What are the pros and cons you will get to notice of Fitbit flex after seven weeks?

What are the pros and cons you will get to notice of Fitbit flex after seven weeks?

Using a Fitbit device in your daily life will be very useful. You can track your daily health data that can help in maintaining your health. Instead of health, we should also care about the life of the device itself. There are many things you can notice after seven weeks of using a Fitbit flex device. We know that Fitbit can help you in getting rid of the LC that is lonely conservative. It is not sure about for how long it will be there for your help. Ass Fitbit is made to work for several years, but you might notice some changes good or bad after some weeks.

It is not guaranteed that for how long the device will work. It maybe gives you a positive response or negative response after some months. It might tell you incorrect steps after several days of usage and much more.  

Here are some pros and cons that can help you in knowing about its future 

Before discussing the pros and cons here, we are going to know why it is necessary to be discussed. Changes in the Fitbit might lead you to track poor health data, which is not good for your health. There should be accurate data tracking so that you can come to know about how to fit you are. Here are some essential things for you to know about- 

Things that are loved by Fitbit-

  • It will help in tracking- The primary use of the Fitbit flex is to track your fitness data on a daily basis. The steps you walk on a daily basis will be recorded on your Fitbit. This is the best pros of using the device in your daily life. Although it will help in recording your sleeping activity because that is also a part of health and fitness. 
  • You will get motivated- It is the best motivator who will be going to motivate you every day. It will take so that you can work on your health and fitness and get fit in your daily life. There will be no one to motivate you except Fitbit. If you have not achieved your goal on time, then it will send you a notification. In that, it will let you know that you should work on your goals rather than resting. 
  • Silent features- It will not be going to disturb you as it will send a silent alarm to wake you up. It rings in silent so that you can get to wake up peacefully and start achieving your fitness goals.  
  • Choice in colors- You can get to have your favorite band on your Fitbit. You can get the band of your favorite color so that you would not have to compromise with your desires. 

Things that are not loved by Fitbit-

  • Inaccurate step tracking- After several weeks, you will notice that it shows incorrect steps. It is not good because incorrect tracking will lead you to bad maintaining of your health.  
  • Cannot check results on the device- You cannot be able to check results on your device as you need to use your computer or mobile phone. This is one of the cons that can make it a little bit tough for you to maintain your health. 

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