More Social Networking Websites To Check Out Over Internet

More Social Networking Websites To Check Out Over Internet

I just can’t get enough of these social networking websites. I think it’s time to expose some more to give Myspace and other popular sites some friendly competition. These are just a few that I found, surfing around.

If you love YouTube, you’re going to love Broadcaster. It’s a total video and webcam social community network. Members can chat, create personal profiles, post pics, and of course, upload their videos. Broadcaster has it’s own content on the site. There are news clips, full-length movies, movie trailers, a musician database, music videos, and flash games. You can download some of the videos to Sony PSP’s or Apple iPods.

JuiceCaster is a multimedia social networking community. JuiceCaster users capture pictures and videos using their mobile phone, JuiceCasts,through the JuiceCast mobile application. Juicecaster also has a streaming audio/video capability that generated content goes to the mobile phone. Members can see their Juicecasts on their JuiceCaster website, or the JuiceCaster MediaBox. If you wanted to put something on Myspace, you can do that with the MediaBox. JuiceCaster is free to join.

For those people on the go, they should join GotZapp. Gotzapp is a mobile Social Networking website where members can make and send content to phones. Content includes text, photos, animation, graphics, buttons, music. Members use Zirada Mobile Content Creator, which is freeware to create their content that can be sent to other mobile phones all over the world. GotZapp is free, but if you’re receiving Zapps, you’ll most likely get a charge from your phone bill. This is a brand new social networking website that debuted in March.

Here is the mother of all social networking websites: Nike + Google= Joga. Joga is a soccer community website. Members can meet other soccer players, share their own experiences, and enjoy photos and videos worldwide. The instant followers on the account will help the person to gain popularity through the experiences. The images of the experience should be interesting and memorable for the viewers. The engagement of the followers on the social media account will be increased.

Socialclix is a different kind of networking website. It is a powerful social network plan that gives clients a brand of their social networks so that it can extend, and better the consumer experience. Founded by INTENT Mediaworks, Inc. in 2003, SocialClix has been strong in content publishing, social networking, and distribution. You can brand your homepages, you can make your personal pages public or private, members can have a media gallery, and messaging system. Features that other social networking websites don’t have are: publishing to open P2P networks. content access control, full secure login, segmented and controlled way to create your profile. Anyone interested, has to fill out a form for a demo.

Feeling a little hungry? Well you can surf on over to BakeSpace, a recipe swap and food social network. Anyone who loves cooking and caking can make friends, share recipes and their kitchen. It is free to join, although there is a donation page to help keep the website going.

I couldn’t resist throwing in a new 3D social network website, called Kaneva. Create a profile and just jump right into this 3D world filled with entertainment, friends and really cool places. Create your own home, and explore lots of places including theaters and clubs; Watch videos, share your own videos, chat., play games, throw parties. If you’re all about having fun, and love 3D, this is just the right social networking website for you.

Social networking is not only just to have fun, you can build your business, and mainly to expand your personal network. Search around and find a few good social websites to join and it will definitely be beneficial to your life.

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