Exploring Seattle Aquarium

Exploring Seattle Aquarium

I am almost ashamed to admit it…….,but I never thought that Seattle had an aquarium….

….on our recent December trip we decided to walk from our hotel to waterfront in a search of the best seafood restaurant.Exploring Seattle Aquarium

The weather was looking pretty good considering being Seattle in December…..till we almost reached the waterfront….that’s when the sky opened and the waterfall started….

Right in front of us was a building with a big sign…..SEATTLE AQUARIUM….

I just looked at my kids and hubby and all of them were thinking the same thing…..”For Crying Out Loud Woman….Enough Walking….Lets Go In”….How could you say no to that.

Exploring Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium is located on Pier 59 and it’s open every day except Christmas Day and June 1st.

It is not very big, but it offers many beautiful and educational exhibit….activities….

Don’t miss octopus feeding every day at noon and 4pm….your children will enjoy seeing, touching and exploring sea life of Puget Sound in tide-pools…take a virtual trip to Pacific Coral Reef…..meet the adorable otters and seals.

Exploring Seattle Aquarium

….and of course don’t forget to stop by Cafe for some delicious and fresh seafood dishes.

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