Understanding What Is Laser Hair Removal And How It Can Help You

Understanding What Is Laser Hair Removal And How It Can Help You

As it name suggests, laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted body hair using pulsating light or laser. It targets any hair in the body, commonly on the chin, upper lips, bikini area and underarm among other spots. Laser hair removal is a safe and comfortable method, as well as it provides longer lasting hair-free effects. That what makes it popular among people worldwide.

However, laser hair removal isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s great to know how it exactly works before booking a session. Learning about its effects and benefits helps in knowing if it fits you as well, since it gives you a realistic expectation about the treatment. More importantly, learn how to enjoy the treatment today, and how to prepare yourself before undergoing the procedure.

That sounds like a lot of information, isn’t it? In this article, everything have been summed up for you to understand.

How does Laser Hair Removal really Works?

Laser hair removal involves destroying hair follicles with the use of heat energy from a laser or pulsating light. The laser comes from a handy device used by an expert, then it targets melanin on the skin. Melanin is the pigment which gives color to the skin and hair. Once melanin is heated up, it tends to destroy surrounding tissues including hair follicles.

However, laser used for the treatment specifically targets melanin which affects the hair follicles. Accuracy is a big factor to avoid causing damage to other parts of the skin. This is the main reason why laser hair removal works well for people with dark hair on lighter skin, since melanin is concentrated on the hair follicles instead of the skin. Good thing is, special lasers are available for dark skinned people, although it still doesn’t work well for white, gray and blonde hair.

Now, growth hair involves few phases in a cycle. Follicles grows hair, then hair falls off, the follicles will rest for some time, and then hair regrowth happen. Laser can only target follicles with actively growing hair, that’s why few sessions are necessary to complete the treatment. Commonly, you must go back for 6 to 8 sessions or more, so previously resting follicles can be targeted.

Why go for Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Aside from laser hair removal, there are other common hair removal procedures available. Shaving, epilation and waxing are other popular options. However, people choose laser hair removal because of big reasons and benefits:

  1. Although it doesn’t provide permanent results as commonly claimed, it offers longer hair-free periods than other options. You can go up to few years without unwanted hair. And it’s possible to extend such period with the use of topical creams and other applications.
  2. Laser hair removal is safe and won’t harm your skin. Laser machines receives continuous innovations and improvements, including accurate targeting and better heat control. So, it won’t cause excessive swelling, scarring and blistering among other harm to your skin.
  3. The treatment is convenient to undergo. Yes, you have to visit a clinic few times for it, but each session will only last for around 20 minutes to an hour. Then, you don’t have to worry of unneeded pain and other hassles throughout and after the process. The heat is bearable, and the doctor can use topical cream or other aids to keep your skin cool.
  4. Laser hair removal has been proven efficient by the dermatological community, and it has 90% repeat success rates. That means clients often have great results from the treatment. And many testimonies and feedbacks attest to that.

How to Get Laser Hair Removal today?

There are many laser hair removal options available. For example, you can find some in spa and even supermarket stalls, as well as home use laser devices are available for purchase. However, the best choice is going to a licensed dermatologist for the treatment. Only a skin doctor knows the best solution to remove your unwanted hair properly.

Note that laser machines for the treatment have different types. Some works generally for white skin with dark hair, for example, while others are specially intended for dark skin. Only a dermatologist can determine the best laser treatment solution for your specific skin type and condition. These are doctors who have studied the structure of skin and hair intensively, instead of merely getting a training course for using laser machines alone.

Next, carefully select the right expert or clinic for the treatment. Be sure to choose one with sufficient licenses and accreditations in doing laser treatment. Check reviews and feedbacks about a certain expert or clinic before getting their services. This helps you make sure of getting the most out of laser hair removal.

Preparing Yourself for the Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Say, you’ve already found a reliable expert for laser hair removal. Before going for a session, be sure to prepare yourself accordingly. This is to avoid unnecessary hassles and risks throughout the procedure.

  1. Don’t use chemical peels, epilation, plucking, waxing and electrolysis at least a month before your session. Such solutions pulls off hair roots from you’re your skin.
  2. The doctor may ask for your medical history as well. Or, they may do some checks on the area where you want hair to be removed. This is to make sure that it is safe for you to undergo laser treatment without any complications.
  3. Consider shaving off your hair before the treatment. This is to avoid the nasty smell of burnt hair during the treatment, and to make it easier for the expert to do the job.
  4. Don’t use tanning beds or go sunbathing before the procedure. These possibly affects the efficacy of the laser in targeting melanin on your skin.

Enjoy the Perks Laser Hair Removal offers!

Now, you already know the key points regarding laser hair removal treatment. Keep hose information in mind before you book for a session, so you’d end up enjoying positive results. Laser hair removal is fascinating, but you can certainly reap more benefits from it when done professionally.

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