5 Reasons Why You And Your College Roommate Should Get Individual Leases

5 Reasons Why You And Your College Roommate Should Get Individual Leases

If you are about to move into dorm rooms or an apartment for college and you will be having a roommate then you should definitely not lease as one; ask the apartments/dorm hall coordinators to draw you up separate leases if it’s possible so that you can avoid the disadvantages that would come with signing up for a place with someone else. In this article I will talk about 5 of the reasons why you should make sure that this happens, that you get a separate lease agreement.

– To never be kicked out because your roommate didn’t pay

If you are going to be renting a place with someone else and you don’t get a separate lease then you are risking loosing your place of residence if your roommate fails to pay rent at any time. You will have no control over this happening and you will have to pay his/her rent if you don’t want to be evicted even if that person stays there. Make sure to avoid this by just asking to make arrangements to not have to be responsible for the whole apartment if your roommate doesn’t comply with the payments due.


– To feel like the place is part yours and part your roommates and your roommate will have no say in your part.

You should also get a lease so that you can feel a sense of ownership over the place where you’re at. You will be able to say that your apartment is at least half yours for sure and therefore you have the authority to make decisions over what goes on in there. If you’re sharing a lease then you basically have to always take into consideration what your roommate wants to do.

– To have a rental agreement that you signed and can use later on when getting another apartment

If you sign your own lease agreement and your landlord reports this to a credit bureau then you will have something to start of your credit. It will also come in handy when you decide to move; your next landlord will have your first lease agreement to backup your signature on theirs. You will most likely not have to have a cosigner anymore if you do good with your first lease.

The rental agreement may create a friction in your relationship but it is the only way that you both can have your own way as difference of opinion regarding way of living, purchases, etc. are bound to come in and that won’t have fruitful results. The lease in question should not be signed on an immediate basis as the landlord will not take it kindly and can even go the legal way so never go along that path. It is not a big project like the Parc Central Residences floor plan for you to go ahead with the rental agreement but make things sail smoothly with no room for animosity and bitterness.


– To not have to talk about how you guys are going to pay the rent

If you are not big into building a steady friendship with your roommate and you basically just want to stay out of each others way without having to talk too much then for sure make sure to get a separate lease for the two of you. If you don’t want to talk about how you’re going to pay the rent this month, who’s going to go, and other things like that then being each on your own would be the best solution.

– To avoid having tension and stress because of money with your roommate

Money is always a problem when people are living together; it doesn’t have to be though if you’re not responsible for the whole apartments rent. If avoiding tension and stress because of money for the rent is important to you then talk to your landlord and if the worst happens (you don’t get separate leases) you should consider getting a one bedroom place or looking for another place to live.

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