How to Prevent Back Pain During Christmas

How to Prevent Back Pain During Christmas

During Christmas we just pretend to do everything that has not been done the entire year. We want to decorate our houses, clean up everything, and go shopping to find that most wanted gift on sale. The Christmas season gives a lot of chances to get back pain, especially when carrying heavy shopping bags at the mall, lifting heavy packages or decorating and cleaning the house. If things are left unchecked, one can even end up so badly as to get a Spinal fusion surgery for relief of chronic lower back pain. Back pain can truly ruin your Christmas if you don’t prevent it from the start. Once you get an injury the only way to get rid of your pain is by using medications or missing the Christmas reunion resting at home. Here are some simple tips to prevent you from experiencing back pain during Christmas.

Ask for help

Get extra help especially when cleaning the house or putting up Christmas lights and decoration to reduce the chance to get back pain. By getting help you will bend less to pickup the Christmas decoration stuff.

Prepare your body

The holiday season is a movement season and most of the people are simply not prepared for the increase in activity. The body muscles and joints are just not prepared for the load of work and the body will let you know with back of pain. Do some exercises and stretching prior the Holiday season to be in shape when Christmas arrives.

Skip Assembling the Gifts

If you want to give any type of furniture, bicycles, kid’s playground or any other gift that requires a difficult and painful assembly, you can ask for an assembly or installation service. Skipping assembling is better than skipping playing with your kids.

Drink Plenty of Water

This is something that can be forgotten often, especially in Christmas, when we are thinking in all the things we have to do before Christmas.

Relax don’t Stress on Christmas

If you need to take a break from the Christmas preparations, take it. You can go to a spa for a massage therapy, a beauty salon, or just find a good quiet place and read good book.

Stretch your Back

Stretching your back is very important to avoid injuries. Tightness can lead to a pull or strain at the back muscles. Stretching can be part of a routine when you get off the bed every morning.

Rest Enough

Get enough rest, and sleep well preferably in a good orthopedic mattress to prevent back pain on Christmas.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Not wearing the appropriate shoes can cause back pain because of bad posture. Make sure you are wearing the right shoes for every occasion on Christmas.

Sit straight and limit the time

Sitting for long hours can lead to back pain, watch for a correct posture while sitting, and stand up more often to pickup some food, share with others, or go to the bathroom.

Eat well

Eating well can also help prevent back pain. Eating healthy food can also prevent back injuries. If you are feeling tired and fatigued the cause may be lack of nutrition. You can also take a multivitamin supplement during this holiday season to maintain a healthy immune system.

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