How To: Integrate Foursquare into Your Social Media Strategy

How To: Integrate Foursquare into Your Social Media Strategy

The social media revolution has created a rather interesting business climate. Businesses, formerly more interested in simple dollars and cents, now have to contend with social media. Brick-and-mortar stores more importantly, are now getting on Foursquare, a location-based checkin application found on mobile phones.

Foursquare is a particularly interesting tool because it allows you to check-in to see where your friends are, and have them find you as well. More recently, businesses such as retail shops and restaurants have started to use Foursquare to give customers deals when they come in. Chilis for example, gives all customers who check-in a free basket of chips and salsa.

The best part of Foursquare Specials is that they are free to set up for the business. In the end, you get the benefit of treating your most mobile and social media savvy customers to deals which will get them to come back for more, which is important for customer retention.

Here are some tips in getting started with having a social media strategy for your business. Read on:

1) Expect your customers to ask – As a heavy social media user, I take (some) pride in my mayorships and check-in points and love being able to jump over my friends in greater check-ins than them. In fact, more than once, I’ve asked employees about their social media specials, even if nothing is listed on their Foursquare page. I’m not expecting an entitlement for my patronage, but am more so curious about any benefits social media might bring. Expect your most savvy customers to ask as well, and be prepared with an answer.

2) Make the First Move – When people show up to restaurants, one of the first things they will do beyond checking is check their email or log in to Facebook to show off to their friends where they are or what they are doing. As a restaurant or small business owner, one key objective to undertake is to notice these kind of people and pounce on the opportunity. Asking if they are following the Twitter or Facebook page might get more engaged customers, and show that the establishment is interested in what’s hip right now. It also gives an opportunity to…

3) Incentivize the Presence – Customers love feeling special. Whether it’s being able to win a rewards card for being loyal or showcase a new place down the street to their friends, customers love being able to talk about unique and special social occasions. Social media offers the opportunity to do just that – by making the first move, then incentivizing (“follow us right now, get 50% off your order”), you create the experience that is sure to land a tweet, Facebook status update or a positive recommendation on Yelp.

4) Advertise the Presence – Maybe it’s because I’m in the space, but I always like to look around at how a company advertises and brands itself. 10 years ago it would have been seeing if the establishment had a website, and today, its seeing if the establishment has anything pointing to a social media presence. Knowing that they do have one makes me think that they are more committed to building a brand, interested in reaching out to a community and potentially more responsive to customer service complaints.

Best of luck with the process! Please share, if you can, of any success stories you’ve had from using a location based social media tool. You can get instant views instagram account through the merger with FourSquare application. The advertisement of the products can be done through the Instagram account. The strategies of the promotion can be shared with other person.

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