Farm Pals FAQ Guide for Beginners

Farm Pals FAQ Guide for Beginners

This is a Farm Pals FAQ guide for beginners. In this guide, I will try to answer some of the most common questions asked. Some of the questions we will cover are why can’t I steal from friends, why can’t I add bugs to friends crops, why can’t I show my crops some love, and more. If you are new to Farm Pals, this FAQ guide should help you out some.

Is boosting good for Farm Pals?

Yes, there are various credible game boosting services such as lol boosting that you can refer to if you need to level up quickly. 

Why Can’t I Steal Crops From My Friends in Farm Pals?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to steal from your friends. One reason is, they may have a dog. If they own a dog, you cannot steal their crops. Their dog will bite your hand. Another reason is, the crops may not be ready yet or there are no crops left to steal. If you have already stolen from that friend today, you will have to wait until tomorrow to do it again.

Why Can’t I Add Bugs and Weeds to My Friends’ Crops in Farm Pals?

If you try to add bugs and weeds and it says you can’t, that means the crops are fully grown. When crops have reached maturity, you cannot add bugs and weeds because it would be pointless.

Why Can’t I Show My Crops Love in Farm Pals?

If your love button is not clickable, that means your crops feel loved enough. Whenever they start running low on love, then you can click the love button and show them some love.

How Can I Get More Credits in Farm Pals?

You can get more credits for Farm Pals by buying them or filling out offers. At the top of your game, you can click the Add More Credits button and go to the page where you can buy more credits or fill out offers to get credits.

Why are My Crops in My Store Gray?

If your crops in your store is gray, that means you have not reached that particular level to unlock them. The gray crops require that you be on certain levels to be able to purchase them. That’s part of the fun, leveling up to unlock new seeds.

What Level Am I On?

At the top of your game, you will see a bar with a star. The number in the star will tell you to want to level you are on. To tell how many points you need, look at the numbers in the bar. The number on the right side shows how many you need to reach the next level and the one on the left shows how many you have.

What are Points?

Points are what you earn when doing certain jobs. Points are needed to level up in the game and unlock new items.

Why Can’t I Expand My Land?

You have to meet certain requirements to expand your land in Farm Pals. You can click the Expand sign on your farm and a box will open and let you know what you need to do in order to expand your land.

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