The Best Hair Removal Techniques

The Best Hair Removal Techniques

Little stubs starting to peek out on your skin? Must be time for a hair removal treatment. So, which one should you choose? That used to mean a razor and some foam – and probably a ton of nicks as well, but hair removal has changed quite a bit. Now there are a variety of options and brands of hair removal products and processes to choose from. From home and natural remedies to laser hair removal services in New jersey, you will never run out of choices. Here are some that I like to use, as well as basic use instructions and my experiences with them.

Hair Removal Cream or Lotion

Remember that commercial about the short shorts? That was Nair, the first mainstream hair removal lotion. Nair still exists, but now there are many other hair removal lotions and creams. Veet is my personal favorite. To use this hair removal technique, most require the cream or lotion to be applied generously over the area of hair to be removed. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any of the ingredients, this hair removal technique is likely not right for you. I have sensitive skin and most of these products irritate it badly.

Wait times are different, depending on the cream or lotion, but there is a period of time in which the lotion or cream needs to stay on the legs. Once that time has passed, take either a cloth or the tool provided with the cream and wipe away the cream and hair with warm water. Be sure to move in the opposite direction that the hair grows. This method can work out great and it also can be disappointing. No two hair removal creams are the same. Veet has been the best for me, but I have friends who swear by other brands.

Spray on Hair Removal

This hair removal technique follows the lead of the creams and lotions. The difference is that instead of applying it with fingertips or a tool, you simply spray it on the area. I had mixed results with this type of hair removal product. Once the spray-on hair removal treatment is over the removal area, there will be a waiting period. When that time is up, hair is supposed to come off with a simple rinse away. For course or tough to remove hair, it is recommended that a cloth be used in a circular motion to wipe away the hair.

This is one of those hair removal techniques that seems perfect the first time around, but the same results never happen again – at least for me. The first time I tried this, I thought I had found my permanent hair removal solution. However, that first time was the only time it ever worked properly. I’m not sure why I followed all instructions each time, but still the first results were the best. I would recommend this method to those looking for the perfect smooth hair removal for one special occasion.


Shaving probably will always be an option for hair removal. Why? It’s cheap and some people don’t like using chemicals or concoctions. Shaving has gotten much quicker than it used to be and razors are better designed. Some even come with built-in moisturizers so that shaving cream is not required. Razors now come as single, double, triple, and yes even quadruple blades. Whether you’re old-fashioned or up-to-date, this method could appeal to you.

To shave the legs with a razor, apply your favorite shaving cream, unless you’ve got the fancy razor with the built-in lubricant. The Schick Intuition and the Gillette Venus are both examples of razors with built-in moisturizing properties. Simply wet and shave. When shaving with either kind of razor, with legs you want to start at the bottom and move slowly up the leg to remove the hair. When shaving away hair, always work in the opposite direction from the way the hair grows. I find this method to be very effective for removing hair from just about anywhere. The main downside to this type of hair removal is that it has to be repeated very often compared to other methods.

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