Cannabis Oil Is Excellent For Both Physical And Metal Wellness

Cannabis Oil Is Excellent For Both Physical And Metal Wellness

Are you suffering from anxiety? Is there near one who is down with rheumatoid arthritis? Does insomnia bother you every night? Is your old man showing signs of Parkinson’s? Well, there is one common oil that can help to bid adieu to all these serious woes and even cancer. And that magic oil is none other than cannabis oil. Don’t worry, cannabis oil and marijuana aren’t the same thing and hence it won’t get you that infamous “high”. The post below offers a sneak-peek into the amazing benefits of cannabis oil for both physical and mental wellness.

Helps to treat anxiety

Various studies have been conducted to check efficacy of cannabis oil for anxiety and most of them have published positive reports. Cannabis oil is rich in anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties that calm down the mind which eventually help to keep stress and anxiety at bay. In fact, cannabis oil has proved to be really effective for all types of anxiety, ranging from GAD to panic disorder to SAD. One of the studies have shown that the oil not just helps one to feel better yet also alters the way brains respond to the anxiety issues.

Tackles PTSD

PTSD is a symptom that’s commonly experienced by war veterans given their traumatic experiences in the war zone. Multiple studies have been taken to check effects of cannabis oil on PTSD patients and most of them have reported great results. CBD in cannabis oil work to disrupt traumatic memory consolidation which helps patients to forget their horrific past- the fundamental reason behind PTSD. When the patients are able to let go of their traumatic memories, they eventually overcome the fear, stress and anxiety associated with those haunting memories.

Helps to manage cancer

Cannabis oil works to shrink cancerous tumors and prevent spread of cancer in the body. It’s an effective treatment for brain, lung and breast cancer.

Helps to manage epilepsy

This is one of the greatest health benefits of cannabis oil.

It’s to note here, the cannabinoid receptors in the body play a major role in causing the scary epileptic seizures. According to multiple studies, cannabinoids in cannabis oil work to impact cannabinoid receptors in the body. These help to calm down these receptors which leads to lesser and infrequent instances of seizures.

Relieves pain

Cannabis oil is packed with analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties which make it an ideal pain-reliever. From muscle spasms to the severe pain of rheumatoid arthritis, cannabis oil is effective for all. Not only that, cannabis oil is also helpful for the excruciating pain experienced by chemotherapy patients.

Helps to manage IBS

It’s to note here THC produced by body abets intestinal permeability that makes way for harmful IBS-causing bacteria. But, plant-derived cannabinoids found in cannabis oil block the body cannabinoids. It eventually helps to stop intestinal permeability and makes intestinal bond stronger and tighter to prevent entry for bacteria inside.

Helps to tackle schizophrenia

Cannabis oil (without THC) has proven to work wonders for patients struggling with schizophrenia. It’s because, CBD in the oil produces antipsychotic results which help to manage schizophrenic hallucinations. The best, CBD oil assures antipsychotic results without harmful side-effects seen with traditional antipsychotic drugs, including- diabetes, weight gain, movement disorders and so on.

Treats lupus

Lupus is a serious autoimmune disease. Cannabis oil has proven to calm down immune system which prevents risks of Lupus.

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