Everything You Need to Know about 5th Wall in Interior Design

Everything You Need to Know about 5th Wall in Interior Design

If you have visited Sistine Chapel or the house for a family of eight in Lutherville, Md, you certainly noticed how beautiful their ceilings are. This is known as statement ceiling. This type of ceiling design demands people to look up. With its interesting and fascinating design and style, it is irresistible not to look up and stare at the beautiful creative creation. Basically, statement ceiling is described as a ceiling that has been given extra attention. The main purpose of this ceiling design is to provide focal point of a room. Since the ceiling is the largest part of the room, it shows huge impact on how people are going to feel the space. In the realm of interior design, statement ceiling or also known as the 5th wall is an important aspect of the overall appearance of a room. Hence, when designers and architects work on a certain project, they always make sure that they give extra attention and consideration to the ceiling. So if you would like to design the ceiling of your room or your house, this article will help you with these tips on how to maximize a ceiling’s potential.


One of the easiest and best ways to enhance your ceiling is through wallpaper. Aside from the fact that it is very easy to execute and place on your ceiling, it is also the cheapest. You can also choose from wide variety of styles and designs of your own preference because the market has got it all for you. According to experts, wallpaper is ideal for powder rooms because their small size doesn’t require great impact. To add more texture and style, you can also do contrast wallpaper on the ceiling. For more amazing design, you can check on dale podotactile


If you want to put an extra effort on your ceiling, molding can be the best method for you. This style of ceiling can deliver a timeless appearance and beams or planks. It can also add some character that can complement a lot of various styles and design. You can choose to reduce some skylights to make the room symmetrical. It is also advisable to take out Hugh peak and put some flat section to the ceiling. This will make your room to appear more intimate and textural. Molding also shows the value of natural style.


Another way to enhance the appearance of your ceiling is through painting. It is commonly used method because it is easier and more convenient just like wallpaper. The good thing about painted ceilings is that you can choose any color that you prefer for your room considering that it will match your room’s interior design. Painting method for statement ceilings is also ideal for power rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms. According to some interior designers, without the color of the ceiling, the entire room might be mundane and predictable. Hence, adding high gloss colors can provide contrast and accent.

Customized Materials and design

If you have extra budget and really interested in providing quality and eye catching ceiling in your room, you can hire an interior designer and have your preferred design, style with the right materials that you want to be placed on the ceiling. The good thing about this method is that it will give you the freedom to choose the style and design that you want. You can mix match colors, put some accent that will match your room and will give you an option towards the color and shade of the ceiling that you prefer.

Generally, in today’s interior design aspect, ceiling plays a vital role in the overall success and appearance of the room. Some of the experts suggest that for those who are downright fearful or hesitant of channeling their inner Michael Angelo, they should paint their trim and their ceiling the same color as their walls. For example, if you have gray walls, then you should not call attention to the ceiling and trim but just make this wonderful by using flat paint on the walls and add a semi-gloss touch finish. With this, you can achieve a statement ceiling that is irresistible to look up to. 

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