Renting a Motorhome – Tips for Choosing the Right Home on Wheels

Renting a Motorhome – Tips for Choosing the Right Home on Wheels

Whether you are planning an exciting vacation for the family, seeking a comfortable way to move cross-country, looking for a temporary office, or planning a base of operations for a special event, a motorhome rental can be a wonderful experience if you take the right steps in choosing a vehicle and rental company. Getting from the dream stage, to having that set of keys in your hand, isn’t as hard as you might think.

A great first step in planning your RV rental is to get online, or pick up the phone, and do a little research. Gather as much knowledge as you can about motorhome rentals. Learn about the different types of vehicles offered, what amenities each vehicle offers, and what different companies are out there. What’s included and what’s not? What are the rules of the road? What’s in the “fine print?” Are there any online customer reviews? Think about your needs and try to narrow down in your mind a few possible vehicles and companies that might be just right.

There are many great motorhome rental websites out there. However, even though you can book a motorhome online, you should definitely try and visit the rental location. You don’t want to arrange a motorhome rental sight unseen. Renting a “home on wheels” is a big undertaking, and it’s important that you get inside the vehicle, stretch-out, and gain a real feel for what your experience will be like. This is the time to ask some all-important questions about the rental process and the rules. Plus, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions, too. Different features of the motor house will be available at sell my motorhome fast for the potential survivors. There will be inbuilt kitchens and toilets in the motor homes for comfort to the person. 

How many people can safely and comfortably be accommodated in the motorhome? Are you planning to sleep in the RV, or just travel in it? Are there any places you are not permitted to take the vehicle? Are there any special requirements for driving it? If you’re planning to travel during extreme weather, is the motorhome properly outfitted? What insurance coverage is available to you? Is any coverage included in the rental cost? Will you be allowed to tow your vehicle? Is there an additional charge for this? Are your pets allowed in the RV? Is there a mileage charge? What are your responsibilities regarding damage and maintenance? And most importantly, will you be comfortable driving this vehicle?

Do share with your rental agent exactly what you plan to do with the vehicle. He or she may have some great money-saving suggestions and other tips. Be sure to ask if the rental company has any affiliations with campgrounds at your destination, and don’t hesitate to inquire about any special offers. The RV rental business is anxious to have you as a customer, and will try to help you save if they can.

You’re ready to enjoy the splendors of traveling the open highway in your very own rental motorhome! Happy travels!

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