The Best Places to Vacation in Jamaica

The Best Places to Vacation in Jamaica

Jamaica is always a great place to vacation, but choosing the best place is somewhat impossible because each city is equally amazing. It simply depends on what you want to do during your vacation. Do you want to lie at the beach by day and party by night, or do you want to hike on mountainous waterfalls? After finding a spot, everything else will come together.

The Best Places to Vacation in Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is an extremely popular vacation destination on the island of Jamaica. Being the second largest city on the island, Montego Bay is renowned for snorkeling and swimming since Montego’s bay has many miles of coral reefs. The city has amazing colonial architecture along with bright colors. Shoppers should visit Harbour Street, which features unique woodcarvings, straw arts and crafts, and batiks. Along with these arts and crafts, perfume, crystals, cigars and more are sold on Harbour Street. After a long day of shopping, go to the nightclubs and casinos of the Hip Strip and let loose for the night.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios is located on the northern central coast of Jamaica. This tourist-cruise hot spot is known more its The Best Places to Vacation in Jamaicawilderness than its consumerism. Home to the world-famous Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios is a great place to take your family and get your adventure on. With countless forests, lakes and waterfalls, some of the activities that are popular in Ocho Rios are kayaking, river-rafting, hiking, fishing and even diving. If you are here for shopping as well, do not panic, there are some great stores and shopping spots that are sometimes overshadowed by the wilderness. Actually, there are six shopping plazas that sell clothes, Jamaican handcrafts and other great souvenirs. Overall, Ocho Rios is for that person who loves adventure and rigorous activities instead of beaches and causal living.

Negril, Jamaica

The Best Places to Vacation in JamaicaNegril, located in western Jamaica, is well-known for its bays and lighthouses. Along with epic rugged cliffs, white-sand beaches are everywhere in this utopian city. Negril is known as the “Capital of Casual” for a reason; the first visitors to Negril were hippies. The local hippies helped create a carefree atmosphere. It is an ideal place to hang out with friends and meet some new friends. You can stay on the beaches all day long, then clean up to go out at night. Negril is notoriously known for its excellent restaurants and active nightlife. With many places and many ways to stay within your necessary budget, Nergil’s nightlife is a great thing. In addition, there are great places to shop, such as boutiques, antique stores and clothing shops, and there are cute, little and affordable rooms and cottages.

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