7 Best Android Games You Can Play on PC

7 Best Android Games You Can Play on PC

Video games have been around for a long time and their popularity has always remained high. Video games are for people of all ages and genders. They can surely help a person get lost in the gaming world, away from the hectic, stressful life, for a while. Nowadays, many people play games on their mobiles itself but the sheer excitement and experience of playing on a PC are unparalleled. If you like a game that you have been playing on your smartphone, chances are that some of these Android mobile games are available on PC as well.

Are you looking for a list of new, exciting games to play this year? Here is a list of the best Android games of 2020 which can be played on PC:

  • Boris and The Dark Survival

If you’re familiar with Bendy and the Ink Machine, then you must know Boris, his friendly wolf companion. This is a survival horror film and you will aim to help Boris and yourself stay safe from the Ink Demon. Look for food aids, items to help you ahead in the game and discover mysteries and secrets which will aid you unlock further levels. It’s a fun-filled game that will also give you chills down your spine.

  • Rest in Pieces

This is a game of survival and wit. In this game, your character is a porcelain doll and it is hanging from a rope. You will aim to swing from side to side and make sure that you don’t smash to pieces on the sides. The game is easy to understand but it takes a lot of practice to get a grip on the movement. As you swing and survive, you will be saving souls on the way which will help you gain more points.

  • Exploding Kittens

No, the game is not as horrible as it sounds. This is a fun-filled card game where you have to use your wit and try your luck. You can play in multiplayer or single-player mode. The deck is full of cards that are quirky and bizarre and overall, it’s just a lot of fun.

  • The Room – Old Sins-

This is a very detailed and interesting mystery-themed game. The puzzle game series called The Room has launched its newest (4th) new version of their creepy and twisted puzzles. The story starts when a couple disappears in an old manor and there is a puzzle box in the attic. This series is not connected to the previous versions so you can start afresh from Old Sins itself. You need to be alert and observant in this game and uncover secrets and hidden devices to go forward. The eerie look of the whole game really brings out the creep factor.

  • War and Order-

This is another amazing Android game which you would love to play on your PC. War and Order PC is a very popular strategy game where you get to fight battles, defend your tower and build an army. The graphics are awesome and the controls are very user friendly. You can make your team or army made of 9 classes and lead your army to defend your towers and kingdom. Playing it on the computer sure provides the user with a better feel to the game.

  • Horizon Chase- 

If you are a fan of fast cars and races, then this is one game you’ll love. With classic arcade music and great graphics, the whole feel of the game is exhilarating. This game has a retro feel to it and you have to race against others on the ramp through a lane of a colourful and vibrant ramp that crosses 40 cities.

  • Into the Dead- 2

Most gamers enjoy a good old game of zombie apocalypse. If you have played the first part, then you will see that most elements are the same. Your goal is to save your family and steer clear of zombies. Pick up weapons to defend yourself and kill the zombies and you are up against some pretty nasty ones.

These are the top 7 most popular Android games of 2020 which can be played on PC. So, take your pick and let the games begin!

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