The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date

My husband and I met on the Internet. He absolutely hates it when I tell people that, but I feel like you should hear about the good stories along with all those horror stories out there about Internet romance.

We definitely had a whirl wind romance. We “met” on the Internet in May, he moved to where I lived in June and we were married in September. No regrets, he is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Its not like today’s short term love stories where couples meet on a dating app, go out for dinner and everything is over by the end of the date as they are unable to adjust to each others’ likes and dislikes. Thank god it was never the case with me and my better half.

The problem is we never had any “us” time. I was a single mother of one and he was a single father of two so the “us” time never happened, we were too busy with the “family” to worry about “us”.

Several years into the relationship we were attending a church that was doing “classes” on marriage and relationships and they were talking about how important it was to find time for one another, just the two of you. We just never had the time or energy to do this, when we started out two of the kids were too young for us to even think about leaving anywhere, and my son was diabetic so we couldn’t just leave them with anyone but by this time all the kids were older and we thought we should do something for us.

His oldest son was living with my husband’s ex-wife by this time and his other son was scheduled for his “mom’s weekend” that weekend, we talked to my husband’s brother about keeping my son and we proceeded to plan some “us” time.

We got dressed up, which we never did except for church, we loaded up my son and dropped him off at Uncle Loyd’s to go to the movies and we drove to a town just a few miles outside the town we lived in. There was a little Italian restaurant we had heard a lot about but never even considered going to because of cost, it was a little pricey for taking out the family, but we wanted to make this night special. We went to the restaurant and had a quiet, yes I said quiet, dinner for two which I must say was wonderful. After dinner we thought about going to the movies, but it seemed so cliche for a date to end up at the movies we came up with something else. We drove around, the town we lived in had a lot of back roads that I had never been down and since my husband had worked for the city he knew a lot of the roads and we just took a drive. He showed me all kinds of areas that were absolutely beautiful, he drove me to the top of a hill top where they had put a look out over the town with an illuminated cross at the tip of the hill, it was so beautiful, we just sat up there and looked around and spend almost an hour just talking about everything. The “date” didn’t consist of anything extraordinary but it did consist of “time”.

I know there are so many of us out there that are so caught up in life and all the Happenings around us that we forget about a very important thing in life, one another. By the time my husband and I started doing a “date” night we had been married for almost four years, the “us” time made all the difference.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to come up with the “perfect” place to go or the “perfect” thing to do for a date if you want it to go right. We didn’t do anything special, just a quiet dinner and sitting down and talking. The definition to a “perfect” date is very simple…………you and her or him. The word perfect will come from the people involved not the things involved with the people.

Find something that the two of you really enjoy and do it together. My husband and I have very little in common when it comes to our interests, he is an avid sports addict and I love theater and museums. We compromise. I go to some games with him and I sit and do my best to enjoy it and he does the same for me when we go to a musical or walk through a museum, what makes it right? Being with one another and just spending time with each other.

Time is something that we have so little of anymore with work and family, it is very important to find time for one another and make that time count. You want to find time to spend with all of those people that you love the most in your life but most importantly your spouse, this is the person that you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, the time that you have together should be made special in every way that you can.

If you want to know my opinion of the Perfect Date, for me, it is spending hours just sitting down and talking with my husband, it is sitting next to him at a basketball game and watching him smile as he is yelling for his team, it is waking up every morning and looking into his eyes and remembering our “time” together.

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