The MMO Addiction – From A Girl’s Perspective

The MMO Addiction – From A Girl’s Perspective

World of Warcraft, Runescape, Maple Story — What do these have in common? They are all massively multiplayer online role playing games (or MMORPGs) that millions of people across the globe play each day. They are also said to be very “addictive,” especially to the male players who contribute to the ever growing gamer population. Studies show that about 84% of players of World of Warcraft (most often referred to as WoW) are male, leaving only 16% of players to be female. Though the amount of females as opposed to males is rather scanty, the ones who do play find it just as addictive. But why are these games considered so addictive?

Social Opportunities

With so many MMO players around the globe, it is easy for one to find like-minded friends to play with. In these virtual worlds, age, gender, and looks aren’t as important because in the end, who will know for sure? These games provide a way for any person to be anyone and anything they want to be, which is appealing especially to the teenage crowd. Players can invite their real life friends to play and keep in touch with their new virtual friends at the same time. You can even start a guild, something like an in-game club, and invite anyone and everyone you like, gaining popularity amongst other players just by being the guild leader. Or, on the other end of the ladder, you can join a previously created one and help out other players to gain popularity that way. Either way, popularity is attractive to players male and female alike.

Virtual Reality

MMOs provide a world that may be nothing like the real world we live in today. This is very much an attraction point for the teenage crowd. Females, for example, may be in high school dealing with the constant day to day chaos of moving from class to class, going unnoticed (or sometimes worse, too well-noticed by bullying peers) through the end of the school day until they finally come home and need a place to just relax and unwind. These virtual realities experienced in MMOs can be relaxing and put the player at ease, or provide an environment that is so surreal that it could never be experienced in the real world. The player has no regrets no matter what they do inside the game, so there are unlimited opportunities.

Look and Feel

Great graphic quality is a much desired feature to hardcore MMO players, and games like World of Warcraft meet that desire. Quality graphics make the player feel like they are actually immersed in the game and better able to experience what their characters are doing. The scenery of different in-game zones may change with the phase of gameplay the player has reached. This provides versatility and new challenges for each area, sometimes with the need to have a group formed with other players to complete the tasks required to reach your next level.


Players are always looking to better their characters to be among the elites in the game. Whether it be gaining levels, getting better gear, gaining higher ranks in their respective guilds, or completing the most achievements, there are numerous ways for one to make his or her character better than someone else’s. This acquisition of superiority among players makes for a boost in ego and self esteem for male and female characters, even if they can’t obtain popular status in their current real life environment. Players with characters of the highest levels, with the best gear, high ranks in their guilds, multiple achievements reached, and mountains of gold feel like they can do just about anything. One can be on top of the world from the comfort of their own home, right behind the screen of his or her personal computer.

Character Customization

The many ways to customize the look of your character can be very appealing to girls in the MMO world. Even if the girl has self-esteem issues and lacks what is considered the “perfect body,” she can make her character look any way she wants and have those “perfect” features one could only dream of having. Not only that, but characters can be otherworldly human-like creatures, like elves, undead, or half man-half animal type characters. The idea of being something that you could not possibly be in a real world draws much attention from the female crowd.

It is easy to see why the more popular MMORPGs are so addictive once you’ve played them. It can be an escape from reality altogether, and a way to gain popularity among your peers. It can heighten one’s self esteem and boost one’s ego to be able to beat someone else in an in-game duel, to know he or she has in some way gained superiority over other players while at the same time gaining popularity with them. All these things keep players coming back, and continue to draw in more each day from across the world. You can use to improve your gaming skills as well. You can easily increase your game levels and rankings. This is an affordable service that you can even pause anytime you want. With online games you can enhance your skillset and levels quite easily.

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