Dressing to Impress Your Boss’s Boss

Dressing to Impress Your Boss’s Boss

One day last year, in my eighth month of pregnancy, I received word that my boss’s boss was going to be in the office the following day. At that point, I was wearing the most comfortable clothes possible (whether they qualified as business casual or not) and sneakers every day. Although my boss didn’t say anything to me, I decided to try to dress to impress for at least this one day. After all, my appearance reflects on my boss.

I went out that night and bought a nice pair of maternity dress slacks and a beautiful top that wasn’t maternity but stretched in all the right places. On my home, I stopped at a local shoe store to pick up a pair of low heels. I tried on a several pairs before finding that my feet were one and a half sizes larger than they used to be! I was horrified and felt like big foot, but I bought the shoes, took them home, and put them in my bag for the next day.

The morning of the important day, I got all dressed up, put on makeup, did my hair, and headed out the door with my shoes in my tote. Since I take the bus to work, I didn’t want to be schlepping all my stuff in heels, however low they might’ve been. When I got to work, I waited until the receptionist announced our visitor’s arrival to put on the shoes. Then I stood up to go to my boss’s office, and took a step forward. The only problem was that my shoe didn’t take the step with me! I slid my foot back into the shoe and realized that I had made a grave mistake in shopping at the end of a busy day. I hadn’t taken into account that my feet were swollen from running around the whole day, and now that they were back to their regular size, I was wearing some very nice clown shoes!

Since I had no choice but to continue wearing them, I scrunched up my toes and dragged my feet into my boss’s office. After his boss retired to the visitor office, my boss complimented my appearance and asked why I was shuffling about instead of using my normal stride. I closed his door and explained what had happened. It’s a good thing that I had closed the door, because my boss’s laughter could’ve shaken down the building. The only plus of the entire episode was that our visitor remained blissfully unaware of my little problem and even commented to my boss that he wished his assistant would make the effort to dress up while she was pregnant. Little did he know that I had spent the entire day in my office in my stocking-clad feet! Such problems can be avoided easily with the help of Mindinsole that provide you with best shoe soles and inserts. You can read all about it their website and buy from there as well. Moreover, there are Mindinsole reviews that you can read on their website as well.

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