Should You Allow Your Teenager to Have Plastic Surgery?

Should You Allow Your Teenager to Have Plastic Surgery?

The increase of plastic surgery procedures being performed on teenagers is growing in leaps and bounds. The decision to allow your teenager to have a plastic surgery procedure should only be made after careful consideration, proper research and the recommendation and approval of not one, but two licensed and reputable plastic surgeons. This article will offer points to consider in the very early stages of deciding whether you should allow your teen to have plastic surgery.

Does Your Teenager Want The Procedure For Comfort Or Vanity? If your teen has a very large breast size and is already experiencing physical discomfort or pain, this is far different than your teen wanting permanent eyeliner applied. The reasons behind the desire for plastic surgery should be a strong deciding factor in whether to allow this procedure to be performed. Allowing your teen to have plastic surgery to simply enhance an area of her physical appearance that she is less than thrilled about may set up a pattern in life where every perceived imperfection needs to be “fixed” before she feels content with herself.

Plastic surgery is no laughing matter and it has to be dealt with seriousness. You can’t just go to a surgeon and have your face structure changed as per your convenience because it can and has gone horribly wrong on numerous occasions and there are no better examples than film stars, who have ended up far worse looking than they did prior to plastic surgery. Regardless, Plastic Surgery Marketing has become a common practice in our society as many people want to look like their favorite celebrities but teenagers need to do their homework and not resort to childish tantrums.

Is The Plastic Surgery Procedure Covered By Your Health Insurance? Plastic surgery procedures can cost as much as ten or fifteen thousand dollars depending on the specific procedure performed. If your teenager is desiring a procedure that has no medical need, then your insurance company will not pick up even a fraction of the cost and you will need to be sure that allowing your teen to have the surgery will not put your family into unnecessary debt.

Every Surgery Has It’s Risks. Even though your teen may be having a plastic surgery at an outpatient surgical center and the procedure seems very simple and uncomplicated, there is always the risk for infection and possible negative reactions to the anesthesia. You will need to make your teen aware of these risks and prepare yourself for a possible health issue to arise from the surgery.

Are There Healthier And More Natural Alternatives To The Plastic Surgery, Or Is It Something That Time Will Take Care Of? If your teenage daughter is drastically overweight and wants to have liposuction done, is she looking for a quick fix? It may be far more beneficial and healthier to have your teen use strict portion control and exercise to rid herself of the excess weight before turning to plastic surgery. This will also help to initiate a healthier and more balanced way of life that your teen will take with them to adulthood. Are there herbal remedies to make the facial scar your son has less noticeable or has the doctor informed you that it will fade with time? Rushing to the plastic surgeon to have a chemical peel done to take care of the scar as quickly as possible may not be the best way. Researching ways to address the perceived physical imperfection and letting nature take it course may be far more sensible than immediately deciding upon plastic surgery as the only viable option.

Does Your Teen Suffer From Extreme Low Self Esteem? You may think that allowing your teenager to have a breast enlargement or liposuction will immediately and permanently change your teen’s life and make all their insecurities go away. This is rarely, if ever, the case. Low self esteem may seem to be rooted in physical appearance, but it usually has a much deeper origin. Helping your teen to develop close and satisfying relationships, pursue new interests and generally be more comfortable in their own skin can create a much more permanent and positive effect than a few hours in a plastic surgeon’s office.

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