Electric Razors For Women: A Wise Investment?

Electric Razors For Women: A Wise Investment?

There is this heated debate that has been going on since centuries about who is the superior amongst man and woman. While the arguments from both sides have been strong and rock solid, no definitive conclusion has been reached as of yet.

Both have come a long way since old times and both have a historical significance in shaping the world into a place worth living and where it stands today. We, human beings, are said to be living in a patriarchal, male dominated society where women are subjected to emotional tyranny from men and are viewed as inferior.

It is the men that get to hog the spotlight and all the perks and privileges from the family while girls are always play ‘second fiddle’ to the boys in general and are even denied education as much as the boys get.

Parents just wait for them to attain a certain age and get them married so that she leads the rest of her life taking care of her husband and children. Luckily, times have changed now and girls have come a long, long way from the demure, timid, docile and shy person into a saucy, independent, easy going, breadwinner of the household.

Today, the women take pride in being the man of the house and stand shoulder to shoulder with boys in various fields, more often than not, surpassing them in accomplishments and accolades.

What distinguishes men and women from each other, apart from features, is the facial hair. Men can grow beard and moustache to give their face a different look but the same cannot be said for women.

This does not meant that woman don’t have any hair for upperlips, arms and legs, though it is does not grow or anywhere near bushy as that of men. They too have the need to get rid of it so as to make their skin as soft as silk and shiny enough for the men to covet them.

Fortunately for them, they do not run the risk of applying shaving cream on their face and getting cuts and blisters in the bargain like the men do as electric razors are suffice to get rid of the little hair that they do grow on their face, arms and legs.

They have some of the best shavers and razors exclusively for them at their disposal to help them out of this problem and what’s more they get them at far cheaper prices.

Here are some of them as given below:

  • Gillette Venus: These are exclusively for women that are extracted from aloe vera that is very healthy and nutritious for their skin
  • Gillette Simply Venus: Alongwith the shaving kit, they also get a hair removal cream free that they use for the legs
  • Laser Petal 3: The razor is triple bladed and quite smoothly caresses the skin with no risk of cuts and bleeding.
  • Feather Flamingo: This is more of a razor for eyebrows to get rid of overtly long eyelashes
  • NUPERP Sterile Disposable Body Hair: As the name suggests, it is very good for getting rid of body hair which in any case all women are extremely possessive about

So there you have it, the above points prove that electric razors for ladies are indeed a wise investment as the bartschneider (read beard trimmer) is for men

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