Wood Working Safety and Tips

Wood Working Safety and Tips

So I am an avid wood worker, and love to do many different wood type of projects. I am more proficient in using a scroll saw, band saw, and wood saw, and those are where I know safety tips with. These also however, apply to anything you may do in a wood shop, or also in a mechanical shop.

Eye Protection: This one is the most important thing you should ever do. If you do not have eye protection, there is a danger of shrapnel from anything you cut with a saw getting in your eye, especially when you are working with thicker types or wood, or anything metal.

If you do get anything in your eye, whether it be because of not using proper safety, or something just getting into your eye, make sure that you go and rinse your eye out for a few minutes. This will help you get whatever you go in your eye out, and will lessen the irritation.

Proper Lighting: When you are using any electronic device, such as a saw, or a sander, make sure that you can see things. This is key to preventing any unnecessary harm to yourself, or others. If you have no other light fixtures, you can always go out and buy the hanging ones, they are fairly cheap, and they will last a long time.

Safety Check: Before you do anything further, after you have your eye protection on, and can see everything properly. Go around to whatever machine you will be working with, and make sure that it is turned off. Yes, I say this because if it is turned on, and unplugged, then you plug it in, that can give you an electric shock, also will start whatever machine you are plugging in. So this can be dangerous if something is set on top of a sander, and you just plug it in without checking if it is on or if it is off. Or something wrapped by a saw blade. You can be comparing the best circular saws cordless on the basis of the safety features that they offer as you click on the link. You get the best quality saws on the website as well.

Clean up: Make sure that you don’t have 10 projects going at a time, where you have no room to work in, and have to dangerously step over everything so you don’t trip. This can be extremely dangerous cause if you fall, or make a wrong turn it can lead to disaster.

Wear Gloves: This is one of those optional safety tips that I would just like to throw out there. Gloves can help you hold wood or metal better, (most of the time), and it keeps your hands clean. There are available bright colored gloves out there so you can see your hands better if doing wood cutting.

So those are my tips. I will have more in my other posts when I find out more useful tips!

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