Wicker Patio Furniture: A Buying Guide

Wicker Patio Furniture: A Buying Guide

Wicker patio furniture is always a classic choice for a porch, sunroom and, of course, a patio!

But today’s wicker is not your grandmother’s wicker. There have been improvements in the appearance and functionality of wicker patio furniture since grandma’s day. You have the best daybeds for a deck from wicker that is highly durable and is perfect for outdoor settings. The upgrade of Wicker is not limited to its daybeds, you will find a modern touch with every wicker product that you buy. 

Wicker isn’t confined to outdoor spaces and porches anymore, either. Wicker patio furniture can bring casual comfort to a den or family room, but it can also be sophisticated and elegant in a dining or living room, too. How about creating a romantic bedroom suite with the addition of lovely wicker patio furniture to a cozy corner of the room; wouldn’t that be a welcome place to read a book, or to enjoy a glass of wine?

There are so many ways to use wicker patio furniture in the home or yard. But before you rush off to make that purchase, it would be a good idea to consider a few important factors.

Top 10 Things To Look For When Purchasing Wicker Patio Furniture:

  1. “Outdoor wicker” made from vinyl or plastic is the best choice for use outside: natural wicker patio furniture isn’t made to withstand rain and sunlight, but “outdoor wicker” is. It looks very much like natural wicker, too.
  2. Only buy fully assembled wicker patio furniture: do-it-yourself furniture won’t be as sturdy.
  3. Price effects the quality: the more expensive the wicker patio furniture is, the higher the level of quality and comfort.
  4. Tightly woven wicker: there should be no unraveling wicker fibers or gaps in the weave.
  5. Caps protecting the bottom of the legs: protective caps help your wicker last longer, and saves your floor too.
  6. Make sure chairs feel comfortable when you sit in them: try them out first, very important when purchasing a less expensive set.
  7. Check how the inside of the wicker patio furniture is made: inexpensive wicker furniture may be machine woven resin constructed on a rattan frame, while expensive wicker furniture will be handwoven resin over a powder-coated aluminum frame, making it much more durable.
  8. Make sure wicker patio furniture fits your family’s lifestyle: will the kids or the pets be too rough on a wicker set?
  9. Make sure wicker patio furniture will be strong enough to support the weight of every family member: wicker has a 200-pound limit. Expensive wicker is stronger.
  10. Purchase furniture covers to help protect your wicker patio furniture: covering your wicker prolongs its life.

Wicker patio furniture may be painted in different colors, as well as black, white or natural, and can be found in lots of styles to suit your needs. Styles include wicker table and chair sets, wicker umbrella tables with matching wicker chairs and chaise lounge, wicker bar sets with bar height stools, and even retro-inspired wicker bistro sets-so cute under a shady tree in the back yard!

Finally, check out your neighbor’s yard sale or your local discount store to discover cheap wicker pieces to mix and match. Keep an eye out for vintage wicker patio furniture which may be in need of loving care and repair; just be sure not to spend more on the repair than you did on the chair itself!

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