Fitness Lessons Learned

Fitness Lessons Learned

Convenience is key.

At this point, I have come to accept that convenience is half the battle for me when it comes to working out consistently. And really? Why not make it easy on yourself in one of the few ways you really can, without sacrificing progress? There are different reasons why people lift a power plate Naples FL and then there are many reasons why they don’t. It’s gotten to the point that I choose where I live based mostly on one major criteria; either the fitness center in this building must be adequate for my needs, or there is a decently stocked gym within a five minute walk.

Don’t be afraid to make it easy on yourself to get to your workouts. You know if you will look for any excuse not to go, or if your schedule is so hectic you might need to hit the gym a three in the morning, or if you only have an extra half hour in your day to work with. Spend the extra money, do the extra research, whatever it takes. Buy the videos, or the yoga mat, or the dance/martial arts/circus arts classes. It’s worth it.

Fight for it.

I don’t care what anyone says. NO ONE likes running six miles. Or spending an hour on the elliptical. Or waking up at 5am and going to Zumba class. NO ONE. So stop trying. Instead, fall in love with the results. The way you feel afterward. The pride that comes with finding a way to make it through those six miles even though you were tired, even though like after the first mile you felt like you might die, even though you had to walk for a minute here and there. Don’t let the stress and fatigue win. You DESERVE to be fit, and buff, and healthy. Make it happen.

I’ve learned that you have to fight for it. This isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be easy. Get fierce.


Seriously. Get one. Get one now.

Working out, whether running or lifting weights, has in the past always been a very solitary thing for me. And now all of a sudden I have a gym buddy! I go to the gym, EVERY morning, even if it’s a rest day and I’m just walking on the treadmill, enjoying some History channel and conversation. There’s someone else counting on me to be there. There’s someone I want to see there. It makes a world of difference! It also means I have someone to talk to about my workouts who cares, and understands. They were there, after all! It has made the gym a bright spot in my day and all the more easy to get to, even when I’m having a rough or slow start to my day.

Grab a friend. Convince your spouse. Treat your mom to that quality time she always says she doesn’t get enough of. And make it a weekly habit.

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