but when the basic knowledge is missing, what is the point. Here are the types of CBD,

  • CBD isolate

As the name already states, it is only and only CBD. There will be no other content other than CBD in it. This is derived from the cannabis plant, and when there is no content like THC in it, it will work well.

When there is no interference of any other compound in the CBD product, people feel that it will not gauge the effect. It is true, too, when the qualities of CBD are the things that make the product famous, and people only want them. They why not get the product that is devoid of THC or anything else.

However, it is true that some of the compounds are only there to increase their effectiveness. But when the customer has made up his mind, there is no stopping in that.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD

This type of product contains different types of compounds in the product. These products help in making it whole and increase the effectiveness too. Here are the compounds that are in this type,

  1. CBC
  2. CBN
  3. Terpenes
  4. Myrcene
  5. Limorene
  6. Pinene

These are the compounds that are in this type of CBD. But one thing that people like about this is that there is not even some amount of THC.

  • Full-spectrum CBD

The only difference between the full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD is that these have a trace of THC in the products. There is only a trace of this compound because it is not legal according to federal law. The quantity of THC that is legal is 0.3% in the products.

This amount is legal because this amount is not capable of creating “High” in the people. More quantity can make the user high even though it will not affect the CBD qualities. All the other compounds present that we mentioned earlier will increase the effect of CBD on the user.

At last, these are the three types of CBD in the CBD products. These define the product and how well it is going to work on the person. Everyone wants to get the best they can from it. People often ask their doctor for a prescription from the people so that they will know the exact thing they need to buy.

Dust Baths- Keeping Your Chinchilla Clean

If chinchillas are known for anything, it has got to be their coat. And if you’ve never seen one up close, chinchillas have incredibly dense fur. How dense exactly? Well, let’s just say that their fur is so dense that fleas will suffocate if they burrow down to the skin, literally! 

But this fur does have a downside that you should know about before you go out buying a chinchilla for yourself, and that is the fact that over time, natural oils tend to build upon the hair. And this presents a big problem, seeing as they can’t get wet! So what do they do?

Well in their natural environment they’ll roll around in volcanic ash. The volcanic ash absorbs all of the oil that builds upon the fur. So what do you do when you own one? Give it the same thing!

That’s right when you own a chinchilla, you have to remember that you can’t ever wash it like a normal pet. In other words: Never wash your chinchilla with water! If you do, it will wash away all of the natural oils that help to keep the skin healthy and the body at the right temperature!

Instead, you’re going to give your chinchilla a small bowl of this special dust, so it can bathe naturally like it’s supposed to do. You can find the dust at most pet stores and exotic pet stores. The frequency of dust baths really depends on what type of climate you live in. If you live in a dryer area then you’ll only have to give it a bath once or twice a week. If you live in a wetter area then you’ll have to it about three times a week.

When it’s time to give your chinchilla a dust bath, just leave the dish in the cage for about twenty to thirty minutes. Most of the time, they’ll be done before then. You want to fill the dish up with about an inch of dust.

As a special note, you can also use small glass containers. I use them so I can watch it roll around in the dust and if you’ve never seen one do it before, you simply have to see it in action! I use glass ones like I said because I’ve noticed that plastic ones get scratched after a couple of uses. And make sure that you get a heavy-duty container as you don’t want your chinchilla breaking it and rolling around in broken glass!

Another big thing that you should know is that you should never leave the container in the cage permanently. If you do, your chinchilla may get an infection in its lungs or eyes. If you leave it in their too long it might use it as a litter box too! In both scenarios, you probably would do best by avoiding it!

And that’s all you need to know about chinchilla dust baths! You should know everything, so you won’t have to worry about doing anything wrong and potentially harming your chinchilla! And remember to bookmark this article in case you forget something.

What Are The 5 Ways To Replace The Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Battery?

One of the most frequent problems is galaxy s7 battery replacement, and it is very common. As a reason, there are several reasons which are the cause of replacing the battery. The problem is the battery could be anything like heating of device etc. you can replace the battery, but it would be beneficial for you to visit a professional store so that they can easily replace it. It is a little bit complex because you need to keep lots of things in your mind while replacing the battery. Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read the 5 ultimate ways through which you can easily replace the battery.

5 ways to replace the galaxy S7, S7 edge battery:

  1. The first step is that before repairing the battery, you need to heat the device. As a reason, you need to open the phone from the backside. You need to consider that the back cover is still in touch with the device or not so that you can remove that and prevent it from scratches. Whenever you are removing the battery, then there are chances that your backside will be destroyed. As when the battery is dismantled, you need to replace it with another when, and in this case, the back cover will get destroyed.
  2. Whenever you are changing the battery, then make sure that the device is turned off until you are repairing the device. After when you have done with repairing the batteries, make sure that you will keep the device on mobile dryer on 80 degrees. For removing the back cover from its frame, you need to heat the device so that it will easily remove it. There is a fixed limit, and when your phone attends the limit, you need to immediately remove out. Your device will become hot, so it is better for you to wear gloves before removing the phone.
  3. It is important for you to use the appropriate tools because there are different ways to open the device once heated. You can either use the suction cup or plastic card for removing the battery. There are different-different tools through which you can easily remove them safely.
  4. While changing the battery, it is important to remove the device from the battery so that it will not be harmed internally. There is a protective cap that is automated with three parts. The motherboard of the phone is lying on the left side, and you have to play the battery on the right side.
  5. After you are done with all these things, then now it is a turn to connect a new battery. When you have disconnected the older battery, then you are now allowed to put a new battery in it.

By considering all the 5 ways which are mentioned in the upper section, you can easily change the battery. After completing all the procedures now, you can easily replace the back cover of your phone.

Photoshop Tutorial – Animated GIF Animal

Add a little humor to your web posts with an animated animal GIF file. This Photoshop tutorial is for intermediate to experienced users of Photoshop 6.0 and higher. The same techniques can be used in Photoshop CS3 Extended and adobe photoshop for mac, using the animation palette feature.

In this example, we will be using an elephant from one of my paintings. To use the image here (for practice or teaching only, please, no commercial use),

right click on the enlarged image, select “Save picture as” and save it to your desktop. Then, extract the head and ears as shown in this previous tutorial (click here). If you already know how to use the extract tool, please continue.

Our elephant will be wagging his head from side to side.

Step 1:

make 2 copies of the elephant image. Save one for the background and use the other copy to extract the head.

Step 2:

Select the extracted head and copy it. (first click “Select All”, then Edit  gt; Copy)

Step 3:

Paste the head into the copy for the background image three times. Each time will make a separate layer. (Edit  gt; Paste). Then erase the head on the background layer.

Step 4:

On the first of the three layers use the selection tool to rotate the head as if the elephant is wagging his head off to your left side side. (make sure the little box on the toolbar that says “Show Transform Tools” is checked.)

Step 5:

Leave the second layer’s head facing straight forward and go to the third layer.

Step 6:

Rotate the head to tilt to your right. (Hint: Use the clone tool to copy some of the skin texture and sky, in the spaces exposed on the background layer when the head tilts from side to side.)

Step 7:

We will make our “jump” to Image Ready. Click the icon at the very bottom of the toolbar. Image-ready will open in a new window. Click on “Window” in the menu bar at top and make sure “Show layers” and Show animation” is checked in the dropdown.You should see the first frame displayed in the animation palette. Create three more frames by clicking on the new frame icon at the bottom right (next to the trash-can icon). (Refer to image #3)

Step 8:

On the first frame, make the first layer (only) visible by clicking on the “eye” icon on the other two layers to make them invisible. (The one with head wagging to your left)

Step 9:

On the second frame, make the middle layer (only) visible by clicking the eye icon on the other two to make them invisible. (The one with the head facing forward)

Step 10:

Do the same on the third frame to make the top layer (only) visible.(the head wagging to your right)

Step 11:

Make the fourth frame just like the second, that is, the one facing forward. So you should have 4 frames, one with the head wagging left, one with the elephant facing straight forward, one with the head wagging left and the last with the head facing forward again. All that is left to do is to set the frame rate for each frame. This is easy to do.

Step 12:

Directly below each small frame in the animation palette is the frame-rate selector that reads “0 sec” by default. Click on the tiny arrow at the right of the frame-rate and, in the pop-up dialog box, enter the frame-rate “0.2 sec”. Play the animation. The elephant wags his head. Set the sequence to run “Forever” (on the bottom right), and your elephant will wag as long as he is displayed. Make sure to save the animation by selecting “File  gt; Save Optimized As”. Save it as a GIF file.

Try this out with other animal images, people or cartoon characters. Happy Animating!