The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Being an influencer on Instagram isn’t as easy as most people portray it to be. Whether you’re a content creator or a simple business account, the Instagram algorithm makes it just a little hard to build an audience and a significant following.

Buying Instagram followers, in such cases, becomes a tempting option. There are numerous services available online that allow you to buy Instagram followers for an insignificant amount of money, as a quick Google search will undoubtedly reveal. After all, while browsing through new content creators, the vast majority prefers people who already have a large following since followers account for credibility, good content and a significant influencer. So, the question becomes: why shouldn’t one buy Instagram followers?

The answer to that question is easy: engagement. The majority of followers that you buy are usually bots and inactive accounts. Such accounts do not interact with the posts and the stories of an influencer. There are no likes on photos, no comments under posts. This affects the standing of your account on Explore Pages and sometimes even prevents your posts from showing up in the newsfeed of active accounts and your actual audience.

So, even after buying a thousand followers on Instagram, your account does not grow as there are no followers interacting with the content you post. Since engagement is extremely important to Instagram’s algorithm of distributing content, buying followers will only serve as a drain on your account’s actual standing among other competitive accounts.

After all, inactive accounts and bots cannot share your content with other people, prompting others to follow your page too. Your posts will not get the traction that is needed for healthy growth and because of a lack of engagement with a fake audience, your account will be quick to fall to the last step on the ladder. Having inactive accounts and bots in your following can even sometimes affect your actual building audience, since the lack of likes and comments on your content will point towards a fake follower count, deeming your page and position as less than authentic and not self-made.

In fact, Instagram’s recent policy has been to purge its social community of fake accounts and bot accounts. So even if you do end up buying Instagram followers to attract more people to your page, ultimately an Instagram purge will waste both your time and money since it will take away the bot accounts you purchased for  a quick follower count and your following would be back to square one.

What can be done instead, then? To start from scratch on a social platform as big as Instagram, buying followers isn’t the only way to attract attention.

Instead, check this out to learn this here now: building a community through intensive interaction with your few followers by making a public business account and also engaging in good Instagram marketing techniques. Since Instagram’s algorithm relies heavily on the activity of an account, engaging with your followers through comments, regular posts and sharing relatable content can boost your standing on Explore Pages, attracting more people to your Instagram page and the content you create.

By building your account with a unique style and consistency in interaction with your audience, gaining followers becomes significantly easier. Keeping up with Instagram trends and hashtags also helps your posts appear in search results and come up on the Explore Page-where the majority of people look for new creators to follow.

In essence, buying Instagram followers might serve the purpose of attracting an audience for a short amount of time but it does not ensure engagement with content. While it’s perfectly legal and quite cheap, there are countless other ways to engage with an audience and build up your own authentic community on Instagram.

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