Planning a Barbie Theme Birthday Party

Planning a Barbie Theme Birthday Party

Is a Barbie Birthday Party ideal for your daughter? If she loves Barbie and is in the four to seven year old age range, the answer may be yes. In contrast to the play trends of a few decades back, it seems that children today start to play with Barbie dolls at a younger age and abandon Barbie play earlier.

So how do you translate a love of all things Barbie into a birthday party theme? A good place to start is the official Barbie website. This website may give you some inspirations for a Barbie Birthday Party. It shows the varied personas of Barbie. The “plan a party” link describes Barbie party supplies- cakes, paper goods and balloons- and identifies retail outlets where they are sold.

The secret to planning a successful Barbie Birthday Party is to remember all those Barbie personas. Barbie is at once a princess and a career woman. She is both a glamor girl and a sporty girl. Barbie is “every girl” and is associated with diverse activities. So a Barbie Birthday Party can be based on most any theme: Barbie at the beach, Barbie on the fashion show runway, Barbie travels, Barbie dances… create a Barbie Birthday Party theme that incorporates your daughter’s passion.

Barbie Birthday Party Invitations

To make a homemade Barbie Birthday Party invitation, cut out a piece of poster board into the shape of an article of Barbie clothing or a Barbie accessory consistent with your Barbie party theme. Make it glittery or make it casual consistent with the specific Barbie Birthday Party theme chosen.

If all of the Barbie Birthday Party guests have Barbie dolls, invite “[Child name] and Barbie” to the party. At the party, the girls can play with their Barbie dolls.

Barbie Birthday Party Decorations

Choose decorations consistent with your specific Barbie Birthday Party theme – beach decorations for Barbie at the beach, for example, or masking tape lines on the floor to create a runway with glam clothing hung alongside it for a Barbie fashion show runway birthday party.

You can bet your life that if the theme involves Barbie, then all the little girls will flock over in large numbers and take part in the competition as you cannot imagine a little girl without a Barbie doll clutched in her hand as they simply cannot live without it at that age so the arrangements have to be of the highest order. The theme shouldn’t be any caricature Singapore model that fizzles out with artificial products being used for the venture otherwise no one will like it.

Barbie Birthday Party Activity

At the Barbie Birthday Party, plan a game of Zany Barbie.

Create a large poster board cutout of a Barbie Doll (without clothing) for this Barbie Birthday Party game. Make several articles of clothing and accessories that Barbie could wear from poster board. It is important that these be varied. Decorate the articles of clothing and accessories. Affix a piece of double sided tape to the back of each article of clothing or accessory.

Make a spinner by cutting a circle and an arrow from poster board. Draw pie segments on the circle. Use a brass fastener to secure the arrow to the center of the circle. Keeping the fastener loose will allow the arrow to spin. Write the name of a type of clothing or accessory on each pie segment- for example, necklace, shoes, blouse.

Each guest in turn at the Barbie Birthday Party spins the spinner. She will choose an article of clothing or an accessory that fits the category and place it on Barbie. The goal is to create silly outfits- the zanier, the better.

For a Barbie Birthday Party craft, make Barbie and Me Bead Necklaces. This birthday party craft requires beads and elastic. For a glamorous theme Barbie Birthday Party choosing fancy beads; for a more casual theme Barbie Birthday, choose a casual style bead. Each birthday party guest will make 2 necklaces, one for herself and one for her Barbie doll. To make the necklaces cut a length of elastic long enough to hang to the desired finished length with extra measure for tying. (Precut the elastic before the Barbie Birthday Party.) Place a paper clip on one end to keep beads from falling off during the stringing process. Have each birthday party guest string matching beads on both her own and her doll’s necklace. Have an adult tie the elastic into a knot and cut any excess elastic.

Barbie Birthday Party Cake

It’s virtually obligatory at a Barbie Birthday Party to have a Barbie doll birthday cake. There are ordering instructions for Barbie dolls cakes at the official Barbie website.

Alternatively, make a Barbie doll cake for the Barbie Birthday party. To do this, you will need a Barbie doll with a blouse that will match the cake decoration. The cake will be the Barbie skirt. Recipes and photos of Barbie doll cakes can be found here.

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