Wonderful Holiday Season with My Boyfriend: A Modern-Day Elf

Wonderful Holiday Season  with My Boyfriend: A Modern-Day Elf

Everyone’s seen the movie. Will Farrell makes my sides hurt from laughing so much. His innocent, childlike ways…how nice it would be to see through his eyes. Considering how we all live in the real world, though, this is near impossible, right? Wrong. I know this for a fact since I happen to be dating one. An elf, that is. My boyfriend lives for December. To him, there is nothing better than the holiday season. Sure, he loves being around family and friends, attending parties and eating home-cooked meals. For most, the festivities stop there. But for him, as soon as Thanksgiving has come and gone, the door to complete chaos opens. A door leading to thousands of seasonal songs, lights galore, and every possible decoration created for this time. The best love quotes for him deep meaning is also about these festivities during the season.

I walked right into this. Our first date was at Disneyland, I should have seen this coming. He knew every ride and exactly where it was located. He could recount the history of each character and even had his watch set for when the parade would begin. Of course he would be just as excited for a holiday geared towards children and fun. So I sit now, in his apartment, while he prepares for party #1 of 2 set to take place in the next couple of weeks. Should I be helping? I did; I selflessly cleaned the bathroom, the toilet in particular (bachelor pads always need a woman’s touch with these). I also selflessly- I’m throwing this word in again to emphasize how much this all tests my patience- participated in the decorating of the trees. No typo there. Multiple “trees” is correct. As a matter of fact, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes time to have his huge party back east (where we’re from), this is what one will find. Six different kinds of homemade Italian Christmas cookies, 11 Christmas trees, 350 nativity scenes, and 125 of those miniature houses that light up with moving figurines in front. He returns home a week early just to cook, bake, clean and assemble aforementioned figurines. Having never been one to shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving no matter how many great sales were going on, I was beyond overwhelmed when we went on Friday…AND Saturday. He couldn’t get enough. All prepared with a list of items to buy and exactly where to find them, we bounced from store to store just as a modern-day elf and his girlfriend would be expected to do, I suppose. We had our picture taken with Santa Claus and proceeded to go see a movie. Which one? “The Nativity Story”, of course.

So, as much as I had certainly had my fill by December 5th, I couldn’t help but treat him to “The Glory of Christmas” at the prestigious Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA (which I highly recommend). Throughout the performance, he pointed and gasped at all that he saw, completely surprised that there were real camels and angels suspended from the ceiling.

Is this behavior crazy? Yes. However, is it also adorable? Absolutely. For once, I actually find myself writing an article where I don’t have much to vent about. Most women would do anything to have a guy even offer to help at the holidays, let alone take it upon himself to make you feel like you’re 5 again, when there were no such things as bills, car trouble or bipolar bosses. When terrorism didn’t exist and we could get on a flight to visit family at the holidays safely, with toiletries in carry-on bags. Back when the only thing to worry about was whether Santa would enjoy the cookies laid out for him and which present to open first.

Ladies, my advice is this. If your guy has an innocent “obsession”, let him have his fun. Find the humor in it and appreciate this unique quality. And for those of you searching for that special someone, add an important question to your basic three: What’s your name? Where do you live? What do you do? From now on, also ask: “What’s your favorite time of year?” I guarantee this will set the elves…ahem, I mean, keepers apart from the rest.

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