The Day in the Life of a Weight Loss Consultant

The Day in the Life of a Weight Loss Consultant

Not a day goes by that you don’t hear about another weight loss program, the success stories of how “I lost weight”. The current affair shows usually have a daily success story to tell, the morning radio talk back shows about weight loss, the magazines that provide editorials of the latest success stories! The list goes on and on, today the hero, tomorrow already forgotten.

For those of you that want to lose weight it is becoming a nightmare out there of which program or diet to start. You are frustrated, stressed, anxious about spending money, then think will I succeed or fail again. These are the thoughts that are running through your mind right now! You’ve tried numerous programs and don’t know where to start!

Now spare a thought for the weight loss consultant. How does she look to you sitting in the hot seat. Is she slim? Is she the perfect image to what you want to achieve? Does she have a weight problem you ask yourself? Well let me tell you about the day in the life of a weight loss consultant.

I arrive at my clinic in the morning usually at approx 8.30am on a Monday morning. I unlock the doors, open the blinds, switch on the scales and sit down at my desk. Next I check my phone messages, usually I can expect one or two calls from clients who cancel for this week with an excuse of i.e.: the kids are sick; my car won’t start; I’m too busy at work etc etc. Yeah right, they probably feel guilty of having overindulged over the weekend and have fallen off the wagon. So I give them a call….see how they are and re-book them again for next week in the hope that they come in.

Now the first client arrives. She gets on the scales and shows a good loss, you congratulate her and praise her for the good work she is doing, tell her to continue on what she is doing and she leaves on a high note ready for another loss next week! Now here comes the second client, she has been on the program for a few weeks and some of the motivation has disappeared. She gets on the scales and shows a gain this week!, I ask “Is this what you expect to see today?” She replies “No, I was very good this week I don’t understand what happened!” Now I need to become the psychologist, councilor, motivator, analyst and ask? “Did you drink your 2 litres of water, did you stick to the eating plan, did you drink any alcohol, did you drink too much tea or coffee, did you exercise, have you been stressed this week? The list goes on and on, I explain and ask questions until I can identify the problem, then I get the client on track again and she leaves feeling good about herself until next week. This scenario goes on all day, a client loses, a client gains, the excuses come thick and fast, the lies drip of their tongues, I nod, I empathize with them, I praise and motivate them all day long!

Now the day has just flown by and the last client has come and gone, I am feeling, exhausted and just plain worn out!!!!! I arrive home at the end of a long day and I am lucky to have a great husband to has cooked a meal for me. I am tired and hungry and I look at the food before me and see a plate piled up high with all the wrong foods on it. I thank my husband for the great meal and try to eat what is acceptable as to not offend him. I think to yourself ” I can’t eat this, I will put on weight!” I explain to my dearly beloved that this is not a healthy meal but he doesn’t understand and says, “You don’t need to lose weight, there is nothing wrong with your weight.” And so goes on my struggle with my weight management. I can never give up as I am the role model for my clients.

Later that evening, sitting in my comfortable lounge chair I think to myself, why did I become a weight loss consultant and wear myself out everyday?

My memory instantly returns and I think about how a few years ago I was struggling with my weight and how out of control I felt and not knowing what to do about it. I was desperate and needed someone to make me accountable for my actions, but at the same time understood how I felt. So after finally succeeding and losing my 10 kilos I thought to myself…..”If I can do this, then I can help others to lose weight because I know how they feel.”

I then think about my clients whom I love dearly and say to myself….”We are all human and make mistakes and it is up to me to help them succeed.” I am very proud when my clients reach their goals and to see their confidence in life returning. Their is no greater reward to have been part of their success story. So the next time you see a weight loss success story, think about the quiet achievers in the background. We are also human and struggle with life to succeed.

A little hard work along with a touch of discipline is all that is required and see the coolsculpting results on your body for yourself.

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