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Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition

Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition

In today’s fast-paced world, it is hard enough to stay healthy even without a condition. If you have type 2...

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The Best All-Inclusive for Couples

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Insurance Policies Are Not As Expensive As You Think

The majority of people consider life insurance to cost 3 times or even 4 times higher than its actual price. However, people are not to blame for this. Advertisement for insurance cost never tell the actual price you will have to pay and uses all kind of marketing strategies to make the actual cost appear lower than what it really is. In this article, we will discuss the actual price of insurance premium, and what steps you can take to make sure that you will spend less.

Why the price for life insurance is not easy to see

Looking at life insurance prices on the internet might seem like a great way to calculate the price of the premium. And it is correct that doing so can provide you with an uncertain notion of what you may have to spend in monthly premiums. Keep in mind that life insurance policy rates depend on the quantity of protection an insurance policy offers. If you do not have a full grasp of what insurance policy coverage that you require, the costs you will find on the internet is going to be useless for you This is why it is significantly better to create a personalized life insurance coverage plan that totally satisfies your requirements and your spending budget, and then use a life insurance calculator to find out the cost.

Life insurance policy is cheaper when you get it young

Purchasing life insurance coverage while young can help you save lots of money in the long run. It is smart to buy life insurance coverage while are still in your 20s or even early 30s, although you may believe that you don’t require it yet. With hardly any conditions, the normal gist for life insurance is the younger you happen to be when you purchase a life insurance coverage, the fewer you will spend in the long run.

Insurance will be even cheaper when you are healthy

If there is one particular aspect that is of greater importance than your age in the computation of your life insurance policy premium, it is your overall health. Statistically, an individual who is in good health has a lower possibility to die early compared to someone who has bad overall health. For this reason, life insurance coverage providers give special focus on your health background when computing the cost of your policy. This is also why life insurance coverage rates for people who smoke can go as high as 10 times the normal rate.

However, your overall health is still very associated with your actual age. Because the majority of illnesses and impairments have a tendency to build up later on while you are old, the health factor is still tied to your age, which is another reason to buy life insurance coverage when you are still young.

For many people, the perfect period to purchase life insurance coverage is when you are within your 20s. Even though that might appear very young, chronic problems such as heart problems and cholesterol frequently start to come soon after you hit the age of age 30.

If you possibly could buy your life insurance coverage prior to the development of chronic conditions, you will spend considerably fewer in monthly premiums.

5 Pro Tips To Find The Best Coffee Makers For Your Home

If you are a devoted coffee lover, the thought of owning one for your home must have crossed your mind at least once. There are various benefits of owning a coffee maker. For example, you can have coffee at your own convenient time. You also won’t need to run to a coffee shop every time you want a coffee also saving some bucks in the process.

Types of coffee makers:

There are 4 types of coffee makers in the market.

  1. Drip coffee maker

This is the most common type of coffee maker. It’s convenient , affordable to buy and maintain and is great for making basic coffee.

  1. Single-serve coffee maker

This is also known as pod coffee maker and brews coffee from different flavored pods. It has much less cleanup to do, is affordable to buy but costly to maintain over time. It also uses K-cups, disposal of which can add up to that increasing plastic trash.

  1. French Press

This is pretty basic to use, needs no electricity and is one of the cheapest of coffee makers. But brewing coffee in this needs some skills otherwise coffee can taste less flavorful.

  1. Espresso makers

This is the most sophisticated among all the coffee makers in the market and hence more expensive. It brews smaller quantities which are stronger and more flavorful. You can also make cappuccinos, macchiattos and lattes in this. It is quite easy to use.

How to buy the right coffee maker for my home?

Below tips will help you decide the right coffee maker for your home.

Tip #1: Consider the number of servings in your home

You should have a basic idea of the quantity you need to brew in your coffee maker. If all members of your family enjoy a cuppa in the morning, it is best to get a drip coffee maker. If you are the only one in your household who loves coffee, single-serve coffee maker could be your pick. However if you want to avoid the plastic overhead that comes with K-cups, you might want to re-consider your options.

Tip #2: Type of coffee you mostly prefer

If you are happy with a basic cuppa, you can settle for either a drip coffee maker, French Press or even pod coffee maker, depending on how comfortable you are with either of these. But if you only like lattes, frappes, capucchinos and espresso, needless to say you should opt for an espresso maker.

Tip #3: Cost considerations

If an espresso maker is out of your budget, then you might to make some compromises and settle for a different model. Or perhaps opt for an espresso maker with less number of features. You should also consider maintenance costs associated with a model while buying a coffee maker.

Tip #4: Convenience

It is unwise to opt for a French Press if you’re not comfortable with using it. Avoid brewers that are complicated to use. You can opt for programmable models which can automatically brew a pot of coffee at a specific time that you decide. Helix has various models of coffee makers to choose from.

Tip #5: Space considerations

If you have only a small space on your counter top, choose a model that fits the bill properly. Otherwise it can be a hassle to store and use it over time.

Finding Your New Appliances In The Market

Technology is changing over time and so are the home appliances. You might take for granted the power to dispense filtered ice water from your refrigerator at the touch of a button, or say, to cook on an electric stove or induction cooktop. But the truth is, these appliances are changing over time and as we continue to run through the coming years, more featured and technological advancement are being introduced. As such, it is important to be aware of the current trends when it comes to appliances so you can easily provide comfort to your family members. As such, here are some of the reasons why going for new appliances is way better.

One-Stop Shop

Whatever product or appliance you have at home, they all do have a life span and the certain thing is that they will not last for a lifetime. Hence, whether it is a water dispenser, refrigerator, TV or washing machine, time will come when these appliances are no longer functioning and cannot be used already. So, the ideal thing to do is to buy a new one and replace them. But before buying new appliances, it is important to always check about the latest models and features of the appliance that you want to buy so that you will have an idea on what exactly to buy.

Look for The Best Stores

Definitely, there are several stores that you can choose. However, it is always recommended to buy from a store with reliability and a well established one. Buying from a store that has been in the market for long years will give you an assurance that the quality of product or appliance that you are buying are way better and advanced. The good thing is, you can also check on some websites like to see the latest models of appliances.

Always Try First an Appliance

As a rule of thumb, you should always ask for a dry run or test before purchasing an appliance. Always remember that most of the appliances are quite expensive nowadays, so to make your money worthy, you need to ensure that the product you are buying is free from defects and is functioning well. Asking for a warrantee is also advisable. This will protect you as a customer when there are some factory defects in the appliance that you availed.

Reasonable Prices

Lastly, one of the reasons why it is better to head downtown to find a new home appliance is because most of the rates of the appliances are reasonable. There are some stores that offer appliances with their own mark up. Hence, if you want to save some money, looking for the rights store is the best thing to do. A good store has also some promotional scheme so there is a high tendency that you can get a great deal. After all, home appliances should be considered as a good investment for the comfort of your family members.

Ultimately, when it comes to appliances, it is always important to consider all the necessary factors before making a final buying decision. An informed buyer always knows what to do and what to ask when buying a particular appliance. Therefore, do conduct research to get the best deal in the market.

Why is it better to buy appliances online than from superstores?

Superstores are usually the first choice of everyone to buy any new thing, but when it comes to purchasing any new appliance for your home or office or any other purpose superstore might not be the best place to visit and find the most suitable new appliance. Superstore is good to visit for buying basic things of daily use, but if you want to buy a high tech modern appliance, then it might not be the best choice. The Internet offers you much better options at reasonable rates and premium quality. There are some reasons that make shopping appliances online better than finding them in superstores.

 Superstores have Limited options to select

Superstores offer you limited options, and you may find it challenging to find the appliance of your choice in the stores. Some stores are brand oriented and provide products and appliances of specific brands only, which makes the number of options available more less and more difficult for the users to find the best product. On the contrary, if you go online to buy a new appliance, you can choose from a wide variety of appliances of different brands. You can select precisely by considering all minor features and selecting the best appliance at the most affordable rates.

Better comparison

Online shopping is quite convenient and allows you to compare your favorite appliances and choose the best out of them. In superstores, you have to visit different stores, ask a number of people and check out different options to compare them, which eat up a lot of time and effort. Online shopping saves a lot of time and allows you to find the appliance of your favorite brand with a mere few clicks on your device. You can also check the price at which a single appliance is available at different stores and directly choose the cheapest and most suitable one. All types of appliances are readily available online; you need not waste your time and effort.

Free shipping

If you buy appliances from superstores, you have to make arrangements to make them reach your home on your own, which adds up to the cost of the appliance and puts a hole through your pocket. On the other side, online purchase offers you completely free delivery and makes the appliance you ordered reach at your doorstep safely and securely. Some online store charges for delivery, but is it minimal charges.

Avail huge discounts with coupon codes

With the online purchase of appliances, you get different unique coupon codes that you can apply to your purchase and avail hefty discounts and fantastic offers. Superstores offer no such coupon codes for you to get huge discounts. Online websites release new coupon codes regularly and allow the customers to grab a great deal and save loads of money without any additional efforts.

Convenient installation of appliances

Some appliances are quite complex, and you require a well-trained professional to install it properly. Some superstores do offer free installation, but you don’t have any control over professional going to do the job as the stores send their hired professionals. On the other side, if you buy appliances online, they give you complete freedom to choose a professional of your wish and get the appliance installed at your place without any hassle.

Saves your precious time

Time is the most valuable thing in today’s time, and you cannot afford to waste a considerable portion of your time in shopping for the perfect appliance in different stores. Online websites offer you an option to sit in your bed comfort and go through all top options available, compare them, and select the best out of them. It helps you to save a lot of time and makes shopping for appliances easier and more convenient. You can use the spare time in some other productive work rather than wasting it in going from one superstore to another in search of a suitable appliance.

Is Fortnite Going To Be The Best Game Ever In History?

Fortnite is about to become the biggest game in history with more than 250 million real players registered and playing the game regularly. Fortnite is a game based on survival where total100 players gather from different areas and fight with each other to survive. The player who survives till the last wins the game. You can either select a defensive strategy to play the game, or you can choose to attack and finish the game quickly. The pace of the game is quite high, and the game is full action and powers that the player can use. You can use various tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay in the game.

Some of the most attractive facts about fortnite

What’s in fortnite?

The game has been placed under an interesting story. The story says that most of the people in the world have vanished and the remaining is under threat of zombies. The zombies are called as husks that land through a storm in the game. You have to kill the zombies and save the people.

High success

The game took the industry with a storm and became immensely popular quickly. It was introduced in 2017, and in a month more than a million users were registered on the game and were regularly playing the game.

Imitating concept

In the initial there solo and zombie mode in fortnite but when multiple other games introduce a battleground mode, and it became highly successful, fortnite also enters a battle royal mode and soon most of the players shifted to this mode and made this mode the most popular mode in the gaming industry.

Involving celebrities

Fortnite involved various celebrities, which became a hot topic all around the world. The owners announced that an event is going to held, which will include fifty top players of fortnite and fifty celebrities.

How To Be An Effective Teacher While Being Engaging To Students

In our time, being an effective teacher became much more than just being knowledgeable in the area you are teaching. Teachers must formulate new methods to teach so that they can engage their students more effectively.

  1. Become their friend, but don’t go too far

Students simply aren’t keen on having a teacher that is like a student. Continue to be a professional, assist your students with their assignments, pay attention to them, have a discussion with regards to their everyday life, but always keep in mind that you are a teacher. Even if you are young yourself, and close to the age of your students, always keep and maintain a professional image. If you do, your students will think it is impolite and not professional. You will have a bad reputation among the students, and they might not even treat you with respect anymore.

  1. Relate your lesson plan to the real world

In order for you to teach your students a lesson that they will surely remember, just make an effort to link the information and facts you deliver with some instances of the daily lives of your students. You can utilize them by putting them as the people in your examples whenever you are giving one. This keeps your lessons interesting, which will, in turn, result in them being more attentive to class. This way, you will avoid having a boring classroom. A vibrant and live classroom is a great environment to learn. Keeping your lessons interesting is a good way to have a live a vibrant atmosphere inside the classroom.

  1. Avoid going off topic while teaching

Keep in mind that you are a teacher, who is there to teach your students. Students will not appreciate it if you as a teacher starts to derail the discussion, like talking about your personal life, your life as a student, and comparing your student self to them. A little bit can be a nice breath of fresh air, but too much will surely have negative effects on your class.

Time is also important for students, and they might not appreciate it if their teacher is spending too much time talking about themselves, forgetting the lesson entirely.

  1. Be patient in providing explanations

Although you may be a teacher that explains even the most complicated situation in an easy to understand lessons, you may still find some situations where you need to explain a lot of times. Occasionally, they might not actually understand what you are explaining, but it’s not because they are ignorant, perhaps they just have a different way of thinking and understanding things.

If you have just graduated and came across Heritage Education Funds Inc as a job opportunity, but you still have doubts about that company, be sure to visit their Indeed review page. They will provide you with great insights into the company. The website can be accessed using through this link:

How Scheduling Software Help Manage Everything While Doing Construction

Applying and using new technology will help us make our lives easier. That’s why in the recent years many companies had applied new technologies on their business; not only in business but also in offices. In school, the presence of the modern age technology had been incorporated in the curriculum and teachers nowadays used the new generation technologies for teaching. No wonder why students learn much faster today.

In engineering, many had used new tools, machineries and equipment in completing their work or projects. Well, it is fact that we need new technology to improve our lives and make it much better. Same also in offices―nowadays computer is widely used―rather than writing on paper why not type it on a computer; in the computer you can do much than writing on a paper.

Observe It!

  • On project, like construction which involves strict and proper management―one must observe the schedule. Delay on schedule is a waste of time and money; in order to maintain the efficiency and productivity of the company management should be observe. That’s why software developers have develop software that could help companies in managing their schedule, personnel and everything that involves the project while at the same time continuously doing the construction process.

Make it Happen!

  • Keeping on time with the agreed schedule of the project to be completed is challenging to every company. Imagine with all those things around how can a person notice everything that happens around him. With the use of the scheduling software, he can keep in touch with the things that are happening around him. Be sure to get one and make it happen. By the way there are many scheduling software on the internet be sure to find the one the suit to your need. Read some of the reviews of the individuals who have tried using the software.

It will surely matter!

  • Depending on the project you are working, scheduling software could make a difference. In the crucial aspect of maintaining order while at the same time developing or making something―a scheduling software can surely help you and assist you on the workload of the project especially if it’s a construction project. Either which department you are working on the company―whether it’s in the procurement department, financial department, production department or labor department―this software will help you.

Get one of it!

  • A construction software is a software created to aid people in managing their jobs―specifically to the people whose job involve in construction project, managing of people or handling of personnel, materials and equipment and the like. To those project managers, supervisors, and calendar or schedule manager this software is the one you don’t want to miss in your computer. If you don’t have it yet, search for it on the internet. Imagine how will it make your work easier. You gonna save some precious time that could be spent on something that needs more of your attention.

P.S. You can find the Best Construction Scheduling Software for your Company in the web. Search for the software. Download or purchase it and explore its benefits. Who knows how big it can help in the management of the project.

Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition

In today’s fast-paced world, it is hard enough to stay healthy even without a condition. If you have type 2 diabetes, it can be even more difficult watching what and how much you eat. That is why it is important to know a lot about type 2 diabetes nutrition to keep you active and healthy despite the illness.
Here is some background and information regarding type 2 diabetes nutrition that you should be aware:

What It Is
Type 2 diabetes is caused when an insufficient amount of insulin is released in the blood, or the cells of the body are being resistant to insulin. Insulin is what breaks down glucose into energy for daily activity. Lack of insulin causes builds up of glucose in the blood, thus causing the physical effects of fatigue. The first step in assessing your type 2 diabetes nutrition is to know what kinds of food will require a lot of insulin, and what will not.

The Next Step
Once you are aware that you have type 2 diabetes, the next step would be to map out the right kinds of foods to eat. Remember that just because you are prescribed insulin shots to take daily, does not mean that you can still eat whatever you want. You need to be aware that part of your treatment is to have good type 2 diabetes nutrition along with your medication.

What’s Good
Upon diagnoses, your doctor will most likely give you a list of foods that are good to eat, and foods that are not. This may come in the form of a food pyramid, or a simple list of foods rating from excellent to poor. He or she will also require that you keep a journal of your daily meals so you can become tuned into what works with your body and what doesn’t. Foods high in refined sugar and starch such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, candy, cookies are foods you should avoid, as they will heighten your blood glucose levels. Try to stick to low glucose foods such as lean meat, vegetables, and low sugar fruits. If you have to have sugar, choose sugar-free products; they contain an artificial sweetener that has a lower impact on blood glucose levels.

It can be difficult to deal with an illness in which the severity of it depends on such a simple task as eating. But, until they come up with a cure for type 2 diabetes, it is necessary to incorporate optimum type 2 diabetes nutrition into your life.

A story in many parts

he was there, sitting, crying, weeping. He asked, “What’s the matter with your dolls?” She replied back, “I wasn’t crying. I was acting.”
◊ Trevyn Wong, age 9 (San Luis Obispo, California)

He asked her, “Can I see that doll?”
“OK but be careful with her,” she said.
Carefully he lifted the doll up and looked at her. She had long, straight blond hair. The doll was wearing a red and white dress and purple shoes.
He laughed and said, “Your doll’s hair is a rat’s nest!”
The doll was mad. She pinched the little boy. He was so surprised he dropped the doll. The doll yelled out, “My name is Matilda, and I say shut your lip!”
◊ Hannah Fowler, age 9 (San Luis Obispo, California)

Matilda, the fabulous doll with blonde hair pushed her head up to look at the little boy as he disappeared down the street. She had a huge grin on her face and when she looked at her crying friend, she said, “I wasn’t really mad, honestly… I was trying to be an actress just like you.” She hugged Matilda close to her chest and ran home laughing as loud as she can. She and Matilda agreed that they should visit another world and meet new characters.
◊ Kate Sarrami, age 8 (Canada)

Matilda and Grace had a secret. Once they were home, they opened the heater vent under the special toy box in their room. They first looked around to make sure no one was watching, then jumped down the heater shaft.
They slid on cushy pillows in dim light until they came to an abrupt stop in a candlelit, orange chamber. In the chamber was a time machine.
Matilda and Grace stepped cautiously into the time machine probe, pressed the green button, and were off.
After they stopped they stepped out and couldn’t believe their eyes.
◊ Isabella Zuniga, age 9 (Los Osos, California)

They were now in a colorful world where the trees were made of lollipops, the roads were made of flowers, and the fields were growing chocolate carrots. The sun was a giant, yellow gumdrop and the clouds were made of marshmallows.
Matilda said, “I smell cookies!” They turn around and see a river flowing with chocolate chip cookies. They now look up and can’t believe what they see.
◊ Marguerite Zuniga, age 6 (Los Osos, California)

A gigantic ship was floating in the sky, gliding gently towards them.
A few seconds later, it had landed right in front of them. A woman came out, and Matilda and Grace gasped.
The woman who had come out had a lion’s head!
“Hello.” said the lady with the lion’s head. “My name is Lily.”
Matilda and Grace were staring with very large eyes.
“Are you going to eat us?” Matilda whispered.
“No.,” said Lily. “I have a delivery for you. Mr. Silver, would you bring the package please?” She called to the ship.
A short man with a horse head came from the ship, holding a little package covered in brown paper. He gave it to Grace and walked back to the ship.
Grace unwrapped the package.
◊ Sophia Greco, age 11 (San Diego, California)

In the package, there was a golden lollipop.
“Ooh, that looks so yummy!” said Matilda.
“It’s so shiny,” said Grace.
Lily walked up to them and handed them the lollipop. “You better eat it soon because the gummy dolphins might try to steal it from you,” said Lilly.
“What gummy dolphins?” asked Grace.
“Those,” said Lilly and she pointed at the river with a bunch of colorful dolphins.
“Wow! This place is cool,” said Grace looking at the happy dolphins.
Matilda came running over to the dolphins with the lollipop in her hand. “Can we pet them?” asked Matilda.
“Why not? They’re harmless, but they do like the gold-colored candy,” said Lily.
Just then, the dolphin jumped up, grabbed the lollipop, and swam away.
“Oh, no!” said Matilda.
◊ Enzo Greco, age 9 (San Diego, California)

“Chase that dolphin!” screamed Grace. They started running down the riverside after the dolphin. They ran faster and faster until they were a blur.
“Oh no he is getting away, run faster” yelled Matilda.
“I can’t run any faster I’m getting tired,” said Grace.
“Look the river is flowing into a lake. We’ll never catch them now.” Suddenly they came to a stop. There was a speed boat in front of them made of candy. They jumped into the boat and took off for the dolphin and their candy.
◊ Clara Moore, age 9 (Whitehall, Michigan)

They said to the captain “Go faster!”
Grace reached her arm down and grabbed the candy from the dolphin. Matilda, Grace and the captain shared the golden candy. When they ate the golden candy they all turned into different colors. Grace was pink. Matilda was blue. The captain was purple. They all laughed at each other.
Grace said, “You guys look funny!”
Suddenly, they saw something enormous coming out of the lake.
◊ Alice Moore, age 7 (Whitehall, Michigan)

It was an alien holding a big laser gun. He had a green body and five dark blue eyes. He was so tall that if you stood at his feet and looked up you wouldn’t be able to see his head. He took his laser gun and pointed it right at the boat. Suddenly the boat started moving upwards.
“What’s happening,” whispered Matilda.
“Oh, it’s just George,” replied the Captain.
“Okay, but who’s George?” asked Grace.
“That’s George, there, the one in green,” laughed the captain.
◊ Isabelle Gillette, age 9 (Arroyo Grande, California)

We’ll be continuing this over the next few days with contributions from various children around the country. Please e-mail info[at] if you would like your child to participate.

Happy Birthday to the Grand Rabbi of Westfield, NJ

People often react with a little bit of surprise when I tell them my older brother is a rabbi. They know I’m Jewish — I kind of lead with that — but I’m pointedly irreligious (as I once told a convention of rabbis, I’m an agnostic, which is an atheist who’s afraid God will be annoyed if He finds out) and while my peer group growing up all went to religious school and got bar-mitzvahed, etc, actually, you know, going all the way to ordination seems a bit de trop. As an old Jewish joke probably has it, “A Rabbi? What kind of job is that for a Jewish boy?”

And yet: Doug was drawn to the pulpit, called, I think, not so much by divine inspiration but as a call to service. His version of Judaism, which I’ve been privileged to experience at his congregations in Connecticut, Chicago, and now Westfield NJ, is far different from the dutiful, drab, and humorless rituals I endured at our shul growing up. Then, it was all about Rules, Duty, Decorum: a whole bunch of Requirements which existed, it seemed, to provide whole new arenas for me to disappoint my elders. Doug’s version is joyful, expansive, celebratory, bright, and most of all, welcoming. You can read about his approach in great detail in David Hay’s memoir of his late-life bar-mitzvah, “Today I Am A Boy,” and David is only one of the many people who’ve approached me over the years to tell them about their experience with Rabbi Doug, the wise teacher, and leader who helped them, taught them, comforted them, married their children, buried their parents, and yes, amused them — sometimes (I shudder to repeat this) even more than I do.

It’s a little odd for me — I mean, this is my brother. I grew up with him. He tormented me, I tormented him back (one of the greatest triumphs of my youth involved a car seat and a half-ate an apple.) It’s strange to be among people who think of him with such gratitude, affection, and respect. They talk about their Rabbi, and I think to myself, “You mean Dougie?” But who am I to argue, and so now I join them in admiration for a man who — whether or not there is a God to know or care — spends his days doing God’s work.

Today is his 50th Birthday. Please send him your birthday wishes in the comments, and once we have enough, I’ll send them on to him.

Who are “They?” Questioning Authority

Back in college, I had a professor that loved to use statistics to prove his point. I hated that. In today’s world of twisted politics and biased news reporting, who can really believe statistics? I know that statistical information obviously can have merit, but no longer does the phrase “Statistics don’t lie” have any merit. Stats don’t lie, but they can be presented in a way bends the truth.

That professor I mentioned was for a class discussing teaching methods for classroom education. We were focused on “the way kids learn” which is a very valid point. We all learn differently. I for one am a visual and auditory learner. I get much more out of a lecture or discussion versus reading the same material. Once I realized that I because of a better student because I was able to focus my attention on how I learned best. As a teacher knowing the different ways students learned and being sure my lessons were presented in a way that each student could get the information in their best learning method made a huge difference.

So why do I have a sour memory of this professor and his statistical quoting ways? Because he quoted them way too much and on things that I didn’t feel like stats really applied. “The statistics show” or, “they say” became two phrases that I loathe. I began spending most of the lecture marking down in my notes how many times he would say one of those phrases. If I remember right he averaged over 10 per lecture and a record over 20…in a 1-hour lecture!

I don’t always believe stats because when doing a research study there are often far too many variables to measure or control, so though you may arrive at your conclusion, it may be based on faulty suppositions. So when I hear stats on the results of a study, I always question the methods of the research before I believe the final outcome. I am not a conspiracy nut, but I am pretty distrusting of absolutes, especially when they appear in popular media.

Have you ever taken a political or news survey over the phone? If you have enjoyed this glorious event before, you must have noticed how questions are specifically crafted to generate the results they want. Even if you are opposed to the underlying opinion they are driving for, the questions will lead (read that trick) you into the stat they want. Let’s say you support the troops in Iraq but question our motives for being there. Valid position to have as an American. You do your best to answer survey questions to that effect. The news the next day will report “65% of Americans don’t believe Bush can run our country.” Whether that is true or not, the twisting of stats to meet an agenda really irks me.
Because of this attitude, “they say” is something that pricks that nerve in the back of my mind to this day. Unfortunately, my highly educated and wise wife used to use that phrase all the time when talking about child raising and psychology techniques. This was not because she was overly trusting or naive, it was just in her vocabulary when telling me about things she had read and enjoyed. Fortunately, because she knows it bothers me so much she has successfully replaced that phrase with better options that don’t cause the hair on the back of my neck to rapidly rise.

Still, I hear people quoting what they have heard, read or seen in the news or even second (or who knows how many) hands from friends as fact, it drives me batty. Think of it, with today’s easy publishing online (especially with blogs) anyone can proclaim themselves authority and someone is going to believe them. There are plenty of Cliff Claven’s out there that are enjoying their limelight spewing their little-known facts or opinions as fact which is being consumed by avid readers online.

Just because something includes stats doesn’t make it any more credible in my view. My favorite quote about stats I heard some time ago (credit my previous co-worker Aaron Jensen), “67% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” It took me a minute to get that one the first time I heard it. I love it though. It represents my attitude towards most quoted stats because we remember them so poorly anyway.

Stats have their place, and I believe that is in peer-reviewed literature based on validated studies contributing to science. Everything in popular media I just figure those stats of either been contrived by the questions to get results. A sad situation that I don’t see getting any better in my lifetime.