Great Clips Salon: Best Salon In Centennial Hills – Las Vegas, NV Today

Great Clips Salon: Best Salon In Centennial Hills – Las Vegas, NV Today

Finding a great salon that is inexpensive and reliable in a city as large as Las Vegas, NV is a harder task than one may think. First, you must look one which offer ladies or men hair cutting  services depending on your needs. With six family members, the cost of hair care adds up quickly and Great Clips in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, NV helps ease the cost on the budget. Great stylists, great prices and short waits are the top three reasons to visit Great Clips in Centennial Hills.

The décor of Great Clips salon is like the décor in just about every salon. White tile floors, walls covered with hair art and seats with tables full of hair style option magazines. The waiting area is a bit small, figuring we are in Las Vegas. There is barely enough room for my entire family, let alone the incoming passers by.

The hair washing stations are located in a rather dark section of the salon. I was hoping for a little more vibrant atmosphere or even a calming facade, but that is not what I found. Certainly, Great Clips in Centennial Hills does not top the charts for design, but I do not visit a salon for design.

The stylists in Great Clips in Centennial Hills are the most friendly I have ever met. From the time you enter the door, they are introducing themselves and greeting you kindly. Whenever I visit the salon, I always visit the same stylist and the other stylists never seem disheveled about my choice not to use them.

The hair cuts range in price from $8.00 for kids to more than $20.00 for adults, depending on the services you request. This may seem high to some, but in a city that prides itself on beauty, you will find more than one salon that charges a minimum of $20.00 for a dry cut on kids. Great Clips is geared toward families and singles alike.

The wait time for a hair service will range from none to more than 2 hours depending on the day of the week and the services the stylists are already performing. To reduce the chance of a wait, I simply goto the salon on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning and breeze through with ease.

One of the greatest aspects of Great Clips is the fact that the stylists are not afraid to try something new. I had visited three salons looking for a specific cut before trying Great Clips, when no other stylist would touch my idea, the Great Clips stylists took my thoughts and created the exact look I was hoping for.

The Great Clips salon in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, NV is a diamond in the rough. You will not find upscale salon treatments, you will not be given a massage and manicure while you wait and you will not pay an entire paycheck out for a few wonderful hair services. Great stylists, great care and great prices make the Great Clips salon in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas one great place to visit.

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