The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Holistic Dog Food

The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Holistic Dog Food

The Bulk of pet owners haven’t taken the time to research the benefits of feeding their pets Holistic Dog food. Even though the price is about $1.20 per pound, the additional benefits will actually be worth a whole lot more in the long run. How is this possible you ask?

You will realize your first major savings simple due to the fact that your pet will consume less food because the holistic dog food is all-natural with no fillers or by products. This means that your pet will consume 20 – 40 % less food than normal. Through the holistic food, there will be less residue of dog. It is advisable to the person to feed low residue dog food for good health. 

After further consideration it will also become apparent that the extra cost will more than pay for itself with the additional savings that will be realized due to the fact that you will not have to make as many trips to the Vet as you have in times past. The # 1 reason that owners take their pets to the Vet is because of complications due to allergies from pet food. These same allergies have been known to lead to more serious chronic conditions, which require careful treatment.

Some other symptoms that have been known to result from common pet foods include bodily eruptions, inflamed ears, digestive upsets inflammation of the toes, an irritated anus, which causes them to lick themselves or drag their rear on the floor or ground. Feeding your pet an all-natural Holistic Dog Food will greatly cut down on the physical and mental speed of premature aging in your pets, which is often linked to a lifetime of poor nutrition. Some other conditions that holistic dog foods have been known to help are heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, skin problems, bowel problems and diabetes.

Studies have also been conducted which have proven that as humans and pets eat unsuitable food, they age or dissolve away while making them more prone to disease. This often leads to very high Veterinary bills.

At this point you may be asking yourself why hasn’t my Vet recommended a diet change yet for my pet? Well the simple truth is that most Vets receive little to no education in Vet school about other types of nutrition other than what the commercial pet food company reps tell them! And needless to say most vets make a lot of money by marketing the same pet foods that they were taught about in Vet school.

Pets are also more susceptible to a variety of diseases and sicknesses due to a weakened or compromised immune system when on a standardized diet. Many times they have been known to have trouble resisting many of the following complications: allergies, recurrent bacterial infections and viruses, cancer  amp; leukemia, frequent colds or flu, slow wound healing, frequent injury, respiratory inflammations, diabetes, frequent vet visits for minor ailments, fungal disease and parasites or mange.

Many pet owners are coming to the realization that a better understanding of preventative care is vital for animals, just as it is for humans. Pets have emotions, attitudes and personalities just like as we do. By feeding your pet Holistic Dog Food or a properly prepared homemade raw diet, you are actually boosting your pet’s natural immune defenses while improving its health and increasing it’s overall nutrition and adding years to its life expectancy.

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