How To Connect Your PS4 Controller To A Mac Computer Wirelessly To Play Downloaded Games?

How To Connect Your PS4 Controller To A Mac Computer Wirelessly To Play Downloaded Games?

Playing games is probably one of the most popular hobbies among both children and adults. You can choose to play a game in different ways and using the PS4 controller is one of the most common ways.  Getting a PS4 controller for your home will keep you engaged in playing different games all the time. This gaming console offers you a convenient and easy way of playing your games. But why is the PS4 such a brilliant gaming device? Well, there are a lot of reasons which can justify that question.

We will discuss it in this article and also show you how to connect your PS4 controller to a Mac computer wirelessly to play downloaded games. A lot of people play downloaded games on PS4 instead of purchasing them from the store but get them online. If you are unable to connect your device, then we have the perfect solution for you. Without further ado, let us take an in-depth look inside the article.

Advantages of Using PS4 For Gaming

Here are the top advantages of using a PlayStation instead of any other medium to play games. Check them out and tell us what you think about them –

  • The PS4 delivers amazing power which allows you to get smooth and beautifully rendered gameplay and graphics. That is why you will not have to worry about the graphics and the overall performance of the console when you are planning and playing at the same time for better convenience.
  • PS4 offers better controlling and accessibility of the controls when you are playing a game. A lot of people tend to find it confusing to play on the PC keyboard and mouse. That is why it is a lot of people tend to use PS4 for playing games.
  • A lot of games come in PlayStation special editions which are a lot more fun and engaging to play. That is why a lot of gamers use PS4 to play games and enjoy these special content on their console.
  • PS4 offers an all-round gaming solution. If you are a PC gamer then you will need to invest in a lot of other accessories and equipment which makes it a costly affair. But in case of a PS4, it is all available in a single device ready to be played.

So here are all the brilliant advantages of using a PS4 controller. Now that you are aware of the advantages, we will move to the most important part of our article and that is to let you how you can connect a PS4 to the MAC computer.

How to connect the PS4 to a Mac Computer?

The actual process is really simple but you need to follow a few steps and remember them. Take a look at this guide that allows you to execute the type process very easily without any hassles.

  • First, you will need to disconnect the PS4 and unpaired it from any other device it has paired itself to. Now, open the “Settings” menu and on your PS4 you will need to select “Devices.”
  • Now Click on the “Bluetooth Devices” option and then select “DualShock 4.”
  • Click on it and hit the “Disconnect” button. Now your PS4 controller is disconnected from any other device around you.

Once you have unpaired your PS4 from all other devices, it is time that you will need to connect the console with your MAC device. Let us take a look.

  • First, press and keep the PS4 button on hold, around the bottom-center of the PS4 controller’s face you will find the “SHARE” button. You will need to press both of them simultaneously for at least a few seconds.
  • Now, click on the Bluetooth button that you can find at the top of the right of your Mac’s home screen. There you will need to select the option “Open Bluetooth Preferences” and click on it.
  • Once you have done so, the device icon will appear and it will be labeled as the “Wireless Controller.” Click on that link.

So, it’s easy to connect your PS4 controller to a Mac computer wirelessly in order to play digitally downloaded games from now. Make sure to follow all the steps and you will be able to complete the process with ease.


Final Words – if you have read our article till this point, then you are now aware of all the important steps that you need to follow in order to connect your PS4 controller to a Mac computer wirelessly to play downloaded games very easily. You can visit a lot of different websites where you can find pre-modded available here. Make sure to closely read our installations and make it effortless.

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