Insurance Agency Press Releases – A Solid Marketing Campaign

Insurance Agency Press Releases – A Solid Marketing Campaign

There is a rumor spreading which says “press release is dead” – but it’s not. Fortunately, what other marketers would quote as “outdated” or “too old” is still every business’ tool of the trade in marketing. Nothing really beats the classic because insurance agency press releases are here to stay.

Yes, even in this new media age, press releases are still a hot item because it helps many insurance companies stay afloat in the virtual arena. It helps many insurance agencies gain media following and promote valuable insights within the insurance industry.

Should You Invest in an Insurance Agency Press Release?

The big players in the insurance industry already have press releases as a marketing campaign. This is enough reason to believe the benefits of having news or press releases included in your marketing toolbox as an insurance agent.

Insurance agency press releases can actually do wonders for your business because it helps boost media attention and coverage not just in your community but worldwode. You need not have CNN-kind of breaking news saga, but you might have some project updates or company news that is worth media attention and the headlines like no other.

So, if your insurance agency is releasing a latest insurance product or carrier, launching a website, or promoting a new campaign, then you really need to get the word out thru a press release.

Benefits of Insurance Agency Press Releases

An insurance agency or any other type of business would largely benefit from having a press release distribution. A press release would definitely gain you that publicity and media coverage in the insurance industry.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Insurance agency startups or giants would greatly rake in more brand exposure and reputation with a press release. This is definitely cost-effective public relations and media marketing strategy that would help you gain traction in your business.

It’s practical and highly cost-effective because you can opt for either a paid release or a free release in some reputable and popular distribution sites like Newsvine, PRLog, PR-Inside, and Newswire Today; among others.

Full Control of Your Own Story

A press release or having your own statement distributed to the press would give you complete control over your company news. It’s your story version and that substantiates everything. Despite having others news agencies reporting about your insurance agency, a press release would be able to pull media attention to your message because you alone have full jurisdiction and claim over your own story. A press release helps you spread the message or your intentions, explain your company or product value, and also respond or refute claims that others would have irresponsibly tagged your company.

Improves Reputation Management

Press releases also provide consumer or client alert on certain security breaches or insurance coverage concerns. This is meant to educate and inform your industry and your clients about certain issues or crises happening within the company.

Boosts SEO

A press release is also designed to help with your search engine results pages or SERPs with SEO. Every citation and content would help improve your rankings. This bumps your brand in SEO especially when it’s picked up by a blog, media outlet, or a newspaper. The likes, mentions, and link shares help you gain brand visibility, citations, and brand recognition online which helps boost traffic and referral to your insurance agency.

Provides Social Media Juice

Press releases are often trening on social media. This actually helps provide that point of interest for people to post on their status updates or tweets. This will help drive trafffic to your insurance agency press release and generate tons of buzz to it.

Target New Markets

Specialty insurance is designed to provide coverage to varying client needs. This is why expanding your market reach is important for every insurance agency or company. The digital marketplace is broad and limitless so why not tap on it now? This will help you build new connections and widen your reach in promoting insurance products on an entirely new market scene.

Becomes a Permanent Digital Footprint

Both your online and offline reputation is important as an insurance agency. This is how your clients would perceive you and it would help you gain the trust and confidence of potential clients and the respect of peers in the industry. Press or news releases are stored and becomes a permanent digital record that is open to everyone. This can also be a basis for future press releases and also help boost your blog traffic or be included in your future promotional campaigns.

Promotes Your Expertise in the Insurance Arena

Nothing beats a factual and engaging press release in positioning yourself as an authority or expert in the insurance industry. Becoming more involved in relevant groups or news sites in your industry would help boost your insurance agency’s reputation and get you your leverage as an industry influencer.

With providing factual and wide knowledge and expertise in the insurance subject, you are also able to promote your specialization or niche product such as life insurance, trucking insurance, group benefits insurance, or health insurance.

One lead generation or marketing campaign that insurance agencies must invest on would be press releases. It’s a formal news release or campaign that promotes company or industry news which actually more puts you up as a specialist or expert in the insurance scene. It’s important to gain the trust of your industry peers and clients because this boosts trust and rapport which increases sales as well.

The more people trust you, the more they would buy insurance products from you. Press releases should be a part of your long term marketing strategy because news spreads fast from one publication to the next which allows your news story to go viral and gain media attention which attracts not just potential clients but investors as well.

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