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Wicker Patio Furniture: A Buying Guide

Wicker patio furniture is always a classic choice for a porch, sunroom and, of course, a patio!

But today’s wicker is not your grandmother’s wicker. There have been improvements in the appearance and functionality of wicker patio furniture since grandma’s day. You have the best daybeds for a deck from wicker that is highly durable and is perfect for outdoor settings. The upgrade of Wicker is not limited to its daybeds, you will find a modern touch with every wicker product that you buy. 

Wicker isn’t confined to outdoor spaces and porches anymore, either. Wicker patio furniture can bring casual comfort to a den or family room, but it can also be sophisticated and elegant in a dining or living room, too. How about creating a romantic bedroom suite with the addition of lovely wicker patio furniture to a cozy corner of the room; wouldn’t that be a welcome place to read a book, or to enjoy a glass of wine?

There are so many ways to use wicker patio furniture in the home or yard. But before you rush off to make that purchase, it would be a good idea to consider a few important factors.

Top 10 Things To Look For When Purchasing Wicker Patio Furniture:

  1. “Outdoor wicker” made from vinyl or plastic is the best choice for use outside: natural wicker patio furniture isn’t made to withstand rain and sunlight, but “outdoor wicker” is. It looks very much like natural wicker, too.
  2. Only buy fully assembled wicker patio furniture: do-it-yourself furniture won’t be as sturdy.
  3. Price effects the quality: the more expensive the wicker patio furniture is, the higher the level of quality and comfort.
  4. Tightly woven wicker: there should be no unraveling wicker fibers or gaps in the weave.
  5. Caps protecting the bottom of the legs: protective caps help your wicker last longer, and saves your floor too.
  6. Make sure chairs feel comfortable when you sit in them: try them out first, very important when purchasing a less expensive set.
  7. Check how the inside of the wicker patio furniture is made: inexpensive wicker furniture may be machine woven resin constructed on a rattan frame, while expensive wicker furniture will be handwoven resin over a powder-coated aluminum frame, making it much more durable.
  8. Make sure wicker patio furniture fits your family’s lifestyle: will the kids or the pets be too rough on a wicker set?
  9. Make sure wicker patio furniture will be strong enough to support the weight of every family member: wicker has a 200-pound limit. Expensive wicker is stronger.
  10. Purchase furniture covers to help protect your wicker patio furniture: covering your wicker prolongs its life.

Wicker patio furniture may be painted in different colors, as well as black, white or natural, and can be found in lots of styles to suit your needs. Styles include wicker table and chair sets, wicker umbrella tables with matching wicker chairs and chaise lounge, wicker bar sets with bar height stools, and even retro-inspired wicker bistro sets-so cute under a shady tree in the back yard!

Finally, check out your neighbor’s yard sale or your local discount store to discover cheap wicker pieces to mix and match. Keep an eye out for vintage wicker patio furniture which may be in need of loving care and repair; just be sure not to spend more on the repair than you did on the chair itself!

The Metabolism Reboot Diet

Have you ever wondered why the weight loss diets you’ve followed didn’t have long-lasting results? Maybe you thought it was just your body going against you because you’ve never been naturally lean and your genes have long decided your weight and body-built. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, it’s true that genes dictate so many things that might affect your body and health, but it’s also true that you can reboot them. Through her book, Kate Johnson is aiming to answer all your questions about metabolism, explain the way it influences your weight and teach you how to change it and drop pounds forever.

“The Metabolism Reboot Diet” is not your typical diet book for at least two reasons. First of all, the “new get lean science” is entirely based on serious studies and scientific resources. You will learn how your metabolism works, why people are getting fatter in our society and why it is so difficult to lose weight when we gain it so fast. This unique diet uses what happens at the cellular level to fire up your metabolism and help you burn fat. This is exactly why the metabolism reboot diet will have long-term results, and this brings me to the second reason for which this book is so special: it offers you a diet that will not only help you lose weight very quickly but will also keep you lean and healthy for the rest of your life. You have the right to be happy and proud of your body and you deserve to be among those naturally blessed who eat anything they want, don’t exercise at all and still look like top models. Besides her metabolism diet, she also recommends CoolSculpting to Freeze Fat as it is an equally effective process that you can try along with your diet plan. Since there is no recovery time with this process you can easily include this in your lifestyle.

If you read this book, you will see that the metabolism reboot diet is more of a lifestyle. The program will change your metabolism in 6-8 weeks and after this period you will be able to reintroduce foods that were restricted in the first part of the diet. Slowly, but surely, you will reach the point when you won’t need to worry about the number of calories and the foods you eat because you’ll already be part of the naturally blessed group. At the beginning of the book, the author states there are people who have dropped 23 pounds in just 5 weeks without exercising or starving. This is the best motivation to start following this diet, change your life and get the body you’ve always dreamt of.

Kate Johnson will teach you everything you need to know before you start on this path. For instance, you will need to start sleeping better, find a way to relieve your stress and re-balance your life. You have no idea about the strong effects these small issues can have on your metabolism. You will also learn how to avoid hunger, rev up your metabolism, take back control over your life and rediscover the best in yourself. But this is just a glimpse of what you’re going to read about in “The Metabolism Reboot Diet (Increase Your Metabolism)”. You can find it on Amazon:

The Perfect Date

My husband and I met on the Internet. He absolutely hates it when I tell people that, but I feel like you should hear about the good stories along with all those horror stories out there about Internet romance.

We definitely had a whirl wind romance. We “met” on the Internet in May, he moved to where I lived in June and we were married in September. No regrets, he is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Its not like today’s short term love stories where couples meet on a dating app, go out for dinner and everything is over by the end of the date as they are unable to adjust to each others’ likes and dislikes. Thank god it was never the case with me and my better half.

The problem is we never had any “us” time. I was a single mother of one and he was a single father of two so the “us” time never happened, we were too busy with the “family” to worry about “us”.

Several years into the relationship we were attending a church that was doing “classes” on marriage and relationships and they were talking about how important it was to find time for one another, just the two of you. We just never had the time or energy to do this, when we started out two of the kids were too young for us to even think about leaving anywhere, and my son was diabetic so we couldn’t just leave them with anyone but by this time all the kids were older and we thought we should do something for us.

His oldest son was living with my husband’s ex-wife by this time and his other son was scheduled for his “mom’s weekend” that weekend, we talked to my husband’s brother about keeping my son and we proceeded to plan some “us” time.

We got dressed up, which we never did except for church, we loaded up my son and dropped him off at Uncle Loyd’s to go to the movies and we drove to a town just a few miles outside the town we lived in. There was a little Italian restaurant we had heard a lot about but never even considered going to because of cost, it was a little pricey for taking out the family, but we wanted to make this night special. We went to the restaurant and had a quiet, yes I said quiet, dinner for two which I must say was wonderful. After dinner we thought about going to the movies, but it seemed so cliche for a date to end up at the movies we came up with something else. We drove around, the town we lived in had a lot of back roads that I had never been down and since my husband had worked for the city he knew a lot of the roads and we just took a drive. He showed me all kinds of areas that were absolutely beautiful, he drove me to the top of a hill top where they had put a look out over the town with an illuminated cross at the tip of the hill, it was so beautiful, we just sat up there and looked around and spend almost an hour just talking about everything. The “date” didn’t consist of anything extraordinary but it did consist of “time”.

I know there are so many of us out there that are so caught up in life and all the Happenings around us that we forget about a very important thing in life, one another. By the time my husband and I started doing a “date” night we had been married for almost four years, the “us” time made all the difference.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to come up with the “perfect” place to go or the “perfect” thing to do for a date if you want it to go right. We didn’t do anything special, just a quiet dinner and sitting down and talking. The definition to a “perfect” date is very simple…………you and her or him. The word perfect will come from the people involved not the things involved with the people.

Find something that the two of you really enjoy and do it together. My husband and I have very little in common when it comes to our interests, he is an avid sports addict and I love theater and museums. We compromise. I go to some games with him and I sit and do my best to enjoy it and he does the same for me when we go to a musical or walk through a museum, what makes it right? Being with one another and just spending time with each other.

Time is something that we have so little of anymore with work and family, it is very important to find time for one another and make that time count. You want to find time to spend with all of those people that you love the most in your life but most importantly your spouse, this is the person that you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, the time that you have together should be made special in every way that you can.

If you want to know my opinion of the Perfect Date, for me, it is spending hours just sitting down and talking with my husband, it is sitting next to him at a basketball game and watching him smile as he is yelling for his team, it is waking up every morning and looking into his eyes and remembering our “time” together.

5 Easy Tips for the Ultimate Haunted House

Halloween always brings back memories of scary stories and scary costumes. Let’s face it, it’s about being scared. So, what better way to scare trick-or-treaters, than a haunted house in your home or yard. A haunted house can be very intricate, with a large budget, or simple and inexpensive. I’ll show you some tips and tricks along the way as we set out 5 simple steps for planning your own haunted house.

Step one: Location, location, location

Your location for your haunted house is critical. The desired theme should match the actual location as closely as possible. For instance, a graveyard should be in a field or back yard, and not indoors. Whereas a laboratory would be better suited in a garage or kitchen. If your space is limited to one room such as a garage or shed, it’s possible to take tarps and sheets to divide rooms leading up to or away from your “main room”. In this way, you create a maze or labyrinth. Imagination is the key here in this decision, and the mind the limit on what you can dream up. Since these haunted houses are really dark which is a perfect place for fungi and mold, regular home mold inspection and testing should be performed from your end so that your customers can get a safe experience at your spooky haunted house. 

Step two: Theme

We discussed briefly how theme works with the location, now we will discuss how the theme works with the special effects. The theme of a good haunted house is fear. Most people’s fears stem from one or more phobias. Focusing on several common phobias is always a sure-fire theme. Enclosed spaces, snakes, dead people, insects and elements of a surprise attack, all induce the fight or flight mode. This is when people get scared the most. During this reactionary phase, people either attack or flee when a frightening experience occurs. It is a primal instinct carried out to protect oneself from the imminent danger of a predator. Create a theme that works with the phobias above or choose your own, and create away!

Step three: Draw a blueprint

Drawing a blueprint may sound like an awful lot of work for just a haunted house but it can give you a vision for creating areas of fright. A simple sketch in a notebook will do fine. Choose your entrances and exits well, so as to maximize space and element of surprise. Draw out the path from each doorway with arrows or a dotted line. Try to add as many rooms and corners as possible. Now you should label your scare zones with whatever spooky frights you have dreamed up. I’ll give you some advice about scare tactics at the end of this story.

Step four: Create some props and special effects

This is where your talent kicks in. Try to build special effects to compliment your theme well. For example, if your theme was scary clowns, the whole circus thing could go well with that. Build a big top type tent, or throw some hay around some animal cages with fake blood, and a sign ” Ferocious tiger, risk of escape, danger” or something to that effect, you get the idea! Start on all your small props first, fitting them into each scare zone, and making sure each room has its own point of view piece. What I mean by that is try to have something in the room stand out, like a corpse, or live actor, which can draw people’s eyes away from the fact their standing in your kitchen.

Step five: start building!

Once you have your location, theme, blueprints, props, and special effects ready, its time to get some help building! Start by working from beginning to end. Put up all your walls, and ramps needed over steps. Remove all the furniture or items not part of the haunted house (Don’t leave grandmas picture on the mantle) Clear the path so people don’t stumble over your furniture or breakables in the dark. Put all your special effects in place and turn it on! Do a test run the night before to make sure it is as spooky as you want it. Now when you’re all done, enjoy scaring those kids…and adults!

Here are a few ideas for props you can make at home easily!

Boiling cauldrons are easy enough with a big pot and some dry ice mixed with soap solution together. Throw in a colored glow stick into the pot and you’ve got a pot of bubbling potion!

Take a scary mask or statue and put a small glow-stick or night light behind it for a spooky shadow effect.

You can make all the fake blood you need with a little creamy peanut butter, white corn syrup, and food coloring. Just mix the creamy peanut butter and some cheap white corn syrup until its runny enough to look like blood. Add in some red food coloring and presto! Blood by the gallons, and it doesn’t taste to bad either!

You can Google hundreds of different sound effects from various sites for free! Don’t forget the sound effects!

Having live actors are some of the best scares going! Have your friends and family participate to make it even more realistic!

Some Mind-Boggling Unknown Facts About E-Cigarettes!

With the advancement of technology, a lot of things that we use and consume in our daily routines have changed. There are various highly popular trends prevailing in the market, and one of the most popular trends or habits out of them is of E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been given a lot of different in different parts of the world and are called by various names such as e-hookahs, vapes, mods, pen cigarettes, etc. E-cigarettes are available in a wide variety as they are readily available in the different types of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

Basically, an E-cigarette is an electronic device that gives you the same feel of smoking tobacco using non-combustible products made up of tobacco. Traditional cigarettes produce smoke that the consumer inhales, but E-cigarettes produce vapor by heating the liquid already present in the e-cigarette. It is irrefutable that vape, E-cigarettes, E-hookahs are quite popular among the youth nowadays, but still, there are various unknown facts about E-cigarettes, and people have limited knowledge about this new electronic way of tobacco smoking. There are some things about E-cigarettes that will surely blow your mind and will surprise you.

Most unique and surprising things about e-cigarettes that you must know

E-cigarettes have gained massive popularity in the past few years as people are looking at them as an option to quit their habit of smoking and opting for a safer way to smoke. There are various disbeliefs about E-cigarettes, and everyone should know about some important facts about it before using these modern cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are not entirely safe

It is indubitable that E-cigarettes are less harmful as compared to traditional cigarettes, but it doesn’t mean that they have not adverse effect on the health of the user. Like simple cigarettes, e-cigarettes also have various negative impacts on health and can cause severe ailments if consumes for the long term. Some of the common health-related hassles created by e-cigarettes are damaged lungs and brain, premature delivery, and issues during pregnancy and poor cardiovascular health. It has a highly dangerous impact on the baby if a pregnant woman uses an e-cigarette. Most people shift from smoked cigarettes to e-cigarettes as they believe that it is completely safe, which a clear myth is.

It gives birth to addiction

Addiction is an alarming issue nowadays, especially in the youth, as they gain addictive habits, which are quite challenging to eradicate. One of the significant causes of addiction is nicotine, and E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which increases the risk of getting clutched into a vicious circle of addiction. More you use nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, the higher urge you will have to consume other nicotine-based products, and soon you will find yourself in the clutch of dangerous drug addiction.

It helps in no way to quit smoking

A handsome amount of people use e-cigarettes as a substitute for traditional cigarettes, and many of them believe that it helps to quit smoking, but there is no proof that e-cigarettes help quit smoking. The primary cause of addiction is nicotine, which is also present in e-cigarettes, so it cannot be said that e-cigarettes help in reducing the habit of smoking. In fact, opting for e-cigarettes with an aim to quit smoking can kick back hard and can make it worse for you by increasing the level of addiction.

E-cigarettes have adverse impacts on the brain and other body parts

Few people are aware of the fact that e-cigarettes have highly negative impacts on the development of the brain and hinder the proper functioning of the body. The presence of nicotine not only increases the risk of irreversible addiction but also affects brain development and functioning of other body parts adversely. The effects are more severe and dangerous in young people as their body is in the stage of development as a developing body is more vulnerable and get more harm from addictive substances such as nicotine. It leads to different mental and physical issues in life further ahead.

It involves some detrimental chemicals

No matter how much the e-cigarettes manufacturers defend themselves, it cannot be unseen that e-cigarettes involve various harmful and noxious chemicals that harm our body and mind in various ways. The liquid used in e-cigarettes contains different chemicals that are quite hazardous and can cause some serious health issues. Some of the life-taking toxic chemicals used in e-cigarettes are acrolein, acetone, acetaldehyde, etc. However, the amount of these toxic substances in e-cigarettes is far less than traditional cigarettes. However, still, it has a lot of harmful impacts on the mind and body of the consumer.

Nothing is burnt while using e-cigarettes

One of the best and most unique things about e-cigarettes is that nothing actually burns while using e-cigarettes, and you don’t even require any kind of lighter or matchstick to burn them as there is nothing in e-cigarettes that needs to be lit. The smoke in e-cigarettes is produced by heating the liquid present in there by using power from the batteries. Some e-cigarettes have an identical design to the traditional cigarettes to give the users a somewhat same feel of smoking a real cigarette. Nothing burns in e-cigarettes as the liquid is heated to produce vapor, and that’s all.

You can reuse e-cigarettes

Usually, traditional cigarettes cannot be used more than once as they are burnt into smoke, but one of the most unique and astonishing things about e-cigarettes is that they can be reused if proper instruction and guidelines are followed. You can use these cigarettes more than once easily by keeping proper maintenance. It runs on battery, so if you keep it charged and take proper care of it, you can easily use them multiple times. Some e-cigarettes are even rechargeable, and some come with additional cartridges, which makes it easy for the users to use them for a number of times without any difficulty.

It does produce second-hand smoke or vapor

Second-hand smoke is as dangerous as the smoke inhaled by the first person. Some people believe that e-cigarettes produce no second-hand smoke, but the truth is that it does produce second-hand smoke, but it is far less harmful as compared to smoke produced by traditional cigarettes.

It deteriorates the health of your lungs

It is a well-known fact that cigarettes lead to some severe lung problems, but it is less known that e-cigarettes are also as dangerous as simple cigarettes and have an adverse impact on your lungs. The producers claim that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to cigarettes, but there is no proof that e-cigarettes have no negative on the health of the lungs of the consumer.

Less consistency over products like e-cigarettes

There are quite fewer regulations over e-cigarette around the world, which makes it a more alarming issue as it increases the risks related to using these modern cigarettes. There are few rules and regulations that control the use and supply of e-cigarettes around the world, which makes it a risky decision to use these cigarettes as there is no assured that the ingredients used in them are safe.

No certificate from FDA

FDA is the major institution of the USA which certifies and approves different food items, which is a guarantee that the product is safe to consume, but very few people know that e-cigarettes are not approved by FDA, which means there is no proof or guarantee that these cigarettes are safe to use.

DOTA 2 Heros: Lich & Spirit Breaker

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular games these days, with millions of players joining the game daily it is really important for all the beginners to learn about the different heroes and strategies that they can follow in order to win a game. Although there are DOTA 2 mmr boost services that new players can opt for in order to get a headstart as they play the game and if they want to avoid the hassle that they go through in order to level up their heroes.

Although, one of the most important things that you should keep in mind as you play DOTA 2 is the selection of your hero according to your game style. In order to do so, you need to learn about the best heroes that are there in this game.

  • LICH

Lich is one of the coolest looking characters of this game. You get a character with a blue skull and the power of frost for attack and defense. This hero is a traditional support hero that you can use to provide support to your teammates. Moreover, this character also unlocks his special move i.e. Chain Frost that you can use to attack hoards of enemies and deal hefty damage to all of them at once.

Here are the top 5 moves of this character that you should know about:

A. Frost Blast

This is a handy move that you can use in order to attack your opponents and slow down their movement for a limited time of 4 seconds. Moreover, as you deal with low-level enemies you can even kill them using this move. With its low cooldown time, you should use this move as much as possible.

B. Frost Shield

This is a handy move that you can use in order to protect your allies from enemy attacks for about 6 seconds. While the shield is ON, it also sends an attacking pulse that reduces the movement speed of the enemies within the range.

C. Sinister Gaze

Another really amazing ability that you get with this hero. As an enemy gets within the attack radius of this spell, their mana is sucked out of them quickly over time. This will help your attack team to launch their attacks without any worry.

D. Chain Frost

Once you upgrade your Lich to level 6 you get this amazing ability that you can use to attack the enemy troops in a single go. Moreover, this attack will reduce their speed as well allowing your allies to attack relentlessly.

You can also use Lich with Magic Wand, Boots of Speed, Bracer, Ather lense, gimmer cape, and Force staff in order to increase its defense and attacking power in the game.

If you want to try some other hero beside Lich, then you have Witch Doctor and Lion that are equally good when it comes to attacking, defense, and support.


Spirit Breaker

A rampaging cow that is full of raw power. Spirit breaker is a hero that you can use to attack your enemies head-on. Since this hero is capable of attacking enemies without support items as well, you can use it in off lane at positing 4 to kill enemies and even other heroes instantly.

A. Charge Of Darkness

This a full-on attacking move that you can use to attack the enemies charging at you. With its high damage, you can easily kill off decent enemies and send them to their afterlife.

B. Bulldoze

This is a move that you can activate as you charge towards an enemy. This will provide you resistance to all enemy attacks along with increased speed so that you can attack an enemy without any problem.

C. Greater Bash is a passive move that is always on.

With the help of this move, you can attack your enemy and stun them as well as get a boost in your movement speed that will help you in increasing your damage as well.

D. Nether Strike

This is the ultimate move of Spirit breaker that you can use to attack heroes and high-level enemies. This attack deals additional damage and knockback to your enemies.

There are various items that you can pair with Spirit Breaker are Orb of Venom, Bracer, Boots of Speed, Spirit Vessel, and Blade Mail to stomp on your enemies and deal heavy damage to them.

Bounty Hunter and Undying are two enemies that you can use as a replacement to Spirit Breaker. You get impressive attacking powers and HP that will surely help you with your plan.


Worried About Thinning Hair? Vitamins Can Help

As most people get older they experience hair loss. Sometimes this is hereditary, but this might not always be the problem. The reason in some cases is not enough of the vitamins that promote hair growth. These people are not receiving enough vitamin B supplements. This vitamin contains B3 niacin. It is very important for hair growth. Another very important vitamin is B6. It contains several nutrients : magnesium, zinc, sulfur, and biotin. Without the correct amount of these vitamins the human body is not able to grow hair as well. As we get older we need these vitamins to help avoid hair loss and balding.

Over the years research has proven that vitamin B is very important for hair growth. This vitamin is given to the patients of the best laser hair removal in Brampton in order to provide supplement to their hair.  A great number of people do not realize this. Studies have shown that men that eat foods which are rich in vitamin B are not as likely to experience hair loss. Besides preventing hair loss, it helps to make the hair thicker and healthier.

Everyone should get the correct amount of vitamin A and eating foods that contain fatty acids, which also promotes hair growth, is good for all the body. If you consume foods containing flax seed oil, primrose, and salmon oil, which are good sources of fatty acids, you will receive a sufficient amount of vitamin A to enhance hair growth. If you are concerned about hair loss, be sure that you get enough of vitamins A and B.

To insure good blood circulation you need to take vitamin E. Every one can benefit from improved blood circulation. This vitamin also helps promote hair growth by stimulating the intake of oxygen, which promotes blood circulation, which not only helps with hair growth but also helps to carry vitamins to all areas of the body.

Have you heard of biotin? This is a vitamin also necessary for hair growth. Some types of shampoo contain this vitamin. The advantage of shampoo containing this is that each time you use it it supplies the vitamin to the root tips quickly, promoting hair growth. It is best to use the shampoo containing biotin and take the vitamins and supplements. Rice, oats, soybeans, green peas, walnuts. sunflower seeds and yeast are all excellent sources of biotin. Eating the foods or taking vitamins, or both will ensure that you are getting enough biotin.

It is always a good idea to visit your doctor before beginning any vitamin regiment. He can advise you if taking vitamins will be beneficial for you. He will also recommend the amount you can safely take. Everyone is different, there may be some vitamins and supplements you should not take. Your doctor can do tests to determine exactly what you need. This can help you be healthier and avoid problems that could arise from taking the wrong vitamins.

The Best Saline Nasal Sprays for Your Nose and Sinuses

Saline nasal sprays are often prescribed and used to help alleviate dry sinuses, crustiness, or simply as an aid to help your sinuses function well during winter dryness. Healthy cilia in the sinuses are our first line of defense against the common cold and flu’s. To function correctly these cilia require a moist environment that will help to form a pathway for the white cells, which are our first soldiers in the immune response, to reach the inhaled viruses and bacteria before they invade our respiratory tract and cause wide spread infection. Injured during a rhinoplasty procedure? Well, you no longer have to worry as there are some products that can help you.

When shopping for the best saline nasal sprays you need to try to stay away from any that might actually be addictive, cause soreness and pain, or other symptoms due to additives. The additives to steer clear of are these.

  • Thimerosal

This is a preservative that actually contains mercury. The US Public Health Service and the American Pediatrics Association have seriously questioned the safety of Thimerosal.

  • Benzalkonium Sodium

This additive has been found to be extremely addictive. Long term use will cause the nose to continue to be stuffy no matter how much you use but without the addition of the Benzalkonium Sodium the nose cannot breath at all.

This dangerous toxin has been found to actually have toxic affects to the human respiratory mucus When the cilia are exposed to this toxin over time they cease to move or function correctly which lowers your ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. Long term use has also been linked to cancer.

When shopping for a saline nasal spray try to buy natural products that contain no harmful chemicals. Here is a list of five leading saline nasal sprays that are safe for use and will ultimately aid your sinuses instead of hinder or destroy them.

  1. Ayr Saline Nasal Products

Ayr makes several saline based nasal products that are natural and safe. Their nasal mist safely washes away any substances that are sticky or causing breathing difficulty. They effectively moisturize your nasal passages.

This product can safely be used in children over the age of 6.

  • Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray

This is a natural nasal spray that has been around since the 1970’s. It is non medicated and non addictive. It is all natural.

  • Xlear Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol All Natural

This all natural nasal spray contains Xylitol which is a non addictive nasal wash. It is a nasal wash and moisturizer. This product can be purchased online or at most leading health food stores.

  • Naturade Nasal Spray

This is a natural saline nasal spray that has aloe to sooth. It is gentle enough to use on babies and small children.

  • Heel Euphorbium Sinus Relief Nasal Spray

This product is all natural. It is sold online and at most major health food stores. It is all natural and safe to use even on infants.

India Almost Crashes Out of T20 World Cup

India, the global driver of Cricket, is facing prospects o early exit from the ongoing T20 World Cup in West Indies. It has lost both its Super 8 league matches and must now beat Sri Lanka by a margin of 20 runs and also pray that Australia beats West Indies by a wide margin in their last Super 8 match.

Although Australia can be expected to beat West Indies comfortably on current for but beating Sri Lanka by 20 runs in a T20 game sounds pretty tough. And that too by a team which is low on morale and is afraid of playing bouncing deliveries.

While teams like Australia and West Indies were making strategies to neutralize Indian batting, our players were diving on fields to impress their IPL Franchise bosses. At night, there were no meetings for upcoming T20 World Cup. Instead, it was ‘wine and dance’ with pretty girls at night parties called ‘IPL Nights’. The board members of BCCI were busy slinging mud at each other and ‘caring a damn’ about the upcoming T20 World Cup.

The players on injury list were trying their level-best to hide their injuries as to not miss a single game of highly lucrative IPL while as soon as IPL was getting over, they were the first one to opt out of T20 World cup. Case in point, Virendar Sehwag, who suddenly realized that his shoulder needed some attention.

The same players who were diving on field to save a single run, seemed least bothered to run after a ball racing towards boundary for a four in T20 World Cup. The same Captain Dhoni who seemed so glum at losing IPL League matches looked ‘least hurt’ even after being ‘almost kicked out’ of T20 World Cup. He is already talking of ‘consolation victory’ against Sri Lanka. Someone should ask him ‘consolation!’ for whom. Indian fans are not going to be ‘consoled’ with a meaningless victory. The Indian fan is not bothered by the fact that its team lost, it is bothered that the team lost ‘even without trying’.

Looking at the drama during IPL and fate of Indian team in T20 World Cup, I believe that Indian Government should dissolve the BCCI and take over Indian Cricket Board under its fold and the ipl 2020 schedule has cleared that players that are performing new in the upcoming leagues will be the eleventh player in the team and they will be given an chance to play in the match and if the team sponsor loves their performance they will the opening batsman. The players wanting to play for India in prestigious events like T20 World Cup should be given the choice to play either for their ‘respective franchises’ OR the country. It has been proved ‘twice’ in succession that our players lack the ‘skill and stamina’ to give their best to both.

We will know weather its ‘love for the game’ or ‘love for the country’ or plain ‘love for money’ which drives our cricketers. At least, we will then be able to search for at least ‘the eleven men’ from this country of ‘one billion plus’ who will want to play only for India. Those men who will look forward to ‘national anthem’ and ‘unfurling of National Flag’ after the game rather than ridiculous partying called ‘IPL Nights’.

Loss Leader: Leverage Promotional Product Advertising with a Loss-Leader

Have you considered implementing promotional product advertising to attract more customers and increase profits? Here’s a pricing strategy that might seem radical at first, but upon closer inspection turns out to be a savvy marketing technique. Consider forgoing a profit on a popular product or service that you offer.

What item keeps your customers coming back for more? What would happen if you offered that item at or below cost?

Consider Gillette. Gillette sells their razors below cost. They have run numerous promotions giving razors away for free. In fact, I recently received a free Gillette razor in the mail. Gillette makes no money from their razor sales. But they make plenty of money selling the blades.

A loss leader is an item that is sold below cost in an effort to stimulate other profitable sales. It’s an excellent way to fully leverage your marketing. What product or service could you offer at a ridiculously low price knowing that when your customers decide to purchase the inexpensive item they will often also purchase other, profit generating items?

I am not suggesting that you compete on price. Competing on price is a strategy that should be left to the commodities folks. Reducing your margins across the board to a lower level than your competition will result in you being a former business owner.

By using a loss leader the objective is to diminish the barrier to entry for your potential customers. Once those barriers are taken away, people are more willing to purchase from you. They are willing to purchase the loss leader and often willing to purchase your higher margin offerings.

Think about dollar menus at fast food restaurants. These restaurants forgo normal profits on dollar menu items knowing that people will tend to also purchase food from the regular menu.

Movie theaters tend not to make any profit on ticket sales. But they make up for it, and then some, with their food sales.

Convenience stores are happy to provide low margin gasoline because lots of gas purchasers also enter the store and buy other items.

My favorite example of a loss leader is convenience stores that offer free ATMs. Customers who don’t want their bank accounts pillaged by fee-hungry businesses use these ATMs to withdraw cash. And then they attempt to walk back through the store towards the exit with wallets full of newly obtained crisp bills burning holes in their pockets.

Did you ever wonder why these ATMs are never in the front of the store? It is so you have to walk past all of the candy, soda, cookies, and other high margin items for sale. Many people cannot escape the store without making a purchase.

Implement promotional product advertising using this pricing strategy and leverage the marketing power of a loss leader.

It is better to make a list of top ten sales tracking software tools so as to keep track on your sales and keep them at your fingertips as it will serve as the first step to advertising your product and making it known all over the place.