Does The Future Look Promising For Ethereum?

Does The Future Look Promising For Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Founded by VitalikButarin, It’s the first ever cryptocurrency to implement smart contracts. As of now, Ethereum shows excellent versprechen. Market experts are optimistic about Ethereum doubling up to 1,488 USD by the final quarter of 2020. Are you too eager to invest in ETH? Well, before you proceed, make sure to take a look at the future of the coin to ensure a safe future.

How does ETH price rate work?

When it comes to deciding ETH’s price factor, well, it’s the market that plays the main game here.  By “market” it means the very people who are purchasing and selling Ethereum.

So, how does this whole thing work?

  1. X is looking forward to buy ETH and the coin’s current price is $800. It means 1 ETH is equivalent to $800.
  2. He then purchases it for say $800, from a trusted online crypto exchange.
  3. Now, no one is in the mood to sell off their Ethereum for 800 USD at present as the Ether price is on a steady rise of late
  4. But, Mr. X has to purchase Ether at any cost. Now, that he is not getting it in $800, he himself offers an increase in the overall rate. So, from $800, he straight goes to $820 to lure the seller with a higher price
  5. And thus, $820 becomes the new price rate for ETH

Alongside, media plays a key role in determining the price point of ETH or for any cryptocurrency for that matter. If media publishes good reports, investors find the fillip to purchase ETH which automatically increases the price of the coin. But, then, when the media publishes not-so-great reports, investors are scared to invest. And that automatically lowers down the price of Ethereum.

Now, let’s see what the market experts have to say about price prediction of Ethereum.

Brian Schuster

A senior blockchain advisor and entrepreneur, Schuster has always been pretty positive about ETH and the crypto industry in general. According to his predictions, ETH could reach a whopping 100,000 USD by the final quarter of 2019. Schuster had further stressed that the total market cap for crypto could be $10 trillion by the last leg of 2019. It only implies a further hike in the crypto world in general would lead to further surge in ETH as well.


Niraoff is one of the founder fathers of Bitcoin project and is extremely confident regarding a great future of Ethereum. Although he doesn’t feel that Ethereum would reach an incredible amount as claimed by Schuster yet he is hopeful to see a significant rise in ETH value. So, what does the co-founder of ETH has to say about the coin’s price in near future?

Well, Niraoff is of the belief that Ethereum holds great potential to witness 2x pricing  in the coming times.


Now, let’s hear it from the man himself whose name is almost synonymous with ETH today. So, what does Buterin feel about the future of Ethereum? Well, Butarin has claimed that 2019 would be the very year of Ethereum in action. However, unlike other experts, Buterin has not mentioned any particular number to determine ETH’s price in near future. But, he has been very assertive about his positive stance about ETH.



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