Earache Remedy, Wrinkle Remedy, Clean Teeth Remedy

Earache Remedy, Wrinkle Remedy, Clean Teeth Remedy

Natural Remedy for an Earache

We all get an occasional earache, especially our children. The best way I have found to calm the effects of an aching ear is to rub banana tree oil inside the ear. The ache will be gone within 30 minutes. Of course if you do not have banana trees to bleed, you can usually find the oil in a health food and natural remedy store.

So what is this formula for effective anti-aging and disease prevention? People go through hundreds of products every year and never find something that really works. You can even check out Purtier Placenta to see a list of effective and natural tips. You can even check put popular products and their prices that are going to help you with anti-ageing. Also, all these product are completely safe and easy to use.

However, please remember that even with the ache gone; there may be something more serious happening. The pain is there for a reason. It’s telling you something is wrong and you need to pay attention to that. I recommend giving yourself no more than twenty four hours after using the oil. If the pain returns or a fever flares up, go see a doctor right away. Most likely it is an ear infection, however, during the healing process; you can relieve yourself with the banana oil. Just a drop on the end of a Q-tip, rub into the ear that’s causing discomfort, and voila, no more pain.

Not So Natural Remedy for Facial Wrinkles

It’s scary sometimes looking in the mirror and noticing new lines on my face. There is no real cure for this, but there are ways to slow the process of aging down. There are so many creams made to “eliminate”, “reduce”, or “fade” the lines in your face. These creams run anywhere from $8 to over $100. I have even heard of some in the thousands. I admit I buy a low priced, generic anti-aging cream on occasion, but because I add another ingredient to the cream, I rarely need to purchase any. The only reason why I use the cream is to soften the texture and change the odor of the added ingredient. Many people who know this trick use the special ingredient straight out of the tube. I keep an empty facial cream jar available at all times so when I run out, I can add equal amounts of lotion and my remedy to one jar. Thus giving me two jars for just over the price of one. Some of you out there have probably heard of this anti-wrinkle remedy, but for those who haven’t, it really does slow the aging process down. When the face swells, wrinkles are created. You may not even notice the swelling, but your face does swell. The swelling causes stretching which in turn causes the wrinkles. I suggest using this mixture before bed and the first thing in the morning. The remedy? Preparation H or any hemorrhoid medication. It takes the swelling down on your “back side”, so it also works on the face and neck. I do not consider this a “natural” remedy, but it works nonetheless. And it works for everyone. Women and men.

Brush Your Teeth the Natural Way

I’m a bit obsessive, compulsive when it comes to my teeth. I brush anywhere between three to five times each day. My habits have been carried on to my children. My daughter at age fifteen has never had a cavity. My son at age thirteen has had one small cavity, but he is cursed with my sweet-tooth. As a child my mother was very concerned about our teeth. I had the worst case of cavities in the family, but eventually her persistence rubbed off on me. We traveled a lot when I was growing up, and during our travels we discovered the licorice root. The root can be found in any health food store. In between brushings you can carry the root in your mouth. Chew on it or just let it rest in your mouth. It tastes great, it keeps your breath fresh, and it cleans your teeth. What more can you ask for?! Just be sure to brush as well.

Keep your teeth clean, reduce and slow the signs of aging, and take away the pain from an earache. All three of these remedies have worked for me. I haven’t had a cavity in thirty years, people are shocked when I tell them my age, and my children are always grateful when I bleed our banana trees to ease their pain.

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