A To Z Guide Of Buying Foosball Tables

A To Z Guide Of Buying Foosball Tables

Ever thought of playing the fantastic game of football, without having to use your feet, inside the safe walls of your house? Well, now these thoughts can very much become a reality. These games are quite popular; every other resort seems to have one in the centre of their clubhouse.  The addition of this into your playroom will definitely boost up your fame game among your friends, at least.

A little more about these interesting games

The game consists of a table designed in the shape of a football field (you must have seen one if you are conserving buying it). Its main goal is to score a higher number of goals compared to your opponent.  The board/ table has eight rods, each studded with plastic players of different coloured jerseys. All you have to do is control the rods, thereby moving the players and getting the tiny foosball to the goal. The game can get highly competitive and just as fun. Now, these tables come in all kinds of varieties, depending on what size the customer wants. Portable tables are also available, in case you want to carry the joy around. There are many types classified on different categories;

I. Orientation

  • Freestanding

If there is a lot of space you can spare just for a foosball table, then don’t hesitate to get a free-standing table, it is normally larger and stands on four legs. You will be able to play for longer. However, there a lot of things you need to consider choosing such tables. Firstly, you should know that you cannot move the table around frequently without damaging your floor or carpet. Thus, placing the table in a convenient spot is advisable. Tables with adjustable legs are another example of the best foosball tables.

  • Tabletop

This best for families that want to casually play at home without taking it to a competitive league.  These are normally smaller than the free-standing ones. Those that are considering buying this should have a table of appropriate size for the game. Once the game is done, it can easily be kept in a storeroom until next time. However, users should take care that they don’t damage their game when moving it, which is why it is wise to pick a high-quality game.

 II. Number of players

  • Just for two

Small tabletop foosball games are perfect for two players. Users can play a small game for family time or before running off to school/ college. Such tables also come in cheaper costs as compared to others. However, only two people can play at once, so it is not ideal in situations like parties or gatherings, no one would want to queue up to play a game, right?

  • Up to four

Such tables are considered perfect, as two people would be able to play on each side. They are slightly bigger; hence, they are suitable for all ages, especially adults and older children. Though they might be slightly pricey, investing in them is a great choice.

  • Eight: more the better

If you are the type to hold many parties, or just have a large family, getting a big table is preferable. A lot of people can play at once, making the entire gathering much more entertaining. However, you do need to have a fixed spot to place the table as it tends to take a larger space.

 III. Features

  • Scoreboards

People get so involved playing that they often forget to keep count of the score while playing, leading to quarrels. Tables come with score adjusting boards, every time a player scores a goal, it can be noted.

  • Adjustable leg length

Everyone is enjoying themselves in the family gathering, and now the little kids feel the need to play too, but alas! The table is too high for them to reach! To avoid getting stuck in such a situation, it is recommended to buy tables with legs whose lengths can be adjusted. So, the table isn’t too high or too low for anyone.

  • Foldable

This feature is not commonly available, and not many need it. However, foldable tables are convenient for those who are not very keen on securing a place just for the game. It is also extremely easy to clean.

  • Cup holders

Playing is fun, but having a drink along with it makes it ten times better. Normally tables with cup holders can be bought in pubs and clubhouses. Now you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink over the surface of your foosball table.

  • One goalie

Having only one goalkeeper makes the game extremely interesting and competitive. This way, players can learn to play with quick and swift movements. Such a game also gives a feeling of the actual game of football.

  • Three means you’re free

Such type is generally preferred by less experienced/ players at the beginner level. It is much easier to block the ball with three goalies; hence, this is ideal for families with little children. But can’t be used at a competitive level.

 IV. Material

  • Plastic

This is the most common and easiest material available. They are lightweight and come in a variety of fun colours and designs. However, such tables are prone to damage, and it is not a problem if the players aren’t rough.

  • Wood

Who wouldn’t want their game room to look fancy? Though they’re expensive, picking the one that matches your décor will surely impress your guests. However, it is important to note that wood can easily get spoilt, which is why you should ensure that there are no drinks or eatables near the table.


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