A Complete Guide To Clean Pet Urine Stains From Rugs!

A Complete Guide To Clean Pet Urine Stains From Rugs!

Everyone love to have pets in their homes, but sometimes handling pets gets a difficult task as they create a lot of mess, and it is immensely difficult to clean the mess created by them, especially when you have rugs and carpet all over the floor in your house. Rugs absorb most of the things which lower their quality and make them smell awful. Urine stains are common when you have a pet dog in your house, and cleaning these stains from the rugs and carpets can become a headache for you.

Normal cleansing techniques and not effective enough to get rid of the urine stains from the rugs. You need something and powerful and more unique to clean the urine stains properly off the rugs. The carpet gets a lot of different stains every day, but one of the most stubborn stains out of all is urine stains. There are several steps involved in cleaning a urine stain from the carpet and one of the first steps in checking the material of the rug. Some materials are sensitive to the chemical used in satin cleaning, so you must check it beforehand to avoid getting your rug damaged. If you are fond of Moroccan puffs, then you can check the Internet for best deals on Moroccan Poufs.

Tips to properly clean the urine stains from the rugs

Check the material

One of the most important things to do before cleaning the urine stains from the carpet or rug is checking the material of the rug. The method of cleaning varies with the material used in the rug. Most of the carpet free of glue can easily be cleaned, but if the rug is made up of material like silk or cotton, then you should consult any professional to perform cleaning on these rugs and get rid of urine stains.

Check the dye stability

Before starting the cleaning process, you must check the dye stability of the rug to ensure that it is safe to clean. You can check it by using a neutral Oriental rug cleaner and white cloth. If the cloth is absorbing the dye, then you must not continue, but if the dye is well blended in the cloth, then it is safe to proceed. Although there are some chances that the rug may get damaged, it is very less.

Dust it properly

You must dust the rug properly before cleaning it as there are various pollutants, dust stored in the rug as they all are absorbed by it. It is highly recommended that you dust the rug properly before cleaning the urine stains. There are various ways to dusting, but the most efficient and reliable way is using a vacuum cleaner and vacuuming all the dust out of the rug. After dusting the rug, you must soak it in water as it is the best way to get all the impurities out of the carpet along with the water.

Use the rug cleaning solutions

There are various rug cleaning solutions available in the markets which are tailor-made for cleaning dirty rugs and removing all the urine stains for the rugs. You can use any good quality solutions and cover the rug with it. Leave it for some time and then rinse the rug and hand it to dry completely.

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