Raised Panel Floor Cabinet from JCPenny

Raised Panel Floor Cabinet from JCPenny

I asked for the Raised Panel Floor Cabinet that has heavy duty drawer slides from JCPenny for my birthday this year because I’ve been wanting more storage space in my bathroom since I moved in. This JCPenny cabinet was discounted by more than 40 percent. It turned out to be the perfect size for our space and it looks nice, too!

Ordering from JCPenny

We ordered the discounted Raised Panel Floor Cabinet from the JCPenny Web site. The floor cabinet was discounted to just $69, marked down from $119.99. (Because of the great discounted rates, we also purchased the matching Raised Panel Space Saver, which normally costs almost $200 but was discounted to only $129.) The JCPenny’s floor cabinet was cheaper than many of the other options I considered from other stores. The JCPenny Web site did add quite a bit on for shipping, but that is to be expected when ordering furniture online.

Receipt of Our JCPenny Discounted Product

My mom had the floor cabinet shipped to her house and held on to it until my birthday. It was a pretty heavy box and I couldn’t carry it very far on my own. This indicated to me that the product was made of some sturdy material. When I opened the box, I saw it was very well packaged with plenty of foam and all of the pieces separated from each other.

Putting it Together

When I got home, I could not wait to put it together. Usually, I don’t attempt projects like this myself because they normally require a powered screwdriver, which I don’t have. However, I decided to give it a try anyway. The product came in only nine pieces and all the hardware was in the box. I liked that JCPenny included one extra of each piece of hardware so that I wouldn’t have to worry if I lost a screw.

Most of the cabinet is assembled with Cam Locks and Wood Dowels. Using both of these items together seemed to make the pieces stay together very tightly so there would be no worry of it falling apart. Cam Locks are actually pretty easy to put on, and even with my handheld screwdriver, I was able to screw all the pieces in. Perhaps the hardest part was screwing on the back panel and the doors, but I was still able to do it all by hand.

The Final Product

About 50 percent of the time when I buy something like this online, it comes with a scratch or other issue. JCPenny’s Raised Panel Floor Cabinet had zero issues. All of the pieces fit together perfectly without me having to force them. Each and every piece that was visible on the outside was flawless, with no scratches or paint problems. Overall I think this cabinet looks very nice and doesn’t appear cheap at all (even though, lucky for me, it was discounted). It was heavy to move so it seems sturdy enough that I won’t have to worry about it being knocked over.

As for the use, this cabinet has two doors with two shelves behind them. These two doors open all the way so you can easily get into the cabinet to pull your items out. The shelf inside has three different settings it can be placed upon, depending on the height of the items you plan to store. Then there is a shelf above the doors that is always visible. This shelf can be used for decor or for items you wish to leave out for guests, such as spare towels. Finally, the top adds extra counter space, which I desperately needed considering we do not have any counter around our sink. This can be used for things you need while in the bathroom, or decor if you choose.

Overall Results

The Raised Panel Floor Cabinet was a great addition to our bathroom and it could make for a great addition to yours as well! Even though this is filed under bathroom furniture, it is very nice looking and could easily fit into any room of the house. It would also be nice for a child’s room since it is short and easy for them to reach. Check it out on JCPenny.com today. Enjoy!!

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