Correcting Flaws with Make-Up

Correcting Flaws with Make-Up

Here is an easy how-to guide for using make-up to correct common flaws that many people which they could change. Save yourself from the cost and pain of plastic surgery by using these great tips!

Get Larger Breasts

First, find a color that is slightly darker than your natural color but not too dark to where it is obvious.

Next, using your hands, push your breasts up and outline with an angled foundation brush a v-shape where your breasts would naturally shadow if they were really that high up. Then, take the darker powder and connect the v-shape into a y-shape by powdering a line into the cleavage. Finally, take a brush with either no powder on it or a translucent setting powder on it and blend until the darker color is more even into your skin and their is no harsh lines where your skin obviously goes from light to dark.

Getting Rid Of Under Eye Circles

Begin by determining the color of your under eye circles and the color you need to cover them. For example, if your circles are purple, you need more of a yellow color to cancel them out. This can easily be done by looking at a color wheel if you need help finding the contrast color to you. Take your concealer and a small, flat brush and start creating a triangle shape on the plane of your face by creating a straight line from left to right of eye and then a line connecting from inner corner of eye straight down side of nose. Next, connect that to the outer corner of the eye to close the triangle shape and fill in. I begin by using a lighter yellow color and then going over with a warmer color. I highly recommend using Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage concealer because it comes with a lighter and matching darker color which is perfect for this. Finally, finish by setting with your favorite daily powder.

Get Fuller Lips

Begin by drawing a lip line slightly larger than your natural lip line with a good lip liner. When doing this, be careful not to overdraw the line, you just want to go slightly out of the normal lip line. Next, slightly blend the lip liner into the center of mouth. I recommend using a slightly dark pink/rosey lip liner such as Rosewood 2c by Make Up Forever. A good, definitive lip line is essential for setting the base for a full lip. When finding a shade of lipstick or lipgloss to use, remember that light colors highlight and give the effect of a larger appearance. I recommend using a shade like Myth or Pretty Please by MAC. After applying a nude or light pink shade of lipstick, go over with a light shade of lip gloss to get the big, pouty lip look. For an even more dramatic look, you can use a plumping gloss. For plumping glosses, I recommend Lip Venom by DuWop which is available for $16.00 at Sephora or online. Another great, but more expensive, plumper is LipFusion XL which is available for $50.00 at Sephora or online.

Slenderizing The Nose

You can use your fingers to apply the make-up, but i recommend using a small art brush from a craft store or a thin, flat brush. First, find a shade of concealer a few shades darker than your regular skin tone. Next, draw a straight line from the inner corner of the eye straight down along the sides of the nose and a little onto the nostrils on the sides and slightly shade the angles around the front of the nostrils in the shape of a v. Finally,

use a sponge to buff the lines and make them less harsh, and then cover with powder to set. This process can also be done using a thin concealer pencil instead of using a brush.

Getting Rid Of A Double Chin

Begin by choosing a concealer a few shades darker than your regular skin tone. Next, start drawing right under the chin and create a triangle shape. Then, blend towards the jawline, working along sides of neck and up sides of the jawline. Finally, blend an “L” shape along side of ear connecting to your jawline.The key to this is creating the appearance of a dark shadow under the chin to define the jaw and diminish the appearance of any added fat or skin. Buff the concealer with a sponge to blend in more evenly and finish by setting with a dark powder.

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