Real Reasons on why Hearing Aids today have High Price

Real Reasons on why Hearing Aids today have High Price

Shopping around for a hearing aid inevitably leads you to notice their hefty price tag. Probably, you wonder why they cost too much—even more expensive than many smartphones and computers. As it turns out, there are valid reasons for such price value. Good thing, however, that more affordable yet quality hearing aids are available at today.

Why Hearing Aids are Expensive

To solve your query, here are few of the biggest reasons on why hearing aids cost too much:


Hearing aids look simple from the outside. But each unit houses complex mechanisms which separates it far from simple amplifiers. Its structure are composed of tiny parts for superior portability, and are expected to produce clear and quality audio.



A digital hearing aid, for example, captures audio from the environment, then processes it in a microchip.It decreases loud noises while giving emphasis on lower frequencies, as well as reducing background noise by noise cancelling. Each part should have high quality to function efficiently, such as letting sound waves travel without interference.

2.Features and Performance

Consider the small yet premium parts mentioned earlier. All of those are expected to function well to produce best results. Use cheap materials and you’d receive poor quality audio.

Apart from the audio aspect of a hearing aid itself, other features are also included in a hearing aid. For example, some units come with waterproof and dust proof feature which increases durability. Moreover,all hearing aids have small batteries which must last for few days. Some hearing aid batteries which are only about half a centimeter in diameter can even last up to 2 weeks.



3.Research and Development

Now, all the structures, performance and features mentioned above are impossible to achieve without intensive research and development. Experts and companies spend millions or even billions of dollars for such innovation. They want to achieve the best sound quality a hearing aid can produce for a user’s comfort. Plus, they carefully plan about additional helpful features to add.

Research and development continuously goes on. It seeks to improve current hearing aid technologies available today. Needless to say, manufacturers have to put the cost of such development on the price of the products. That makes continuous innovation possible.



4.Service Cost

Each person with hearing loss has unique needs and preferences for a hearing aid. For example, some has mild hearing loss, while others suffer from profound or severe cases.Also, others have specific situations to occasionally worry about, such as answering calls frequently at the office.

This is where audiologists and other hearing aid centers come in. They help finding the most suitable hearing aid for you, then fit it to your condition. Digital hearing aids, for example, needs to be adjusted by these experts before a person can use it. This is to achieve the best comfort according to individual needs.

5.Small Supply Quantity

Lastly, compared to other devices such as laptop sand smartphones, hearing aids have smaller supply quantities. That’s because fewer people needs to use them. To recuperate research and production cost,manufacturers have to pull its price up.These are the five biggest reasons on why hearing aids have high price tags. As you can see, it all points to producing the best devices which delivers high quality audio to you.

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