A story in many parts

A story in many parts

he was there, sitting, crying, weeping. He asked, “What’s the matter with your dolls?” She replied back, “I wasn’t crying. I was acting.”
◊ Trevyn Wong, age 9 (San Luis Obispo, California)

He asked her, “Can I see that doll?”
“OK but be careful with her,” she said.
Carefully he lifted the doll up and looked at her. She had long, straight blond hair. The doll was wearing a red and white dress and purple shoes.
He laughed and said, “Your doll’s hair is a rat’s nest!”
The doll was mad. She pinched the little boy. He was so surprised he dropped the doll. The doll yelled out, “My name is Matilda, and I say shut your lip!”
◊ Hannah Fowler, age 9 (San Luis Obispo, California)

Matilda, the fabulous doll with blonde hair pushed her head up to look at the little boy as he disappeared down the street. She had a huge grin on her face and when she looked at her crying friend, she said, “I wasn’t really mad, honestly… I was trying to be an actress just like you.” She hugged Matilda close to her chest and ran home laughing as loud as she can. She and Matilda agreed that they should visit another world and meet new characters.
◊ Kate Sarrami, age 8 (Canada)

Matilda and Grace had a secret. Once they were home, they opened the heater vent under the special toy box in their room. They first looked around to make sure no one was watching, then jumped down the heater shaft.
They slid on cushy pillows in dim light until they came to an abrupt stop in a candlelit, orange chamber. In the chamber was a time machine.
Matilda and Grace stepped cautiously into the time machine probe, pressed the green button, and were off.
After they stopped they stepped out and couldn’t believe their eyes.
◊ Isabella Zuniga, age 9 (Los Osos, California)

They were now in a colorful world where the trees were made of lollipops, the roads were made of flowers, and the fields were growing chocolate carrots. The sun was a giant, yellow gumdrop and the clouds were made of marshmallows.
Matilda said, “I smell cookies!” They turn around and see a river flowing with chocolate chip cookies. They now look up and can’t believe what they see.
◊ Marguerite Zuniga, age 6 (Los Osos, California)

A gigantic ship was floating in the sky, gliding gently towards them.
A few seconds later, it had landed right in front of them. A woman came out, and Matilda and Grace gasped.
The woman who had come out had a lion’s head!
“Hello.” said the lady with the lion’s head. “My name is Lily.”
Matilda and Grace were staring with very large eyes.
“Are you going to eat us?” Matilda whispered.
“No.,” said Lily. “I have a delivery for you. Mr. Silver, would you bring the package please?” She called to the ship.
A short man with a horse head came from the ship, holding a little package covered in brown paper. He gave it to Grace and walked back to the ship.
Grace unwrapped the package.
◊ Sophia Greco, age 11 (San Diego, California)

In the package, there was a golden lollipop.
“Ooh, that looks so yummy!” said Matilda.
“It’s so shiny,” said Grace.
Lily walked up to them and handed them the lollipop. “You better eat it soon because the gummy dolphins might try to steal it from you,” said Lilly.
“What gummy dolphins?” asked Grace.
“Those,” said Lilly and she pointed at the river with a bunch of colorful dolphins.
“Wow! This place is cool,” said Grace looking at the happy dolphins.
Matilda came running over to the dolphins with the lollipop in her hand. “Can we pet them?” asked Matilda.
“Why not? They’re harmless, but they do like the gold-colored candy,” said Lily.
Just then, the dolphin jumped up, grabbed the lollipop, and swam away.
“Oh, no!” said Matilda.
◊ Enzo Greco, age 9 (San Diego, California)

“Chase that dolphin!” screamed Grace. They started running down the riverside after the dolphin. They ran faster and faster until they were a blur.
“Oh no he is getting away, run faster” yelled Matilda.
“I can’t run any faster I’m getting tired,” said Grace.
“Look the river is flowing into a lake. We’ll never catch them now.” Suddenly they came to a stop. There was a speed boat in front of them made of candy. They jumped into the boat and took off for the dolphin and their candy.
◊ Clara Moore, age 9 (Whitehall, Michigan)

They said to the captain “Go faster!”
Grace reached her arm down and grabbed the candy from the dolphin. Matilda, Grace and the captain shared the golden candy. When they ate the golden candy they all turned into different colors. Grace was pink. Matilda was blue. The captain was purple. They all laughed at each other.
Grace said, “You guys look funny!”
Suddenly, they saw something enormous coming out of the lake.
◊ Alice Moore, age 7 (Whitehall, Michigan)

It was an alien holding a big laser gun. He had a green body and five dark blue eyes. He was so tall that if you stood at his feet and looked up you wouldn’t be able to see his head. He took his laser gun and pointed it right at the boat. Suddenly the boat started moving upwards.
“What’s happening,” whispered Matilda.
“Oh, it’s just George,” replied the Captain.
“Okay, but who’s George?” asked Grace.
“That’s George, there, the one in green,” laughed the captain.
◊ Isabelle Gillette, age 9 (Arroyo Grande, California)

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