Top Five Steps To Upgrade 3d Printer With A Laser Engraver

Top Five Steps To Upgrade 3d Printer With A Laser Engraver

Do you know that you can convert 3D printers into laser engraver? It is not as hard as you think. Everyone wants to use a new piece of tech, especially when it comes to 3D printing. The majority of printers can be upgradable. These machines help to build a 3D image without any problem. But, when you convert them to a laser engraver, the task becomes a lot easier.

Many people are looking for the top ways of upgrading their 3D printers with a laser engraver. Unfortunately, they don’t find the right one that guides them to convert it. Don’t worry as we are here to help. In the guide, we will cover the top steps that you need to follow for upgrading a 3D printer with a laser engraver. Always make sure to remember each aspect before starting. This helps to ensure that you can do the job with ease. Let us discuss these steps below.

  1. Collecting equipment

You have to select the perfect laser module that meets your expectations. One can start with the 500 MW laser to engrave shapes like leather, plastic, or wood. It is considered as the cheapest one on the market. However, if you choose more power, then you will be able to pass the 4mm plywood without any trouble. Always make sure to put on safety glasses.

  1. Preparing

There is a need to detach the extruder, main holder, and fan to drill holes in the setup. It will help you to secure the laser that you have to put in the printer. Secondly, one must choose any of the 5 to 12-volt battery to control the power. If you have the latest model, then it will be able to handle 12volt but, a laser TTL module only runs up to 5v. Therefore, you will need a step-down regulator. The new 3d printer กับการพิมพ์อวัยวะ devices can be upgraded easily.

  1. Installing

Now, set all the axes and then turn the fan on and set the range between 1 and 255. You will notice that the laser will be turned off, and the output is set to 255. It is better to place paper beneath the surface, and then lower the power to see whether the machine can focus or not. When things get managed, then this is the right time to download the perfect software for engraving.

  1. Infill or full image engraving

Once you install the software, extract the plug-in to copy the content. There will be instructions given in the application. You have to follow them and do the same. But, don’t forget to change the size of the image in the final setup. It is time to take the level of speed to 1000 and then click on the apply button.

  1. Outlining

When you finally made the image to print, you have to change the engraving speed. One can also create a logo of a 3d printer กับการพิมพ์อวัยวะ for printing. Speed is an essential part to remember. Once everything is set, now, one can click on the start option.

To summarize, these are the top steps to follow for upgrading a 3D printer with a laser engraver. Always make sure to wear safety gear before starting the machine to perform the task.

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