Ten Tips for Ordering Concrete

Ten Tips for Ordering Concrete

Are you going to pour a lot of concrete? Will it cost you a lot of money? And aren’t you scared that something is going to go wrong with the order and you’ll end up with a big pile of really expensive rocks? You should be terrified if you’ve never ordered concrete before-but don’t fret. It’s not as tough as it sounds and with the following ten tips, you’ll be able to order concrete just like the pros.

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Know How Much you Need

There are a million concrete calculators online that will help you get an accurate measurement of what’s in your forms. But if you still want to do it the hard way and calculate it for yourself, the process is simple. Just multiply length time’s width time’s depth and divide by 27 to get the cubic yards of concrete you’ll need.

Minimum Order

Concrete delivery trucks only deliver a specific amount of mixed concrete per truck load-typically three yards. They can also only carry only so much per truck load-typically 7-9 yards. Be sure you buy the minimum and know how many trucks you’ll need to get the job done right.

Short Load Fees

Some concrete truck companies charge a short load fee. In other words, if you don’t fill up at least one whole truck, they are still going to charge you an extra fee. Typically this is from 6-3 yards and the fees range anywhere from $75 to $150 per load.

Stand By Time

When the truck load of concrete finally comes, you’ve got just ten minutes or less to get the load off of the truck or else you’ll be paying stand by time. This is typically $1 a minute and can quickly add up if you’ve got a slow crew.

Shop Around

Keep in mind that’s there’s probably more than one concrete company in your area that will deliver a load. Just because they are farther away doesn’t mean it’s going to be more money. Make a few phone calls to get the prices on a load to find the best deal possible.

Book Well in Advance

It’s a good idea to book your concrete pour at least a few weeks in advance. In some cases, it can even get you a discount to book materials well in advance.

Metered Concrete Services

There are some companies that offer metered concrete if you need less than 3 yards. Typically these trucks have two yards or less and mix the concrete on site. However it may still be cheaper to buy the three yard minimum so be sure to shop around.

Trailer Hauling

Some companies will offer to haul small amounts of wet concrete on a trailer to your residence. They’ll charge a delivery fee for picking up small loads of wet concrete from the supplier and driving it to you residence. You still pay delivery fee and for the cost of the materials, but you can get a small load without paying though the nose.

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