Top 3 heat press machines of this year

Top 3 heat press machines of this year

Are you looking to buy a powerful heat press device this time? Well, it could be that you are all set to launch your own printing business and you need a modern solution here. A heat press device is anyday a way smarter choice compared to traditional silk printing setups. It’s more economical, more advanced and also more versatile and faster. Now, there is no dearth of heat press printing devices in the market today, thanks to the growing popularity of heat press service. But, then, not all would be equally compatible for you. Thus, it’s better you check out heat press machine reviews beforehand so that you can find out the safest and most suitable option for you. The post below offers a brief on the topmost heat press devices of the year.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality 15 x 15” Digital Sublimation heat press

Boasting stellar reviews, this PowerPress heat press device is one of the best ones in the current market today. It is compatible with high temperature (up till 500 degrees F) which enables it to handle professional projects easily.

One of the best things about the machine is its adjustable pressure settings that allow one to apply customized pressure as per the specific needs of the item that would be printed upon. This way, you can prevent unwanted accidents resulting from uncontrolled pressure. 

Next, the machine features a big 15”x15” platen which promises more than sufficient working surface. If you are planning to run an artwork printing business, you will have to cater to all sizes of orders. This machine will be excellent to help you to cater to extra large orders as well. The machine even carries a stopwatch which prevents overexposure of items that are printed. 

Mention must be made of silicone gel board located at bottom side of the machine. It helps to boost stability of the machine and makes the whole operation easier. 

Top features

  • Customizable pressure settings
  • Includes coated sheet
  • Large working surface
  • Silicone gel board assures better stability

Mophorn 5-in-1 Heat Press Sublimation Multifunction Heat Press machine

You have an advanced all-in-one heat press device here that can produce attractive designs on a large number of surfaces. From tees to coasters to mouse pads to mugs, it can work on all these and many more. You will certainly appreciate its sturdy build that promises excellent durability for years. The machine is backed by completely welded strong steel framework which makes it solid and also scratch resistant.

The Mophron platen measures 12” by 15” which makes it adequate enough to hold a great bunch of stuff for printing. As it’s a 5-in-1 setup, it carries additional attachments which allow printing even on those surfaces that are not accommodated by regular heat transfer devices.  These extra yet functional attachments include 2 plate presses, mug press and hat press. In case, you want your printing business to cater to diverse range of items, you should count on this Mophorn beauty. 

Besides, mention must be made of the advanced swing-away design of the machine which assures safe and convenient operation always. Then yes, users have offered rave reviews for the intelligent time and temperature control settings of the device. 

The Mophron device arrives in entirely assembled form so that users can start to run it immediately. 

Top features

  • Commercial-grade, durable and highly sophisticated machine
  • Versatile machine able to print on diverse range of items
  • State-of-the-art swing-away design
  • Customizable multi-spring balancer
  • Easy time and temperature control
  • Includes removable cotton and silicone pads

Promo Heat sublimation 15” by 15” heat press machine

If you are looking for an easily operable and flexible option, this Promo Heat machine will be the ideal thing for you. It allows printing on almost virtually anything, ranging from tees to license plates. 

You will be glad to know the machine has been designed with user-safety in mind. It carries a cutting-edge Digital LCD pressure and timer display that allows users to preset ideal time and temperature for various materials, as per requirements. Besides, you will find a handy audible alarm which will beep once the machine reaches the desired time. This way, the machine prevents risks of accidents that might occur due to uncontrolled temperature during printing.  

The machine focuses on user-comfort as well. It carries parallel arm-handle equipped with a nifty ergonomic  foam-based grip. The ergonomic design works to lessen handle flex while a user is closing or opening the machine. This particular feature definitely deserves a special mention here as you won’t the ergonomic design in most other heat press devices. 

Another unique aspect of the machine is surely its Teflon coating which prevents scorching during printing. 

Top features

  • Huge heating plate
  • Compatible with temperatures up till 750 degree F
  • Digital LCD temperature and timer display
  • Teflon coating
  • Ergonomic design

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