Simple Traning Program For Fast Weight Loss Among Women

Simple Traning Program For Fast Weight Loss Among Women

Coolsculpting is a new solution for taking fats away from your body immediately. Freeze Fat Away with CoolSculpting in New Jersey today, and see stunning results. But if you want solutions you can do at home, fast fat program is for you. 

Fast fat loss for women is very achievable with a certain kind of strength training program. I’m a certified personal trainer. 

Foundation of fast fat loss for women: Lift heavy weights. 

Definition of heavy: Not based on the numerical value of the dumbbell, barbell or machine stack. It is based on effort level. 

There are three effort levels: challenging, difficult, and straining. For what would be considered “heavy” for your unique abilities, you should aim for the “difficult” and “straining” categories for most of your routines – if fast fat loss is your goal. 



For fast fat loss, women must get used to the idea of straining a little, but not killing themselves. 

A little straining is perfectly okay for a woman, especially a woman who seeks fast fat loss. But not every set must be straining. Most should be difficult. 

The difference between difficult and straining is that with straining, you find yourself wanting to grunt or groan, if you already haven’t, and you complete the rep even though you thought you wouldn’t. Ummmphis what it takes to complete the rep, and it’s so tough that you must concentrate to maintain proper form. 

Women will experience fast fat loss with a heavy strength training program. 

This is because heavy weight lifting will create a fast fat loss hormonal environment inside your body. For fast fat loss, a strength training program is as follows: 

Type of exercises: “Compound” should be most of them. Compounds work more than one joint. These include deadlifts, any kind of squats or lunges, leg presses, lat pull-downs, rows, and any kind of chest presses. 



Frequency, number of sets: Each strength training workout is about 45 minutes, three times a week. Number of sets can be three to five per compound routine. Triceps and biceps isolating exercises are not necessary; these muscles will get hit from the back and chest routines. 

Number of reps: 8-12. If you’re already doing this, and have had minimal weight reduction, the resistance is not heavy enough. Increase the resistance if your current routines are compound. You should be straining for the last few reps, or experiencing difficulty on the last few reps, of each set. 

Rest in between: 60 seconds! This may necessitate reducing the resistance in order to achieve 8-12 reps. On any given set, if you can do more than 12 or 13, the resistance isn’t heavy enough. 

Don’t give up on fast fat loss, women! There’s nothing as sweet as easily slipping on size 8 pants in the fitting room and gloating at the mirror! Fast fat loss is within your reach! To learn exactly why lifting heavy weights promotes fast fat loss (it’s really fascinating how it works!), click on this article. 

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