Fads And Gadgets For A New Generation Of Parents

Fads And Gadgets For A New Generation Of Parents

Just this morning I read an aticle on the latest trend for parents. It seems they are buying Internet domain names with the moniker of the child. Some parents even check to see if the domain name is available before making the final decision on the name of the child. The article claims the trend hints at the potential importance of establishing a future digital identity. Parents say they are doing it because it makes it easier to communicate with relatives. They can post photos of the child or keep them abreast of the child’s achievements via the website. They say it’s easier for people to remember the name of the website because all they have to do is remember the name of the child. That is the positive side, but there is also concern that strangers will be able to easily find the website of the child just by knowing their name. So for me, it’s a toss up. Not a must have but a cute and convenient way to share photos. I would be leery of posting too much personal information though.

I did more research and stumbled across all sorts of cool gadgets for young parents today. I don’t know how many actually use them, but they sound interesting to me. But I’ve always been somewhat of a “gadget girl”. My kids are way past the age of needing some of these gadgets but maybe I can test some of them out on grandkids! Here are some of the ones I think would come in very handy.

Baby Wipe Warmer. I think this would be wonderful to use during those middle of the night diaper changes. A warm wipe would be less likely to jolt the baby wide awake than a nice soothing warm wipe.

Remote Fever Monitor. Now this would be quite handy when you need to see if your little one has a fever. It clips to the front of the diaper and will sound an alarm if the baby’s temp goes higher than what you have preset. I’m not sure how loud the alarm is though … it might be too soft to hear or either too loud and scare the baby. But other than that is sounds like a nifty gadget.

Hands Free Breast Pump Kit. Not much explanation needed here! Keeping your hands free to do other tasks is always a good thing when you have kids.

Baby Cry Analyzer. If this thing really works then whoever designed it needs a big hug from every parent in the world! One of the most frustrating things is when your little one is crying and you’ve done everything you know to do and nothing seems to help. The company says the success rate of the gadget is over 90 percent.

Wireless Command Light Controllers. If your baby cries in the middle of the night you don’t have to stumble to the nursery in the dark, and you don’t have to switch on bright lights to blind both you and the baby. The remote control will let you turn on the lights to whatever brightness level you want and gradually bring the level to full brightness if you choose.

Intellicot High Tech Crib. Now this sounds like a great gadget! This crib will rock the baby, keep it cool or warm with automatic temp controls, and help you keep an eye on the baby with the built-in video monitors. The bottom of the crib even raises up using the built in lifting system so you don’t have to bend over or strain your back to get the baby out of the crib.

Even if you don’t use some of the modern gadgets, the internet has certainly made it easier to communicate with other parents. You can get on a blog site or user group and post a question, and within minutes have an answer. Of course you should always use your best judgement when relying on the advice of a virtual stranger but it’s certainly reassuring just to talk or read about things with other first time parents who are probably going through the same things you are.

So what do you think? Is it easier to raise kids these days using the latest technology and gadgets? Do you use any of these gadgets or know of some others that make your job as a parent easier? These gadgets are surely helpful to you when you are new to the parenting thing. Which is why tldevtech.com provides you a list of affordable gadgets that parents can use and make the seemingly difficult task of parenting.

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