5 Pro Tips To Find The Best Coffee Makers For Your Home

5 Pro Tips To Find The Best Coffee Makers For Your Home

If you are a devoted coffee lover, the thought of owning one for your home must have crossed your mind at least once. There are various benefits of owning a coffee maker. For example, you can have coffee at your own convenient time. You also won’t need to run to a coffee shop every time you want a coffee also saving some bucks in the process.

Types of coffee makers:

There are 4 types of coffee makers in the market.

  1. Drip coffee maker

This is the most common type of coffee maker. It’s convenient , affordable to buy and maintain and is great for making basic coffee.

  1. Single-serve coffee maker

This is also known as pod coffee maker and brews coffee from different flavored pods. It has much less cleanup to do, is affordable to buy but costly to maintain over time. It also uses K-cups, disposal of which can add up to that increasing plastic trash.

  1. French Press

This is pretty basic to use, needs no electricity and is one of the cheapest of coffee makers. But brewing coffee in this needs some skills otherwise coffee can taste less flavorful.

  1. Espresso makers

This is the most sophisticated among all the coffee makers in the market and hence more expensive. It brews smaller quantities which are stronger and more flavorful. You can also make cappuccinos, macchiattos and lattes in this. It is quite easy to use.

How to buy the right coffee maker for my home?

Below tips will help you decide the right coffee maker for your home.

Tip #1: Consider the number of servings in your home

You should have a basic idea of the quantity you need to brew in your coffee maker. If all members of your family enjoy a cuppa in the morning, it is best to get a drip coffee maker. If you are the only one in your household who loves coffee, single-serve coffee maker could be your pick. However if you want to avoid the plastic overhead that comes with K-cups, you might want to re-consider your options.

Tip #2: Type of coffee you mostly prefer

If you are happy with a basic cuppa, you can settle for either a drip coffee maker, French Press or even pod coffee maker, depending on how comfortable you are with either of these. But if you only like lattes, frappes, capucchinos and espresso, needless to say you should opt for an espresso maker.

Tip #3: Cost considerations

If an espresso maker is out of your budget, then you might to make some compromises and settle for a different model. Or perhaps opt for an espresso maker with less number of features. You should also consider maintenance costs associated with a model while buying a coffee maker.

Tip #4: Convenience

It is unwise to opt for a French Press if you’re not comfortable with using it. Avoid brewers that are complicated to use. You can opt for programmable models which can automatically brew a pot of coffee at a specific time that you decide. Helix has various models of coffee makers to choose from.

Tip #5: Space considerations

If you have only a small space on your counter top, choose a model that fits the bill properly. Otherwise it can be a hassle to store and use it over time.

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